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We Asians get our birth certificate along with our engineer degree (medical if you're gifted)


not all asians. i’m a genetical mistake and was born artistic. the hospital felt sorry and refunded us, knowing i was gonna need it to make a living


As someone with a liberal arts degree, same


I also have a BS degree


I’m a master in Bullshitting too


Wait there a degree for that Finnally I can graduate


Yes, it's called BA in Communication Arts lol


Which is my degree 😂


you gotta bullshit your way out of the program


How many times do we have to tell you that Artism isn't a real thing.


say it again i’m slow


So you're like an Asian with down syndrome or smth ?


That's interesting. You know doctors have said I'm borderline artistic.


;( i’m so sorry to hear. be strong, my friend.


Can confirm as an INDIAN.


You either die a doctor or live long enough to become a dissappointment..


My fate was decided when I was born. Should have just drowned in the amniotic fuild when I had the chance ;-;


*medical if you're a gifted burger flipper


Aw man. I graduated with a CS degree and this is relatable.


I once mastered Counter Strike as well, but then I took a flash bang to the knee.


I don't always get flashbanged, but when I do, it's because I threw it.


Yeah, too bad the door was stuck.


I thought CS was in demand :( any reason why there are less CS jobs wherever you're at?


There are jobs in india but they are low paying as you only get good jobs if you are from a good college


It's pretty much just the US that's got that constant demand.


Plenty in (western) Europe too.


That's good to know.


Low Pay, High Standards


That sounds really shitty. Do you mind telling me more? Where do you live?


Been thinking in studying computer science as a career now that I'm beginning uni, is it that bad..?


If you're in the US the CS is an incredibly in demand degree. I literally make twice as much as my econ major best friend, and I don't even have that good a job


Me: *graduates in CS degree* Relatives: My computer's not working, sooo if you could go and ahead and fix it that'd be great..


You graduated in marketing... Anywhere consumerist You graduated graphic designer... Anywhere IT savvy


You graduated political science… Nobody gives a fuck Speaking from experience


As someone I know once said "Political Science is mastered by those who don't know what the fuck it is"


Shit, I’ll cheers to that bro 🍻


a bit like the saying "Those who can't do, teach.."


same with quantum physics


hehe.. dunno where you're from, but in Belgium (where I'm from), Political Science (or as they say here "Pol & Soc" = Political & social sciences) is considered the *-garbage-* of all university courses.. because it's a Uni direction full of either naive students wishfully thinking they'll end up making a change, or those that actually had no real clue what subject to mayor in and just chose that one in order to be able to live the student-party life.. Not withstanding there are a select few that do join a political party somewhere and become either an active up-front member, or just become a behind-the-screens assistant to one.. It's a bit like mayoring in Psychology for that matter.. where personal experience has taught me that quite a lot (if not most) of the students that choose this direction are themselves most in need of mental assistance and/or a general clue in (real) life..


“Those that actually had no real clue what subject to major in and just chose one in order to be able to live the student-party life” Lol yeah that’s 100% me. I’m in America and it’s the exact same here, one of the easiest majors and you’re probably not gonna use it after school. I just needed a degree, I’m a financial consultant now lol


finance.. awtch ;) Well, at least it's not an [English Major](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiqKK4ysI7g).. :p


LOL perfectly fitting skit


Bro I felt this. I’m finishing up my masters degree now. Poly Sci degree is great…. If you’re willing to specialize further.


Lol exactly. “Oh you’re not trying to get into law school? Why are you here again?”


I wish I graduated in poli sci. Being a crooked politician looks easy and lucrative.


Haha yeah well if graduating poli sci guaranteed anybody to be a politician we all would major in it


Lol people don't seem aware of the fact that degree inflation is literally everywhere now


A lawyer from Togo works with me counting boxes, I'm his supervisor and don't even have an associate degree. Always feels weird


uni degrees mean nothing, not from 3rd world unis and not from most 1st world unis either, I had a colleague from Ghana with a degree and he was mostly useless as a worker, I mean in an office IT environment, he couldn't learn basic things and was careless, couldn't deliver quality, note I was supervisor too, but I have an uni degree too and build myself up from his place, so as u can see it has nothing to do with uni at all...eventually had to fire him as he slowing down whole team and everybody else has to work 120% to cover him not working, best stuff was he wanted to go do PhD from there, I lowkey smiled at that, he was a nice person, but not good with statistics and quality at all


Generalizations about people with degrees are also just as useless.


