I’m guessing “Charo” is just a Churro that was left in the oven a bit too long? I can see someone being nice and buying someone else a churro at Disney. But the extreme back-patting that’s going on here makes me think things didn’t go down quite like this.


Same. I hate these posts, clearly they weren’t giving “without expecting anything in return.” She was expecting lots of praise and fake internet points. Even if she did buy a bunch of “Charos” for some kids, posting about it like she just cured cancer and cleared all the animal shelters is lame as fuck.


In my culture (Judaism), you actually lose "brownie points" with G-d for boasting or even sharing that you did something charitable. We call it "mitzvot," and there are different levels - with the highest one being an act that absolutely cannot be repaid, which is why we help to bury our loved ones. They can't repay us for that, so it's considered to be entirely selfless. ETA: For those who’ve never attended a Jewish funeral, we help with the burial by shoveling dirt onto the casket. Everyone lines up and takes turns, usually with the closest family members (e.g. spouse/children) starting and finishing the ceremony.


TIL. thank you for teaching me something new.


But it’s the BEST treat that little girl has EVER had!


The chocolate on her face proves the validity here. Did you even read the whole post?!






No, Charo was a silly Spanish singer/actress from the ‘80s-90s. Coochie Coochie!! Why these children all wanted her is a mystery, though; especially since I doubt anyone under a certain age has even heard of her.


Holy shit I was reading this thinking a Charo was just some weird Disney-specific treat that only Disney people understand.... it's a churro. I'm dying laughing


I should have read the comments cause I went and googled charo Disney and only got results of Charo at Disney. Charo Disney food came back with a churro, so at least Google kind of understood her better than I did.


According to the internet Charo is a woman


Cuchi cuchi!! Am I the only person here old enough to remember her? Actually met her on a cruise once… lol.


My name is charo! I shake my maraca!


Did you also meet Captain Stubing on this cruise?


Haha… it was around the right era! Well, maybe a decade too late. She was one of the ship’s performers, and this was probably in the early ‘90s.


Love her.


My dad had the biggest crush on her. If he was still alive, I would be calling him right this second to tell him about you. :)


A fabulous woman.


Once she wrote “charo” I gave up on reading the rest.


She lost me at "witch."


for me it was “Disney”


I thought maybe they meant Caro which is a coffee like drink without caffeine, but Churro makes much more sense lol


Jesus someone please tell this woman how to spell churro.


they probably meant charo as DaniFact stated above


I'm pretty sure there's only one Charo. And you're not buying six of her.


If my English teacher read this she'd be literally having a seizure the amount of improperly placed commas and shit


English teacher here. Can confirm


Beat me to it. My eyes were about to commit suicide.


Witch part do you mean. I don’t see, anything wrong with the writing in this post just some kind woman that saw five children in desperate need of some charos and she felt bad for these kids so she bought them. each a charo and then one the kids was so thankful that she stopped the woman later to let her know how much she appreciated the charo and this lady was just trying, to spread pixie dust witch she was so proud of herself for doing so so she wrote a post on Facebook to show the world what a grate person she is because she bought some charos for five needy children?


I cannot fathom how hard it would be for a normal, literate human being to type like that. Kudos to your commitment.


He's not doing it for us, he is clearly doing it for the paella.


*slow clap*


😂 this is fantastic


Yeah, my bad, Charos are good and I didn't mean to insult such a generous woman clearly in the right witch makes me look bad pixie sticks shouldn't be huffed though like she seems to have enough to spread around my bad didn't mean anything too rude by what I wrote


Okay, but hear me out now just a little bit. I love churros. And pixie sticks are fun. What if we coated the churro with pixie sticks?!


By God Watson, I believe you're on to something!


I just keep picturing Charo yelling "Coochi coochi coo!" at the kids.


This made me hurt.... badly


You are evil.


And shit>this train wreck


I'm bored and my housemate is a retired AP English teacher. I might show this to him so I can watch his head explode. :)


"These 5 children are with me" I wonder how the teenager felt when the author bought treats for all her younger siblings but not for her.


