How scary is this game?

How scary is this game?


If i were to rate it i would give it a 9/10 but if you're into horror about a 7/10 this is if you do a blind playthrough ofcourse.


It's very scary. Countless jumpscares, pitch black areas and paranoia inducing scenarios. If you say you can't handle scary games, don't waste your money because you won't enjoy it.


I already had it through games with gold on xbox. About 10 minutes ago I played it up until you go through the window and the lights break. I exited the game out of fear lol. But I will complete it eventually.


Bruh if that little intro made you close the game, I'm sorry but I have almost no faith that you'll be able to finish the game lol, but I hope you do, it's an awesome game.


Depends on what you find scary. For me I thought the game was more tense than scary but that's personal preference. The game is pretty jumpscare heavy and there's a lot of hiding. As the game goes along though you get used to it. The first few hours are gonna be the scariest though but if you get scared don't force yourself through it there's no shame in it or just play in the daytime with brightness up. Hope this helped.


Its constant survival, most individuals are out to kill you, but sometimes you can't tell who is actually tame and won't, so it kinda puts you on the edge of your seat, about walking past someone incase they attack you. It totally fuels paranoia and in my eyes it was what makes outlast scary.


To put it frankly, playing this game will give you a stroke. No spoilers but y'know, you'll be chased by psychopaths screaming insane shit at you with no power to fight back.


It's quite heavy on jumpscares. If you find those scary, this game will scare the crap out of you. They personally don't really bother me. It's a fun game though.


I've played the game many times before and watched the gameplay a lot but I still get scared of it. What is scary for me it's the chase sequences, it makes me anxious and gives me a lot of anxiety that sometimes I pause the game for a minute to breath. The game is non-stop terror including violence, disturbing torture and shock value that are still effective


Okay so, bad news, its scary as hell. I'm someone who likes horror and actively tries to get myself scared shitless, and I thought it was scary. You said you can't get through roblox horror so I cant fathom what you're going to feel lmao. I mean, the hiding, the darkness, the sound design, graphics, everything makes all 3 games so fcking scary. Good news?? (If you could even call it that), the horror is more so gore and being chased constantly. Also, I will admit the 1st game/dlc have some pretty basic level design (you enter a level, see some corridors, hear one of the enemies, hide, turn on a generator, leave, repeat), so it might ease the scariness. All in all, if you want a *real* challenge, you came to the right place. However the games are terrifying and I would recommend building up a tolerance to basic horror first, and then returning to outlast (or do whatever you want, but you have been warned!).


It's realy not that scary. There are jumpscares but they're prety predictable. Probably a 6/10 with indulgence. I realy recommend the game tough because of the great gameplay and fun story. If you're very scared by horror it may startle you, but it's realy not a very scary game