That statement absolute supports my comment - that uni degrees mean nothing, it can work out either way exactly as with general population


So what do you go on most now? Work history? References? Solid eye-contact?


if you mean at hiring, at hiring you can't know shit, any recruiter who tells you he picks good ones is just jerking in his own shit, he can't, its impossible...many times those candidates with a well built rapport are the biggest lazy fucktards, they just know marketing and to sell themselves and build up PR, but they are more talk than work...the only way to know with a worker is the trial period, in my country its usually 3 months, slackers will always show themselves in this time, maybe not first month, but within 3mths they always do, its then good work to separate wheat from the chaff at end of the trial and don't be afraid to send home those that didn't work out...


Yeah. I wonder how many people at the top don't have degrees. Oh wait


Our country's just pumped out a huge volume of low value STEM Graduates like us.


What makes them low value? Just the supply and demand? Is it a thing where you have to have your master's now whereas you used to just need a graduate degree before just because everyone has a graduate degree now?


there are two factors to the whole problem: 1. the sheer fucking number of graduates results in a very very low bar for quality. engineering is near worthless unless its from a a uni with an acceptance rate less then fucking harvard. 2. the remaining unis, that have a low bar for admissions have pretty terrible academics and even worse instruction in practical skills.


It’s not about the acceptance rate more than it is the reputation of that university’s college of engineering. I’m originally from Ohio which has a ton of universities. Some are known for making better educators and others artists and others engineers.


For my country, a master's even more useless than a bachelor's. What I am saying is we are taught outdated tech from even more outdated books by even more outdated teachers and taught to just cram some knowledge a night before and vomit on the paper next day. Ffs I was one of the first passouts from my college to get a job and I didn't even report to it. The shit taught in university is so far from the shit useful to industry, every employer has a 1 year plan just to integrate you into their company and then they just turn it on your head and a lesser experienced fresher graduate from a name brand college is made your manager whose fuck ups you gotta account for. Its all shit


Hello my Indian friend.


erhm how they say Hola in german?


I’m Indian aswell :) Hello in German is Hallo.


Guten Tag


I'm an engineer from Europe. Often times I work with indian engineer if a company/subcontractor etc. outsources engineering to india. They usually do a terrible job. Their standards are just incredibly low. Don't get me wrong, 90% of the stuff we learned in universities in europe is outdated useless crap that you will not use in the industry ever, but they filter people much harsher who they give out an engineering degree to. India...not so much.


The fact is that quite literally anyone can call themselves an engineer in India. It's so very easy to become an engineer here because of countless private colleges that offer this degree and dilutes its value. I can assure you though that in general, students of government engineering colleges are a cut far far above the rest.


Shut it off, Otto! Shut it off!!


It's only a spike! It'll soon stabilize!


but did you have good grades and studied hard?


Doesn't matter if they were amazing grades if the syllabus was poo poo


maths is maths?


not necessarily, sometimes they just allow you to learn shit by heart instead of understanding it...imagine having learned by heart 2+2=4, all well and cool but as soon as somebody changes it to 2+3 you have no idea, because you didn't learn that one it by heart and didn't understand the logic how the 2 and 2 is counted, you only learned what the result should be now apply that to uni level maths and it is still doable in crappier unis to go thru that on E-grades like that and somehow eek out a degree out of it (or cheating on test, getting help from others, etc), but in real world situations where every client interaction and build is semi-unique, such people have issues, unless a senior directly tells them 2+3=5 and then should repeat that, they have issues figuring it out themselves...but many times time goes by, and after a year or two, they are still doing it and just awaiting instructions from senior like a bot...eventually they aren't saving anyones work as the guy who actually knows shit has to spend his time explaining over and over again same things always in slightly different iterations, and these explanations take more then if he'd just done it himself...so now you are paying for 2 people instead of 1


Yes, but also no. Would you compare a truck driver and a F1 racing driver as just drivers? What if a university doesn't teach a particular mathematical topic, let's say number theory for example. Because it's hard to teach and maybe they don't have the resources to get the best professors so their students are failing and the university looks like they can't give a good education because of those failing students. Next thing you know they're dumming down the syllabus in order to have a higher amount of students passing with good grades. There's a reason why some universities are considered more prestigious over others. And that's just assuming it's maths. With the half life of knowledge in other fields imagine doing physcology, for example, at a ropey university and not only are there topics not being covered but maybe some topics are actually taught incorrectly.


