Andrea Iannone on the dance floor

Andrea Iannone on the dance floor


I juuuuust saw this too and came here to post it. The dude is fascinating to follow on Instagram, just one never ending selfie stream.


Wasted talent.


Nice to see him on something recreational instead of performance enhancing.




Went downhill after crashing with dovi on the official duc


Nope, he was still offered a contract for 2017, he turned Ducati down because they were offering too little (about 1.5M according to what I've heard from his ex manager, which is what they ended up paying Dovizioso) while Suzuki was willing to pay him double that, 3M. Ironically, Dovizioso, thanks to the bonuses for his 6 wins, ended up earning about 6M that season (still according to what I've heard, take it with a grain of salt).


The problem wasn't that from what i know, whilst dovi is a calculared person, iannone did and does everything with his stomach, he thought ducati wanted more dovi than him, not only because of money, but because of team's relationships. And said fuck it, even his agent was baffled because everybody knew that the only thing iannone really needed was a ducati under his ass, it was made for him even without testing it.


It's Pernat himself who said the things I've reported, he was even dejected that Iannone went to talk with Ducati bringing along his father instead of him, who was left in the dark. The problem wasn't Dovizioso, for both riders it was a slap in the face to see their salary cut in half so they could afford to pay Lorenzo 8 times as much, Iannone didn't take the deal but Dovizioso did. This, at least, is Pernat's version.


Pernat was his manager(?), or if he wasnt he was really close to him. They knew Lorenzo was coming, but Iannone felt, at a certain point, that Ducati preferred Dovizioso, that's why he decided to go elsewhere. Pernat himself pushed him to stay in Ducati, or at least to tell himto accept the offer and stay in an official team with a good bike. That's why i said 'a bike built for him even if he didn't even participate in winter tests', Pernat himself always thought Iannone was going to be the real Ducati frontrunner over Dovi.


The "dancing" Joe


He's had so much plastic surgery, I don't recognize him anymore. How sad.