48 Hours, 250+ Steam Keys to Giveaway

48 Hours, 250+ Steam Keys to Giveaway


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I don’t want anything, but good on you!


Dammit. I came here to say this.


Me too


Me three.


Me four


Me five! ​ ^(Hi, five)


And my axe!


And my sword




I did not come here to say this!


I can't even look through a list of free games anymore and find something I want. First world backlog problems.


Ditto. Always good to see someone be nice for it's own sake. The world needs more of this.


Same. Between taking care of family and working I haven't played games in months unfortunately. I do wish everybody luck!


Yeah same, i don't even have a pc, but great on you


Damnit me too lol. Pretty cool of OC.


I can’t even use this stuff lol,I’m on mobile,good on him tho!


Same here!


Same here, still, thank you for your kindness OP <3


So I have a ton of keys from Humble Bundles, can they keys be just given to random folks? Or do they still need that steam integration nonsense? Edit: Didn't expect many to read this comment but I guess I was wrong lol. There is an overwhelmingly large no. of comments/DMs. I will try to get to you. FYI, I mostly only have keys from 2012-2016, so mostly older titles..


Don't share your key as a gift link. Instead get the key. The problem with generating a gift link is some people resell them on key stores because with a gift link, they can verify the key is valid and hasn't been used before. And Humble doesn't like this. If you or someone you gave a gift link resells the keys, they can choose to ban you. Some people have been banned in the past for this.


I have heard that sending the actual key is not safe either because they can see who redeemed it and they will ban you if a ton of different accounts start redeeming keys from your account.


What a bunch of bullshit. Do their ToS specify that you cannot gift your PURCHASED keys to whomever you want, friends and family, say?


I’ve never bought from humble. Just got a PC set up this week. Looking on Google, it looks like you just give the code and somebody can put it in steam or maybe you can gift the code through humble bundle accts.


Thx, expect a key from me in your DMs :)


Thx Killer.


Ya know what, give me a humble choice key from... August 2019? Yeah that sounds about right, and I probably have it except a few nice ones LMK if anything is interesting, best of setup!


What is humble?




They are just regular cd keys and can be used by anyone. I often give Humble codes to my wife or friends.


No you can go to your key page, click the button to reveal the key, and send that to whoever you want.


I heard You can unless they're Region locked


You can reveal the steam key and copy and paste and send to anyone. I usually end up giving half of my games to my friends doing this. There is also a button below “reveal steam key” and it’s something along the lines of “gift to friend” and it gives you a link to give to a friend. I find it easier to just copy and paste and the code though.


Reedem your keys, and enter the code in steam to claim your games. If you give that code to someone else then, they would be able to get it. Simple.


Careful. You can get banned for giving keys away to random people. It's against their TOS to give keys to people who aren't your friends or family. Obviously they have no way of telling, but I wouldn't give keys to more than maybe 5 different people to be safe.


> Obviously they have no way of telling, So how do they justify their bans?


If on one day you give a single key to each of 20 different people from different countries, then it's pretty obvious


Is it forbidden to have twenty friends in different countries?


It's unlikely. I imagine if you threw a stink over getting banned for that support may throw you a bone. This is all hypothetical though. I think the most common thing people have actually been banned for is trading keys which is pretty easy to spot


If I’m lucky enough, thanks. Imperator Rome: Deluxe editions DEFCON If not any random key would be nice. And if we are talking about proudest gaming moments, probably leading a group of randoms defending against veteran partisans in the back lines in Foxhole. Weren’t entirely successful but we managed to kill a couple armoured cars and half tracks, even if they were stolen Edit: Thanks for the keys!


If you don't get a Defcon key PM me, I've got several and I'll happily send you one! Edit: Once /u/CentrifugalSmurf does their giveaway, I'll start sending some Defcon keys! Unfortunately I don't have enough for all of you that asked but I'll do my best.


Isn't Defcon that game polygon made a video about saying it was the scariest game? If you have a spare key lying around I'd like to try this game :)


I think thats polybius but not sure, heard great things about defcon though


Anyone wanna actually play defcon lol?


Strange game. The only winning move is not to play.


I have only ever once played a game with a full lobby, I've never been so stressed or distrustful of people while waiting.


He's learning...


Id really like to. Seems like something I'd enjoy, but ofc I cant know till I do play it.


PM me and we can set something up. Anyone else interested should PM me as well. I'll set up a discord and we can work out the details.




Euro Truck Simulator 2, F1 2018, Imperator Rome: Deluxe Edition, Prison Architect My proudest gaming achievement was when I deleted Destiny 2 and Arma 3 while also getting a job.