If it was me, I would just be grateful that my siblings got treats. Teenagers with that young of siblings are used to having to be a parent (I was too). At that point, they were probably just happy to not have to share lol


As someone in a big family I can see my mom being pretty mad that someone bought all their kids a bunch of sugar and ruined the dinner they had planned and paid a butt-load for. Sometimes the money thing was just an excuse for something my mom didn't want to buy us. I mean, we didn't have a lot of money but I know for a fact that the white lie happened sometimes.


That’s totally fair! I know my mom also did that to my sister occasionally.


I was gonna say as a sibling with three younger siblings, (if this story is true) I’d genuinely just be happy the kids would be happy. Like u/fringeandglittery said, I was used to parenting them, so it honestly would’ve just been nice to see them happy


A very wise man once told me, Giving unconditionally without expecting anything in return is what this world needs more *proceeds to post and brag about their good deed on social media.* How selfless and kind


That man's name? Alfred Einstine


Like when you see celebrities going around doing good deeds but they have a professional camera man with them.


When their done goes up to them "hey you know that money I just gave you? Yeah, about that I need that for my get together with friends later.. I'm so sorry to inconvenience you"


“Giving without expecting anything in return, except for internet points for being such a good sport”. Yeah, I also call BS on this one.


“Hey thanks. We were getting one soda to share because we all have our own water bottle and little kids don’t need that much sugar. Now thanks to you they will have a sugar crash and meltdown later.”


I was thinking maybe the kids get nauseated when they eat that stuff & then ride rollercoasters & the teen didn't want to deal with 5 puking kids. Thanks random stranger!


Wtf is a charo?


Charo is a Spanish-American actress, singer, comedienne and flamenco guitarist.


I mean I would be kind of impressed if they actually bought them 5 of her. Can´t imagine cloning her 4 times comes cheap. I wonder if I can also get one. She´s delighful.


🎶plays the violin🎶. Guitarrrrrrrr


It's a churro--no capital letter required, despite the original post's insistence. Which makes me wonder if this person has ever been to any Disney park at all.


The capitalisation may have been auto correct - my phone tries to correct it to a capital for some reason.


I'm assuming it was misspelling > autocorrect, since it was consistent. "charro" autocorrect to Charo for me.


Because Charo is a person's name


I genuinely had no idea of that until this post.


Can we stop pretending that autocorrect is a good excuse to spell like shit? God I miss times before smartphones


I wasn't doing that


I know, right? Not saying this applies to the person you responded to here, but so many people now use that as an excuse - even when it’s obvious they made the mistake. I mean, why would it change a perfectly good word into gibberish?


Charo is the Spanish diminutive(like Tom for Timothy) for María del Rosario, which means Mary of the Rosary. Alternatively, it can mean Mary of a bunch of roses. Other people have said they might have meant churro, which is a (there's two types of them) Spanish and Portuguese sweet (not really a sweet, I'm not sure how to describe it). I think it's made of flour and it's fried and usually eaten either at breakfast, or at night, sometimes accompanied by sugar or hot chocolate. Wikipedia helped me with the description, they are fried dough. Also apparently the correct word is not diminutive, but Hypocorism(Hipocorístico), as apparently only some pet names are actually diminutived, such as Izzy


They meant churro and don't know how to spell.


Oh for fucks sake, now we have dusty scruffy Oliver Twist looking kids at magic kingdom yearning for snacks in line. Thank goodness this knight & shining armor was there to buy the whole family “charos”.


Yeah, someone had 15 grand to take 5 kids and a teen to Disney but they all have to share a small drink? Lol. I'm surprised they weren't all war-orphans with cancer to boot.


Not to be *that guy* but the saying is “knight *in* shining armour”


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Charo was there?


Churros are their favorite thing to share, which means they have seen plenty of signs advertising CHURROS and yet still they repeatedly call it a CHARO!!?!!!


Ohhh! I’ve never heard of either and tried to Google a charo and all kinds of strange things came up. Thanks for explaining!


Most unrealistic part is her riding the same ride twice in a row, the pandemic has not lessened wait times.