At least you have a job


Laughs in india


Laughs in Iraq


Laughs in Thailand


Laughs in Oman


Laughs in the entirety of South Asia rip




Move to America we got mad engineering jobs


Can confirm. I’m not an engineer but work at an engineering company and we’re hiring like mad


Can't move unless we spend a lot money for masters degree.


Oh that sucks


We would if it wasn't so damned hard to get approved.


Generaly they have very low standards.


Ha ha! You’ve bested them!


IIT JEE moment


advanced fucking sucks man


I.T Jeet moment


Lmao NEET moment for me


When used to hire for my own department (tech/hardware/support), I received thousands of overseas resumes that looked nearly identical in format and content. Main ones: - Reported GPA down to the 2nd decimal (3.78 came up a lot) - Couldn't any information on their private school listed in their education (or it was a terrible website) - Resume stretched 3 pages, work experience with repetitive bullet points I started to pass on resumes that followed a distinguishable lame format, as I was also learning that recruiters and private universities profitted if their clients/students got hired, and would probably do unethical things to get them hired for a part of their salary. The few I did interview back then either severely lacked in English or couldn't back (sometimes even forget) the bold qualifications they listed on their resume. Probably ruined it for actually qualified oversea candidates.


sorry if i’m missing something here, but is it bad to note down the GPA to the 2nd decimal? genuinely curious


Not really? At least in my line of work, someone being .02 higher GPA than someone doesn't necessarily put them ahead of others. We typically question you for your listed skills and have you recite details about your work experience(s). Also, we don't really care for GPA's in the first place.


ah understandable. from my perspective, I’ve always reported the exact GPA as it gives a sense of precision. but again, I’ve graduated from a STEM degree and applying for jobs in the STEM field, I figured it doesn’t hurt to note down my GPA to the last decimal place


In your field, I hope for the best and brightest there- with moderation and respect that other topics outside your scope of knowledge have their own complications. IT field has so many nuances with their respective certications and ever-growing platforms that school and degrees will never keep up with. The amount of abuse I endure from Data Scientists who blindly set insane parameters, but never considering limitation of the hardware (HPC), is astounding. I feel like the plumber when it comes to Deep Learning AI companies trying to help them troubleshoot their systems.


So move to Africa, the US, anywhere that needs engineers. The world is large and needs healing. Build tomorrow.


Ah yes so easy to get out of a middle eastern country and just go to US to live there and find a job.


There is literally a whole planet I mentioned other than the US. I just habitually mentioned the US because I live here. I'm fully aware of the struggles. Sit down. You're preaching to the choir.


Oh the ignorance


Ok. So instead of being a preachy nit, educate me. What is it that I'm missing? I'm glad to learn. I can't have a comprehensive view of the world if people just sit there and click their tongues expecting me to "just know." Hanlons Razor: don't attribute to malice what can be explained by a lack of knowledge. Teach me! Edit: but I swear to god if this is some White Girl Twitter ignorance your about to spew? It's gonna be real hard for me to remain nice. Just so we're on the same page.


You are fully aware? You think you have any idea of the struggles of living in the middle east’s most racist and most globally hated country? How many times have you seen prices be doubled in a year in your life? How about doubled in 6 months? You think going to any country is easy for us? A fucking air plane ticket alone costs twice as our monthly salary. Then you’ll just get rejected back to your own country because nowhere would accept an Iranian unless you have a few hundred thousand dollars to spare. You don’t know shit about life here.


From an African country employment here is a nightmare too many educated people not enough jobs.


I'm not saying it's easy. That's foolish. What I am saying is if it's so impossible where you are, try elsewhere. Just don't give up. Be the brighter future. I will always encourage others to do better or get to a place where they can. Last thing anyone needs is someone telling them "It's too hard. Give up." Fuck that.


I fucking wish I could move to US as dev


Shit, I wish I could move out tbh. This place is so close to going up in flames. I'm absolutely amazed it hasn't so far. The Colorado drying up is gonna push shit real far real fast though. And being in a Colorado dependent state? I'm not looking forward to it.


Please do. The rest of us don't want you here.


Oh, can it. Your ignorance is showing.


Man it really REALLY sucks in the 3rd world, imagine having to do yearly saving to buy iphone and cant being able to afford good food...


Did I say it wasn't hard for you? Nope. I did say I don't like *these* conditions. Just because one situation is worse doesn't make the other good. It just points out there's multiple problems that people are allowed to be pissed about. My heart goes out to you. It really does. If I was king I'd stop wasting money on war and start using it on aid. A fed belly rarely fights with a warm bed waiting at home.