Oof! Still addicted to d2 over here


Fun fact, deleting the game also solves all your problems. Took me too many years to learn that trick. Played from Curse of Osiris to Shadowkeep, and couldn’t take it anymore.


Lol you are telling me, I just got back into D2 in hopes that it had improved since launch and Warmind/Curse were terrible. I've been playing Destiny games since launch of D1 so it holds a special place in my heart.


Honestly, I had more fun in Destiny 2 during CoO/ Warmind than I did after Shadowkeep


The dlc wasn't really the problem, is was when they removed random weapon and armor rolls that really pissed me off.


Damn, I'm playing D2 while reading this lol


I have 500 something hours on Arma 3 now, I don’t think I can stop it but I can just only hope that I don’t turn into the people with 24k+ hours on the game




It's heaven. Holds up so well to in 2021 for a game that was in most parts written in assembly!


I love that "Back in my day, our games came 'some assembly required'!" Holds true...


Check our OpenRCT. It’s the original which is developed by the community to add better support for modern systems and various other quality of life improvements!




Oh true. Forgot about that. Arrrrrr


I think roller coaster tycoon classic is a remake of the first 2 games. You need roller coaster tycoon 2 for openRCT2


I have OG RCT. Is OpenRCT worth checking out?


fae tactics, sunless skies or One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 thanks!


Surprise me! It's my cake day. 🎂is a lie.


It’s my cake day aswell! Happy cake day dear H8terMonkey 🍰


Thanks. Right back at ya!


Cake day squad!!




Darksiders III, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Star Wars KOTOR or random that you like Thank you for doing this!


There is a third darksiders. Oh my i never knew...


There actually is another one, Darksiders Genesis. Quite a fun game, albeit a bit different from the regular Darksiders games


Turok, that's all, wanna experience some nostalgic memories, when I was still a happy child, thanks pal


Looove this game! Great choice 😊


Played the ever loving crap out of this game on N64


Remember the timed run mini game thing? I had it down to an obsessive science, shaving off fractions of seconds like some awkward Olympian.


Are you... Me?


No no no I think you’ve confused your childhood with my childhood lol common mistake don’t sweat it


A happy child boring through skulls with a flying heatseeking drill


Random key is fine by me. Thanks for the giveaway OP! And good luck to all who joined the giveaway.


Dead Space Layers of Fear: Masterpiece Edition King of Fighters XIII Streetfighter V Devil May Cry Tomb Raider (2013) If none of these games are available, then I'll just take a random! Thanks for doing this man! One of my greatest achievements is being able to outplay a whole team in Valorant for a clutch scenario! While analyzing positions and positioning myself for the best case scenarios, it was an adrenaline inducing clutch!


That new tomb raider trilogy is absolute ton of fun. I’ve beaten all three of them on the Xbox, and if you like RPGs they’re certainly worth playing


oh god, ace clutches are insane!


Prison architect please and good on ya man!


Would love any Turok games. Thanks!


I’ll take a random game that you recommend. Thanks!


Prison architect would be cool , but ill take anything. Ngl 250+ games to just giveaway is invredibly generous of you!


Just throw me something random! I don't have many games so it'd be cool to get some


Hey not OP but make sure you get on Epic if you're not already, free games every week


I wish I was growing up nowadays. I grew up with demos of games on other disks, and online flash games. Now you can just get games for free.


I grew up copying mates games on floppy diskz, there was one F1 game where I had to call my mate when I wanted to play because at launch it would ask you for a random letter in the manual, like what is the first letter of the 3rd word on the 8th line on page 56. Never too old to play games


Devil May Cry, One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, Dead Space, Street Fighter V, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Darksiders 3, Deaths Gambit. I'd prefer the above but free is free so even if I get something else that I haven't played. It's all good. Thanks!


My top 5 games I would hope to get would be dead space, tomb raider 3 , outlast, darksiders 3 and devil may cry. Dark Siders 3 would be my most favorite but however,I appreciate this generous offer OP hope you get repaid for this kindness in life!


I don’t think I have any of these, so any random one would be awesome!




u/ddestiny_kb u/AcrillixOfficial Please get in touch with me to claim yours keys, I can't message or chat you directly


Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition Valfaris King of Fighters XIII Trine 4 Darksiders III


I Don't Have A Specific Choice, So Surprise Me! My Best Gaming Achievement Would Be 100% Completing Red Dead Redemption 2 + Compendium + All Gold Missions. Phew...