I thought that, too. I expected her to say the reason she got to do that is because the kids begged the ride operator to let OP ride twice in a row for being such an amazing person. And everyone in line clapped and agreed to let them ride as many times as they wanted, but they decided to be nice and only ride twice. 🙄


Well, that part is theoretically possible though in 2 ways. 1, a child swap situation; if there’s a kid too short to go on the ride, they can child swap and then multiple people can ride it twice. Or 2, Thunder Mountain isn’t really the #1 line or anything, catch it at the right time and it could be close to a walk on. But the idea of, say, them letting her ride twice because I guess she was so nice??? Yeah I doubt that one.


So maybe I’m watching too much 80s television but this sounds like the teenager told the kids, “here’s how we get free food,” then acted really pitiful and counted on a generous stranger to buy them lunch.


Epic scam if that’s the case.




I saw Charo in concert once, and she was a legit amazing guitar player, and genuinely funny. Right before she started playing she said "you can all stop googling on your phones: I'm 65 years old."


Yes, her guitar skills were amazing, but it was her butt shaking she was known for.


That is one hell of a flex post: “We are at Disneyland, and you aren’t.” “We’ve been many times, so much so that my granddaughter and I have a charo tradition ‘thing’’.” “I did a charitable act.” “I’m humble, because I am telling you it was nothing special, so inconsequential that I wrote an entire post about it.” “I have a lot of money, so much so that I can buy food for a large family I don’t know at Disney like it’s nothing.” That “pixie dust” line, though. Guessing she heard it somewhere and built her story around it. #LOOK AT HOW AWESOME I AM, DAMMIT!


This woman is definitely very up her own ass about this but the story is believable. Park food is expensive af and it's not at all unreasonable that a lower income family would save up just enough money to go to the park with their family and either 1. Not realize how expensive everything there is or 2. End up having unexpected expenses that dig into the day funds and leave them with no money for the ridiculously overpriced shit. I'd say this is less a thathappened story and more a "woman overglorifies her very simple act of basic kindness". Like really a churro?? Not even like a hot dog or something??


I came here to say this. My parents made a combined 30k a year with 3 boys to raise. But they would save and take us to Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, hell even just to Scotty's Castle. During those trips, however, my mother would pack food for the drive and we'd make sandwiches in our hotel/motel room (singular) for meals. Low income families don't just not exist in those spaces. We just navigate/experience them differently


Same here. I'm now 42 and still don't buy treats because "going is the treat".


For one, it costs an arm and a leg just to get into Disney. The food there is outrageous in price, as are the drinks. I can very easily see how they couldn’t afford it. I live in Orlando, and anytime I go, I eat as much as possible before I go. It’s not cause of lack of money, it’s the principle.


'without expecting anything in return' Posts it on Facebook for everyone to give them compliments.


The way she so confidently typed out "Charo" instead of "Churro" so many times is just hilarious


I can believe it up until the end sort of, though Ive never been able to go to disney I imagine not everyone that goes is loaded, some people could even just drive to the park if they live close enough I'd imagine. I mean lots of people scrounge enough to go on vacation and not be able to completely splurge while there. The first 75% is believable, especially if DW sodas are sized and priced similarly to other parks and venues. Would you waste that money on 6 sodas that wouldn't all get finished?


Yep. My parents took me and my brothers to Disney growing up and it took all of their savings to do so. So they bought groceries when we where there so we could eat sandwiches and such instead of the overpriced park food. It was still a super magical vacation for all of us and I remember being so grateful. Looking back now I don't understand how they afforded it at all.


My dad used to take me on the family vacation to OBX every year for a few years. We brought a fuck ton of food and drinks from home, and the only time we went out to eat was with the rest of the house on the last night (we'd go with a couple other families to fill the houses up and cut down on costs) it's not like it's impossible to vacation on a budget


Exactly. I went there once, when I was 7 too actually lol (I think. I knowni was in 1st grade, so I think 7 hahah) and we didn't have a lot of money *at all.* Kimda poor, actually lol. We couldn't get anything extra like that at all when we went. Us kids knew we couldn't afford food and shit tho, so we just ate at our hotel, and what we could sneak in or whatever. We knew we were just there for the rides, but we didn't care. It was still fucking amazing. I haven't been there since I was 7, and I'm going to be turning 28 in like 4 days, but I do plan on going back at least once in my lifetime! :)


Same. I don't know if they still do but they used to offer pretty cheap annual passes for people who live around there. As well as various ways to get discounted tickets.


