10 years to the day. Marco Simoncelli took his final MotoGP podium at the 2011 Australian GP.

10 years to the day. Marco Simoncelli took his final MotoGP podium at the 2011 Australian GP.


What a legend, motorcycling is a cruel sport sometimes. We've had a horrible year for rider deaths across world series racing. Malaysia 2011 was one of the only races I've watched alone, usually I watch every race with my family but they were away for the weekend whilst I was studying for exams at home. The brutal realisation of having watched one of your favourite racers die on TV really gives you a perspective on life. As soon as his passing was announced I called my Dad, he hadn't watched the race yet. It was hard to put into words what had happened. I'll never forget hearing the boos from the crowd as the race was cancelled. My Dad was dumbfounded and didn't believe me for a few seconds. Luckily my Dog kept me company to cope with such a weird feeling. Safety is important folks, whilst Sic's crash was a weird unavoidable one I certainly would have stopped watching MotoGP if Rossi/Viñales had died in Austria last year. These guys put their life on the line for our entertainment, they're crazy for it but if they truely love the sport it's all worth it whatever happens.


I'm just so glad Rossi and viñales are alright. I'm sure I would've stopped watching Moto GP if anything happened to them as well.


That one still gives me shivers


They released a CGI version of the incident and it's so fucking terrifying that I haven't watched it again!


Rossi's reaction when he got back to the pits and stops the bike in front of his box letting it sink in on how he survived by the skin of his teeth says it all really. If he had retired from after what almost happened to him that day, I wouldn't have blame him honestly


The sport goes on. Motorsports loses stars , that just the nature of the sport. I’ve seen a lot of mega stars die and never missed the next race. You don’t get any bigger than Senna, Earnhardt etc . Had the unimaginable happened, I would have been tuned in for the next race as I have thru the deaths of some of the biggest names there ever was.


I remember being instant concerned for Franky after that crash, then seeing Mav and Rosi near miss the bikes. I had to take a breather myself. Couldn’t believe they both instantly got back on the bikes…. These guys are modern day warriors and they do it for more than glory or fun, they feel most alive while pushing a limit that’s so close to the end.


Yes it is something I believe you will never forget....... what could have been.......... I also have never forgotten watching Ayrtons' crash live and not finding out till the next morning he had died


One of the more heartbreaking parts of the whole thing 😢 he had taken so much criticism (some rightly so) and hate leading up to this, but in this moment you could see him make a real turn. He had smoothed himself out and even seemed a bit humbled by the podium. This was where his career made REAL progress. And then it ended 😢


Absolutely spot on with that comment........


Yeah he had a rough start to 2011 but I think post-Laguna Seca he's one of the more consistent riders on the grid challenging both factory Yamaha's and two of the three factory Honda's more often than not. Such a shame we weren't able to see of what a SuperSic finished article look like 😭


I shall always recall Marco with a smile on my face. A natural talent! Gone but never forgotten!


I met him that weekend. Was waiting to see some of the riders come in behind the paddock and get some pictures taken. Marco was running late and the last to arrive. He stopped for every single person who wanted a picture with him and seemed happy to do so. Sad that he was gone a week later.


I think his speed and personality would have set him up to take the baton from Rossi for Italy, also he might have been a regular fighter with Marquez year on year. That one moment changed so many things; I think he might have been on the factory Honda instead of Marquez otherwise?


Marc would have still gone to Honda and the Repsol Team more than likely alongside Marco, I think Dani would have left the team and ended up elsewhere more than likely Yamaha.


Maybe, but I don't think Honda would have bet both rides on two young guns when Pedrosa was always a safe bet to keep. I would have expected Marquez to move a year after as a minimum depending on how Marco would have done on the 1000 switch that year.


I was there. Met Marco at the autograph signing booth… I used some terrible Italian on him and he replied in Italian. Poster hangs in my room.


Marco then Dan Wheldon a week later. I was stunned and heartbroken for a long time. It was a really weird feeling.