Speculations on Ivory Road overall

Speculations on Ivory Road overall


Lets be realistic, the unique lord type is probably gonna be something minor like the black arc lords


Yep, it is a fairly large part of Ogre and Chaos Dwarf lore that they accept tolls to let trade pass though for that to work in the Ivory Road mechanic there would have to be a way for those factions to EARN that toll by fighting off attackers without having to commit to shadowing the caravan for several turns as it crosses their region. Maybe a teleportation ala Quest battles or investing in buildings that provide units that will show up in caravan defense battles? The least fun but perhaps easiest way for CA to code might be choosing between 3 levels of money to send an army to aid just like in the Vortex campaign Ritual armies but the player gets to control the army they send so if they think they can win the battle with only the minimum 2,000 investment while the toll is worth 8,000 that is net 6,000 profit but if they spend on a higher tier army the profit decreases. It too many toll defense battles are lost then the caravans stop paying protection and divert to another location.