Given the volume and nature of the food available at meal times in the Great Hall, how is morbid obesity amongst the Hogwarts student population not an issue?

Given the volume and nature of the food available at meal times in the Great Hall, how is morbid obesity amongst the Hogwarts student population not an issue?


They’re running around a castle. Can you imagine if you had potions right after trelawney’s class? Haha you’d be booking it from a tower at the top of the castle to the dungeons


I tried to tell my wife my need for such a big house is weight loss... She didn't buy it...😂


I will say though, we moved to a house about double the size of our last home, and my step tracker almost doubled my daily steps without me doing anything else. So... you really do need a bigger house. I'm scientific proof of that! 😂


Everyone else us saying the castle size, but also mabye using magic itself is like exercise and burns calories


A truly ravenclaw answer


That's my guess. The power for spells has to come from somewhere and I'm sure there's some kind of energy expended in the process.


Ya i know it's magic but if it has anything to do with physics the theory of conservation of energy states that energy is never gained or lost (or mass) simply transfered. So the act of magic could simply be a wizard utilizing their own body's energy and the ambient magical energy of the area around them to cast, using a wand as a magical focci akin to a lightning rod. Of course it's just theory so it could just be who ever is more bad ass just is a better wizard for ...reasons. There has to be something though it can't just be knowledge = power or granger would be Dumbledore 2.0 by age 25


But then, the wizarding world seems to be able to create things from nothing. The spells for fire and water seem to be proof, unless they are taking it from somewhere. They laugh in the face of our physics. (But if they are casting from calories, why are there fat wizards at *all?*)


They probably don't use as much magic, like look at all the overweight wizards we know of. Slughorn is pudgy, and while he's a capable wizard mostly uses potion making, Molly weakly is heavy set and is mostly a home maker and just uses casual home up keep magic most of the time.There seem to be quite few obese magical folk, but most of them don't seem to be very powerful. Then again there's probably a potion you can drink that prevents true obesity so it's probably a moot point wizard Healthcare can fix things in an instant that non magicals would take weeks/months to do


True. Must be nice, the wizard healthcare system...physically anyway. Their mental health system doesn't seem to exist. But don't potioneers use magic to brew the potion, hence why a Muggle cannot brew one? Unless Slughorn is a gigantic glutton he shouldn't be *too* fat.


Idk it would be inteesting to see if there was a set amount of power used in diffrent potions like how much is used for a boil cure vs something advanced but it can't be much sense granger made an upper owl/newt level potion as a 12 year old. I always thought of magic like mediclorians from starwars some people are predisposed to have more base magical power, but tallent, ambition, and intelligence of an individual are also factors, like granger has tallent and intelligence but a low, for lack of a better word, mana pool, and lower stamina/physical casting speed or fighting instinct. Some like crab/Goyle have magical power/potential, but not the brains to use it (like using advanced dark magic but not knowing when to use it properly or how to control it resulting in suicide by fiendfyre) and Pettigrew with the intelligence to do things but not the magical power. But yeah it could be anything it's just fun to think about possibilities.


Your ideas are *cool*! I love the idea of set amounts of power. But that's pretty unfair to those with lower levels


Eh it's as fair as an individual makes it I think. Just like real life the unfortunate reality is not everyone can be exceptional. In a world where everyone has the same potential and ability it would get boring fast just being one of many.


True. I suppose those with low power learn to adapt pretty quickly


*In Hermione's voice* "Well, food is one of the 5 exceptions to Gamp's law of elemental transfiguration. "


You can't transfigure or conjure food, but you can surely jinx/hex/curse/charm them. Imagine just charming your fatty foods so they help you *lose* weight.


We see holiday dinners: Halloween, Christmas, the beginning and end of the school year. Ron will probably be less enthusiastic about porridge than chicken legs and sweets.


They only have the food available at meal time. No chance of snacking. (Unless of course Fred and George visit the kitchens for a house party after a quidditch match)


They must be allowed to take food with them though, because Draco has apples sometimes, some of the kids keep candy in their dorms and Hermione and Harry fed toast to the squid. Maybe it’s just a no food in class rule?