How? Did you fuze with your couch or sth?


Dang, I've been wanting to 100% that game since it came out on PS4. The only thing that's stopped me is the multiplayer achievements. ಠ_ಠ


Dark souls prepare to die edition Most likely wont win or get this specific game but hey might as well give it a shot


I would like any reject games no one else wants or last selected that'd be awesome. I counter raided in rust as a naked by throwing a pickaxe, which led to a Tommy and the others peeked me. I knew where they were I had been stalking the whole thing.


It is amazing of you to do this OP! from your list the ones i found awesome are 1. The Walking Dead: Season One + Season Two + 400 Days DLC 2. Endless Space 2 3. Endless Space Collection 4. Sunless Skies 5. Trine 4 6. Sunless Sea 7. Trine 3 8. Else Heart.Break() 9. Fran Bow 10. Bards Tale IV: Director's Cut or a random key if they are all given away, thank you op!


Euro Truck Simulator 2 F1 2018 Sim city 4 deluxe edition Prison Architect Mirror’s edge Star Wars KOTOR A wizards’s lizard Street Fighter V Infinifactory Golf with your friends Thank you for doing this!


Duke Nukem forever Deus Ex: Mankind Divided If both are already taken then i wont be needing anything, thanks for the giveaway.


Hi kind soul! Thank you so much for this. In case I get a chance, I'd be super stoked to have any of the following: Dark Souls Prepare to Die Devil May Cry Grip combat racing F1 2018 Titan Quest Event 0 Street Fighter V Dark Siders III


Rusty Lake Paradise please Thank you




Deux ex: Mankind devided or random! Thanks op!


Happy with just one of these Call of juarez, Ace combat, Umbrella Corps. Awesome you're doing this


Pathologic hd, yooka laylee, or any random thing you think is cool!


Quite a list. I see a few I wouldn’t mind getting. Cities skylines Planescape Torment Dead space Deus Ex Mankind Divided Sherlock devils daughter Star Wars Kotor The Long Dark Turok 2 I’ll take a random if these are gone. Thx.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided GRIP: Combat Racing Retro City Rampage DX Saints Row IV Turok Atari Vault Dead Space


Thanks for the giveaway! My 10 choices in order: * Planescape Torment Enhanced * Retro City Rampage DX * Street Fight V * Galak-Z * Graveyard Keeper * Port Royale 3 Gold * Swords & Soldiers HD * Train Valley * Turok * Turok 2 No need for a random key. All the best!




I'd like to say thanks for running this giveaway. I'm sure it'll make a lot of people happy. If you end up still having Graveyard Keeper, I'd like to give it a try. I'm interested in trying it but not sure if I'd want to spend money on it. If it is given away, no sweat. I don't need a random key or anything either. I'm sure there are other people who have genuine interests for a lot of the other games.


I would love roller coaster tycoon! Thanks for doing this!


Euro Truck Simulator 2 One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 Do Not Feed The Monkeys Thanks for the giveaway!


My Top Picks: 1.) Deus Ex Mankind Divided 2.) Duke Nukem Forever 3.) Dirt Rally 4.) Grid 2019 5.) Saints Row IV 6.) Tomb Raider 2013 7.) Outlast 8.) Murdered Soul Suspect 9.) Call of Juarez Gunslinger 10.) Syndrome If all above game are not available then it's ok. Give me a random key of your choice. Thnx for arranging giveaway Bro.👍


One Piece Pirate Warriors 3, Street Fighter V, Dead Space, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. If they’re gone, I would like a random key please. Thanks for doing the giveaway! Honestly, my favorite would have to be to be able to finish Hades.


WWE 2k Battlegrounds


The following games sound interesting: Dark Souls Prepare to die edition, Street Fighter V, Darksiders 3, Devil May Cry Thanks OP for the giveaway!


Dead Space and Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition. Thanks for doing this!


any random game is fine for me dude haha


Darksiders III, The Long Dark, Devil May Cry, Umbrella Corps, Vane.


Random key please! Always looking for something new to try and I don’t have anything specific to play. Appreciate the generosity, OP!


The Long Dark Deus Ex Saints Row IV Eldenring Thank you for your generosity.


May I please get dark souls prepare to die edition. Thank you


Devil May Cry DIRT Saints Row IV Star Wars KOTOR Any of Tomb Raider WRC Random is also cool


Dark Souls prepare to die edition, moving out, wwe 2k battlegrounds. Don't need a random key if all these are gone thanks.


Saints Row IV please, thank you so much for the opportunity!


