2021 Emilia Romagna GP: MotoGP, Moto2 & Moto3 Weekend Predictions

2021 Emilia Romagna GP: MotoGP, Moto2 & Moto3 Weekend Predictions


Quartararo won't wrap up the championship this weekend, Pecco will finish ahead of him.


I hope so, i want the championship to be decided at Valencia


Possible, but unlikely. Even if Pecco wins both the next two races, Quartararo only needs a 4th and 5th in the next two races to wrap up the championship. Pecco still has an alright shot at the championship, but he can't win it on his own merit, he needs one or two terrible races for Quartararo to help.


Ducati needs Jack Miller to go full Lorenzo-Catalunya 2019


Marc to podium on the clockwise track and scare the shit out of everyone for next year. Write this down.


RemindMe! 4 days, Marquez wins Misano


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Like dude, he might even finish top 3 this season. Unreal.


He won 👀


Yeah, hes back. Last four races: 2-4-1-1. He will heal the last 2-3% and for next year, he's gonna bring it. Fabio will be a tough contender, but mentally Marc is going to destroy him again. Pecco seems to fall too much to. But I am still hoping for a competitive season! I just expect Marc to get #7.


He had 2nd in Austria but crashed 😔


Fabio to wrap it up in style. I think Pecco and Mir fill out the podium and Marini will have his best dry result of the season, potentially top 8. In Moto2 I can see Gardner taking it. After silverstone I felt he was slightly safe in the following 2 rounds and although I view Raul as the bigger talent I think remy will handle the pressure better at this stage. Moto3 is absolute chaos I have no clue other than Foggia being on the podium.


Bagnaia has a good chance to win again, however with a better start Quartararo seems like he had the pace to win it last time so it could come down to how much he’s willing to risk to wrap it up 2 races early. Suzukis and Martin should also be on for a potential podium. Miller is the wildcard as always. Curious to see if Bastianini will repeat his spectacular performance. Finally I think Dovi and Morbidelli could start challenging for the top 10 this weekend.


It is baffling that if Dovi gets a good result here he COULD have potential to finish above Rossi in the Championship table come end of season. I wonder what the odds would have been preseason.


>I wonder what the odds would have been preseason. LOL


Ducati's tyre choice last time were 'run in the first, half, try to manage then' i think they went with the pair that gave more quickness but decayed extra fast cuz they didn't feel like the others where worth it. >Curious to see if Bastianini will repeat his spectacular performance. Everything inside a top 15 is already a big result for the Avintia considering the bike


For moto2, I wouldn't be surprised if Raul took the championship lead, considering his recent form.


Sava is back 😁


Bagnaia will do it again.


Is Jack available?


The teams all tested here a month ago, so all the bikes have been dialled in to their peak performance at the track, so the difference this week will all (mostly!) be made by the rider. I’m really excited to see if the cream will rise to the top.


The weather (temperature, and hence track conditions and tyre choices) will make a difference too. Both of last year’s Misano races were at the usual time of year when Misano is, when Misano 1 was this year, so Misano 2 this year is later than they’ve had Misano before.


Fabio 🙏🤞


Rins to crash


Yes, Alex Bins….again


Zarco finally gets his win... Nottttttt...




He'll get it when he gets his shot.


Only seeing him winning a flag to flag this season.


I feel like this race will either REALLY reopen the championship (means that Quartararo scores something from 0 to 5 pts and Pecco wins, which isn't enough but gives air till the last race), or close it definitely in a Quartararo masterclass.


I am very curious to see how much better Marc does this time round. A "worse" version of him (as his condition is improving all the time) on a worse version of the Honda as last race was pre test and fixes they did, managed to finish 4th (even if it was taking advantage of Mir and Miller battling and not being close to the top 3.) I see Marc hanging with Bagnaia and Fabio this time. I don't see Bastianini repeating last race even though he should have a good race again. I don't think Marc on *this* Honda is quite there to threaten the other two guys, especially since they are both really good at Misano and so are their bikes, but I see him hanging on and getting a podium. So...my prediction is a very "boring" 1. Bagnaia 2. Quartararo 3. Marquez podium.


Pecco will win or crash


I think pecco will win but FQ wins in Portugal. MM crashes, Martín crashes and bestia gets close to a podium but finishes 4th. Remy will finish ahead of Raul. Foggia ends up in the podium (maybe win) and Acosta finishes 10 points behind him. It gets very tight


Lol the MM fanboys downvoting you


Expected hahahahahaha, he is a god after all….. apparently


Pecco, Fernandez, Fenatti


Fenati ;)


MotoGP: 1. E Bas 2. J Mir 3. F Qua while Pecco crashes out like he did in Mugello while fighting with Fabio for his last chance to delay the title Moto2: 1. F DiG 2. R Fer 3. R Gar Moto3: 1. D Fog 2. J Mas 3. D Hol


Pecco wins, Vale top 10, Marquez crash fighting for podium, Quartararo P7