Right. I'm sick of people thinking just because you get a nice vacation once in a while it means your family is ballin. Poor people deserve vacations every once and a while too ffs


I had an annual Florida resident pass in 1990 - it was $99. Now they range from $399 to $899. Yikes!


Does anyone remember the episode of the Great British Bake Off, when they were making churros, and big dumb idiot Paul Hollywood kept calling them "chew-ross"? Like, he thought that was the word, and it wasn't just a plural of "churro". And it's not the way British people pronounce it, it was just big dumb idiot Paul Hollywood, acting like he's some culinary encyclopaedia, but he's just dumb as shit. Anyway, that was marginally worse than Charo.


Macaroons. No, you are making macarOn. MacarOOns have coconut in them. Love me some GBBO and I just made some delicious passion fruit curd, but that drives me bonkers! *sigh* But now I call it oregaaano.


Did anyone clap?


No, but Charo appeared and shook her maracas


This was hilarious!


"I know honey"


I mean you can always just get free water




I cried a little from giggling too hard at that once I realized it wasn’t a typo the first time 🤣


Or more than likely it was a tired mom was using it as an excuse to not have her kids eating junk, who no doubt got pissed off by this saintly woman and her pixie dust.


Do something nice without expecting anything in return…. Except tons of likes from strangers


I took my eighteen children to Disney World but couldn't afford to get tickets into the magic kingdom so we sat outside and ate charos and one of my little ones said 'but i just want to ride thunder mountain' and i said 'i know hunny but i spent all of our moneys on your charo so now we have to live in the carpark' and a magical faerie godmother appeared and paid for all of my kids to go in and we met snow white and alladin and lol i think he filrted with me (his so handsome) and it was so magical and i'll never froget it.


Thank you for this, I laughed more than I should have at it (witch is my thing, laughing at things more than I should with chocolate all over my face until my heart EXPLODES). If I could, I would give you a Charo unconditionally. Hell, unconditional Charos for everyone!


This post brought to you by the American Friends of Diabetes. Just got back from Disney. We shared stuff as a family all the time strictly because both budget, and sugar is around every corner and though you want to try a bunch, nobody needs all of it anyway. It would be a pain in the ass if we already had our fair share of desserts and soda for the day on vacation and then some rando heard my kid begging for yet another one and decided to take it upon themselves without asking to load her up with more sugar. Hell a churro is large and with and soda is probably on paper 3-4 total servings of dessert per kid she handed out if this happened. That poor ‘older girl’ had some meltdowns to manage courtesy of this pixie dust lady I imagine.


Thank you! The amount of times I say, “I haven’t got money for treats today” when it’s just the easiest way of shutting down the conversation, I’d be so annoyed if someone bought all my kids separate sugary snacks without asking me first.


My comment exactly. I can afford 5, but do we need 5?


That’s what I was thinking. The author could’ve at least made herself look considerate by asking the girl first if the kids could have snacks


We have one side of that story.


Since when does MK have chocolate-dipped churros? Maybe they do now but I’ve been there many times and never seen it. Edit: I stand corrected, apparently MK does have churros with sauce, and now I want one.


There's chocolate dipping sauce. Incidentally, doesn't 7 seem a little old to get normal food smeared all over your face while you're eating it? Like the theoretical 7yo in the story ending up with a babyish chocolate slop-face.


My brother in law is almost 27 and still gets sauce all over his face..... He is a good person and isnt dumb but that dude cant eat without spilling or smearing food on his face.


I have a 9yo and 12yo. Give them anything with sauce and I guarantee you they'll go into it so hard their faces will be covered in it.


You can grab the Celebration Churro at Disneyland for $6, with $1 extra for the dipping sauce. Look for the churro cart in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.May 10, 2021


Ya this story is a lot of bs but there are people who can afford a whole Disney trip and end up moving afterwards cause they can’t pay rent on time


She's a "witch"! Burn her!