I would assume the size of the school helps. They do a fair amount of walking between classes, activities, meals, etc


I guess they just don’t eat more than they need to.


Fatus deletus, like its sister spell but less dark.


lol meatus\* deletus


1) I have ample food in my house and...well *looks down* well anyways my wife is not fat. So obviously..er...some people don’t get fat with unlimited food 2) people can take runs around the yard, or quidditch pitch


Running around the Quidditch pitch is an awful idea though. Quaffles and Bludgers are flying around. And *nobody wears a helmet*. Like...


Wizarding Survival of the Fittest. (Pun most certainly intended ;))


😂 I wonder how much head trauma a Quidditch player gets...


Discussed in full in quidditch through the ages. In short? A lot!


Oh yikes. I suppose magic heals more, but yikes


Greater access does not equal great consumption … food insecurity is a larger issue. Larger group dining / banquet style offerings do not equal over consumption.


Magic :)




It’s magic.


Probably because the UK views food very differently and when they're used to that much food being guaranteed for every meal they can self-regulate. Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered too much food and only eaten half of it? It's not like they're being forced to eat past the point where they're hungry. Also, it's magic food


Cause it’s part of a well-defined tradition in fantasy books of symbolically showing that characters are well cared for and don’t want for basic needs?


It’s fiction.


Lol maybe they lose all they gain running away from the creatures Hagrid brings to class


A lot of obesity comes from heavily processed foods and foods high in sugars and other syrups. I am sure the house elves are cooking using whole foods and probably aren't adding artificial sugar and fats.


The massive feasts we see/read about are only for the big occasions, like start/end of the year, Halloween, and Christmas. The rest of the meals are more mundane and ordinary (if every meal was a huge feast, there wouldn't really be any hype for Halloween, Christmas, etc) and only served at mealtimes, unless you know how to sneak food (evidenced by people wondering how Fred and George manage to appear with so many treats). Add that to daily commutes around the castle and grounds for classes, and it kinda makes sense that most students aren't getting fat.


They are not American children


Haha, exactly.


Came here to say this haha


did you really post the same question from 2 different accounts?




The house elves are down there creating the perfect food.


If it's available all the time, would you really pig out every time until you are 110% full? Also they are still teenagers with crazy metabolism and probably body image concerns that would make them conscious about how much they eat.


Three square meals a day and plenty of walking. At no point does it say “Harry started on his third bag of monster munch and decided to start Snapes Essay…” There no real opportunities to start snacking and everyone walks up and down several flights of stairs a day.


Not a single fat kid in the whole movie :o


Dudley, no?


Crabbe and Goyle?


All those damn stairs


All the stairs...


If I were to guess, weight loss potions?


I think Harry actually mentioned how sore his legs were in the first book. The students are probably getting well over 10000 steps a day, plus the quidditch kids probably have some decent muscle gains, and then flying lessons in general are probably a workout. And then there’s the swishing your wand around all day and sprinting to class when you’re late, plus hauling around all their textbooks etc. I also feel like maybe in the first week everyone would eat a lot, but then they’d get kind of sick of it/tired of all the nice food and go back to their normal eating habits.


It's probably a spell put on the food that increases it's nutritional value and decreases calories (which is why they eat so much, they need as many calories as they can get for the day).


I'm sorry but I chuckled at the title lmao


No need to apologise, it wasn't meant to be an entirely serious question; but you have to wonder when the only sport they play involves sitting on your butt...


My guess is that the stress of school suppressed the appetites of the students. Think of all the times Harry was too nervous about quidditch to eat, too angry over how everyone or someone (Ron) was treating him to go to meals, in detention for crazy long hours, busy tracking down mysterious Basilisks slithering through pipes, late due to flying cars hitting whomping willows or bloody, broken noses, or at death day parties ... to eat. Missing meals was a regular occurrence.


Probably the chaos Harry brings to the school does it for them. Imagine a whole war coming along to your horizon. You wouldn't be able to eat much either.


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