198X would be awesome. Thanks!


Tomb raider (2013) or Star Wars KOTOR please. Thank you for being generous :D


Grid 2019 Dirt Rally Mirrors Edge Thanks


NBA playgrounds Wwe 2k playgrounds


Thank you for this! If I could I'd love.. Street Fighter V, Saints Row IV, Roller Coaster Tycoon, or Darksiders III


Dungeon of the endless, The Wild Eight, Prison Architect or random. Thanks!


Cities skylines


Dark Souls: Prepare to Die; Lovecraft’s Untold Stories; Titan Quest; Talisman Digital Edition; Two Worlds Epic or Velvet; Turok 2 Thanks OP!


Surprise me please!


Just Planescape Torment: Enhanced Thank you for the giveaway!


Mirrors edge please!


Any game would be good with me


Would love the Walking Dead key. If not something random would be fine. Thanks!!


Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition Endless Space 2 Shadowrun Hong Kong Extended Edition Bards Tale IV: Director's Cut Shadwen Thanks for making this GA!


Hit me with a random key. Thanks My proudest gaming achievement would be completing the LASO playlist for all Halo MCC titles.


Endless Space 2, Armello, Sim City 4, train station renovation. Thank you for doing this!


Deus ex: Mankind Divided Dark souls: prepare to die edition Euro Truck Sim 2 Mirrors Edge Machinarium Dead Space Darksiders 3 Thanks!


F1 2018 you generous person


My top pick would be cities skylines but these are cool too: the long dark little misfortune dark souls Star Wars kotor pinstripe saints row iv and if none of these are available then I’ll take a random game instead Thanks for doing this!


Tomb raider (2013) Outlast


Treasure Hunter 3 and Port Royale. Also would take anything.


This is so cool! You’re a saint!! Here’s my picks- Magic 2015- Duels of the Planeswalkers Port Royale 3 Scythe Yooka Laylee Bards Tale 4 Cities in Motion Euro Truck Simulator I’d also take a random one if all these are taken!


Fae tactics. Thanks!


Star Wars kotor, ace combat assault horizon, deaths gambit, euro truck simulator, one piece pirate warriors 3, Star Trek, the long dark or any random key tbh I’m just trying luck at this point


I would love a new game. Thanks for doing this and good luck to everyone!


Hello and thank you for your generosity. Grid 2019 Deus Ex mankind devided The long dark Saints row 4 Graveyard keeper Random key Thank you!


I'd like either: Dark Souls One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 King of Fighters 13 or Cities Skylines Thanks for the giveaway, OP!


I'll gladly add any of the classic Tomb Raiders to my collection. Haven't played them in a long time.


Thank you for this! I'd love Dark Souls, Saints Row IV, Deux Ex, Trine 4, Trine 3, or Gloom. Ty again!


Ace Combatant Dark Souls Darksiders Dirt Rally Mysterium Saints Row IV Scythe RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic SimCity 4 F1 2018


I have never played any old tomb raider. Let me know of you can spare me any.


F1 2018 or random please!


You’ve a heart of gold. Thanks for the giveaway! - Dark souls prepare to die edition - Kingdom two crowns - This war of mine - Deus Ex: mankind divided if all of the above is taken I’ll take a random key. I think my proudest gaming achievement is when I winned 10 times in a row against opponents in dark souls 2 fight club. Did the same thing in ds3, but that felt less cathartic for some reason


Can i have dead space / Endless space? Please give random key to other in case it's their first choose. Thank you for your kind soul.


I would like dark souls, crawl, mirrors edge and murdered soul suspect please and thank you


Fae Tactics or Scythe. Thanks OP!


Anything from your charitable heart will do OP :)


Duke Nukem Forever Maybe I’m a masochist, but I really wanna see what a 10 year old game with a 25 year old design document looks like…


I'll help you get rid of some keys, I'll spin the wheel and take anything random


Devil may cry Dark souls Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Dead Space Thanks!


thanks for the giveaway! euro truck simulator 2 graveyard keeper sunless skies event[0] or a random key


198X please :) Thanks OP for the opportunity!


Devil May Cry, Darksiders 3 or Poker night at the inventory please. Thanks for doing this! That being said if you haven't played KOTOR and are an RPG fan I recommend keeping it and playing it, had a ton of fun with it.


Golf with your friends, mirrors edge, euro truck simulator 2, infinifactory Thanks !


Dead space please!


I would just like Duke Nukem forever, autonauts , or just anything random. Thanks for giving these to the community