I hate the "Charo"


This makes me as nauseous as too much hot chocolate. PiXiE dUsT


This certainly isn’t true, but to be fair, food and drinks and wicked expensive at theme parks. I went to Disney a very long time ago (when I was 6) and we didn’t eat anything inside. We just had water bottles.


Ok but wtf is a charo?


I wonder how many people actually think it's Charo and not churro? I wonder what other things people have called them. Choora? Churrah? Shirro? Churrup? More so I'm wondering how this is a tradition, something she's done many times, possibly for years, and yet she never once learned the proper name of the food item involved.


I believe someone who misspelled churro (at least four times in a row) thinks this is a good story.


So blessed, she just had to share it for everyone to see.


And then everyone clapped.


The asshole here is the guy posting his “good deed”


![gif](giphy|h2J56iG0PBqcE|downsized) She bought them all Charos?!


Not every family at Disney is on vacation. Locals get inexpensive season passes, and I can imagine a family going on a weekday with little spending money


Local passes kind of suck now but the way they work is that you get a year long pass that is at a fixed rate if you renew. I have a friend who got his entire family of 4 year long passes in 2008 or something. I think they’re all under $100 each. Just getting into one park for a day I think is now over $100.


We used to go for a day every year around Easter. My grandparents lived nearby, so when we went to visit my folks would carve out a day for us to go to Disney. But there were no extras like food or ride pictures or anything. We packed lunches and water bottles and snacks in my moms comically large purse, and had a blast. One year my sister and I got a pair of Mickey Mouse ears, and she got a pink Minnie Mouse watch that my daughter still wears. Point is, we’d spent all our money just getting there. I imagine there are others in similar situations, especially if you’ve got five kids and you’re going to the most expensive place on earth.


It’s America, such poor financial planning is entirely believable.


Why do I feel like she’s a ‘Christian’ and probably unvaccinated bc Jesus will protect her.


Probably the hypocrisy. She claims she wasn't "expecting anything in return" but couldnt resist posting this made up story for the endorphin rush and for people to tell her she's great. All face, no real charity going on. Sounds like typical christianity


I agree. Probably no way Disney Workd would allow low to medium income families from the area inside the park. They must surely check bank account balances before selling admission. I know never once in my life have I see families pack good to paid events to save money, cause if they could afford to go clearly they rich.


Plenty of families pack snacks and lunches when going to WDW/DL


Ya that was my point. A lower income family saving up to afford admission, bit not being able to afford treats is 110% plausible to me Ive been on the packed lunch patrol myself haha


Hot take: I find this a bit refreshing. Even if it didn’t happen the way she says or didn’t even happen at all, it’s still pretty wholesome. Nobody in the line clapped. There was no overtly political message that everyone agreed with. Nobody sang “The Star Spangled Banner” while saluting or firing ARs into the air. The Bible wasn’t quoted. No 5 years olds said anything you’d need a PhD to translate and no teens “humiliated” a teacher in front of the class. Yeah Grandma here pats herself on the back but this is largely a harmless story…even if it didn’t happen. Sure it makes one ask why is there a teen leading around 5 little kids and they have no money? How’d they get in? Who knows. Maybe mom and dad gave them a bunch of money and they blew it all on other stuff because kids (teens included) aren’t good with money. Again who knows. I still think this is pretty harmless. Weird concocted scenario? Maybe but still harmless. Ok, downvote into oblivion!


Yea this is a huge load of gobshite. If you're bringing that many people to WDW you have enough money to buy some fucking food there. A one day pass to one park for one person is over a hundred dollars. There are no indigent, broke Disney guests. Disney IS definitely getting heavily into price-gouging lately, even compared with the recent past. It's bad. My family is currently planning a trip since we're in the US for a bit and holy fuck the cost is outrageous. The hotel rooms alone are hundreds of dollars a night even for the cheap ones, if you want to stay on the property, and meals are equally overpriced. They apparently no longer offer the yearly passes they used to have unless you're a Florida resident and want the shittiest option. AND you now have to PAY for EACH fastpass. It's a raging rip off. I'm going because my family is paying for it but otherwise, fuck that shit it's not that great. You could take that same amount of money and go to Tahiti or something. Sorry for the tangent, my point is just yea, this is pure bollocks.


Gotta admit, the first time I took my little one to a theme park I was wholly unprepared for the prices of food and drink. I'd planned to spoil her but didn't have the cash (they didn't accept cards back then, don't know about now) to get her everything she wanted. Fun day still but it's one of those things that stays with you as a parent. I can see someone being able to afford to take the kids to Disneyland and then getting wiped out by one round of snacks, especially with six kids. In that situation, I might do the same thing myself. I mean, I doubt it because I'm a fat bastard and that's less food for me. But I might.


Is this a freaking Dhar man script?


Honestly I would believe it of it weren’t for the “we don’t have the money” part. Fairly often even going places like that parents only buy a few to share


It’s the chocolate smeared child that happened to get right behind her in line and the lady didn’t notice at ALL before hand until the little child pulled her clothing to thank her that was my “Sure, Jan” moment. My parents weren’t well off when I was a child but we went to Disney a few times. We never got food there to save money. So that part I can buy. But the over the top thankfulness of these Aladdinesque street urchins, is weird.


I think she's having a stroke.


I lived in SoCal in the 70s and went to Disneyland at least 12 times that I remember. I’m glad I got to do it before it got so damned expensive.


I dunno, you seen the admission prices to Disneyland? Ridiculous. W that many kids it's not unlikely she couldn't afford snacks. Must be a bunch of trustafarians up in here


Don’t they have those wrist band thingies where you can eat and have a drink at certain locations in the park Or was that just seaworld ?


Don't people who live in Florida get a huge discount on tickets


Fun fact I priced out for a family of 5 on a weekend months in advanced. $850 JUST TO WALK IN THE DOOR. For one day.... yeah DL is for the rich. Save up and do Atlantis for that money


Actually I could totally see this happening—that teenager was probably the older sibling or nanny or cousin, and the parents dumped the 4 younger children onto her, while the parents went to go to “adult Disney” and day drinking. And the parents probably gave the teen like $5 and was like, “that’s good enough for lunch!” Source: I’ve been a babysitter and a nanny, and I’ve totally had that happen to me. The parents dumped me with the kids on an outing, and didn’t give me money for their lunch—and the kids were begging me for lunch (of course they were, they’re hungry and surrounded by food advertisements). And it was my job to be the “bad guy” and be blackmailed into taking financial responsibility and be all like “we don’t have the money” So the parents can keep their reputation as “saints” in their kids eyes, they often scapegoat the nanny.


I don't think I would be that happy about getting a "Charo", she seemed annoying enough when she was young. Maybe she mellowed with age, idk.


My family used to go to Disneyland in SoCal, and then pack/sneak lunches in because we were dirt poor and had saved up for the one day at Disneyland literally the entire year.


"And then everyone clapped"


So, I'll preface this comment by saying that I doubt this happened, BUT I can totally see a family scraping and saving every penny to have a magical Disney experience and potentially incorrectly judging the extra expenses and not being able to afford food/drinks. There are a lot of "hidden" costs a Disney and sometimes tourists aren't prepared.


How in the world did she make it through the entrance with an ego that massive? Doesn't that defy the laws of physics or something? Seriously, I'm no good at science, I need help here.


I’m gonna go ahead and be the one to say it, of all the places this bitch decided to add a Poot family, she chose a rich people nest


Yeah, everything about how this is written seems like 100% BS. But aren't the drinks super expensive there? I've never been but the amusement park where I live has really overpriced food and drinks, just because you can pay the $50 per ticket to get in doesn't mean you can also afford the $200 bill to feed a family of 5.


I will say that sometimes locals go to them and maybe they paid to go but couldn’t afford extras HOWEVER the rest of the story was the definitely fake smh


I hate humble bragging bs


The name is Grace. Not well censored by the OP.


Sometimes I forget how old am I and then I see you all having to Google Charo


bruh this literally happens all the time my step mom refused to buy us even waters when we went to disney lmao