Damn. Imagine if they all came together to build one giant robot.


They would if they had the skills to do so. A lot of universities in third world countries are shit where they don’t teach properly, and students just mug up the textbook a day before the exam.


I mean most American students are like that as well, 99% of the learning takes place in the workplace.


Can relate like you had to get your degree from best univercities of your region to get a decent job




"Wait what do you mean not every country in the world teaches english in schools"


I dont think ı had problem with my english since ı was typing this while running so ı really didnt care about structure of my sentence.


This hits hard, really hard, electrical engineer in Lebanon.


Is that because there's no electricity to engineer with or just too many engineers? One of my Lebanese friends said he got like an hour of power per day growing up; I assume the situation has changed since the 80s but I also feel like I constantly hear about things exploding over there.


If you want to know more about Lebanon current state the news about Lebanon covers all of it. I honestly can't type it all.


how much is a STEM degree? is it like 30°C?


303 K


Most end up in non-tech


I still remember the day my parents told me to quit my bullshit and go have a real job like engineer or doctor :')


„in china when you're one in a million, there are 1300 people just like you“ — Bill Gates


this is literally 90% of the world. Do not fear, its everywhere.


Damn no wonder everywhere I see There are just engineers




There is lots of engineering jobs in south east Asia and the Middle East, just like there is in America. But just like America if you aren’t in the right city you’re shit out of luck.


There are a lot of jobs true, but the magnitude of graduates every year is much higher. Also, covid-19 affected the job market by reducing the capacity of workers while making them handle twice the work.


can u add mexico too?


And America.


If you can’t find a job in America right now you aren’t trying hard enough.


pathetic im gonna create a giant robotic donkey


I worked at Domino's with an Indonesian professor of architecture. No joke.


So why you study Engineering? Why STEM ?


Even south asians specifically India


South Asia too. Like we're famous for that lol


Indians with BTech


Go to an accredited college. I've worked with degreed EEs from third world that didn't know how to use an o-scope >.>


In South America if you graduated from a STEM degree your best chance is to become an Uber driver or a food delivery guy


Is this a bad thing? I want to understand.


To put it simply, there is a need for 2,000 engineers. The current number of engineers is 200,000. Have fun securing a job.


Is this like an international issue or is it just in some countries?


Some countries


Too many engineers, too little engineering related jobs. If there were any, the pay won't be that high.


In Africa be like


Same with Engineering in the midwest. I picked the wrong degree I feel like now lol. Got a spot open on the grill next to you?


Our company welcomes all engineers at the grill.


What field? Parts in the south are hiring engineers like crazy.


engineer gaming


oh shit I planned to be one, what I do now?


I’m not in uni yet, but from what I’ve heard the key is to really develop your skills, and not just pass the exam. Most unis in 3rd world countries are shit where they don’t teach properly and the students just mug up their textbook a day before the exam, so the bar is kinda low. Engineering is still a skilled and in - demand profession. And if you’re still in school, study fucking hard to get into the best uni of your country. That helps a LOT.


Lol , don't go to Asia and the middle East , that's how u can keep thinking you're something ..


I can't say you are wrong.


That's basically in every country


I met a cab driver once, he had a master's in electrical engineering.


Used to work at a bottle depot as a sorter. Worked alongside a guy with a degree in CS as well as a degree in architecture from Greece, also worked with a girl with a guy with a law degree from India. Bet all those years of education felt real useless considering they’re sorting sticky bottles and cans now.


We call eachother engineer for fun.


Weird you excluded South Asia which has more STEM graduates than South East Asia and Middle East


yeah, those guys have it rough too


I graduated with an EE degree and got a job as a Hardware Electrical Engineer. I mean, I consider that an accomplishment


We need you in europe


As a Asian and a Software Engineer this felt deep


At this point, i think this aplies to everything and everywhere


Indians: Hah ! Amateurs.


True but also depends where in the middle east. Israel has a booming tech industry, good salaries and high demand for engineers and programmers.


Israel is building a lot of new buildings


I'm in this pic and i don't like it


At this point, this is becoming America too. Apparently *everyone* got the tip that engineering is a hot field right now. Now the market is so saturated with engineers that if you graduate without co-op experience, you're pretty fucked..






I graduated college in the US


I live in a south east asian country and the reason why I choose engineer is because my dream job doesn't give you food. Love physics and I want to get the nobel prize but shit. Reality dude.


We pretty much rely on them


We Asians get our child's admission in engineering college before kindergarten


You should probably use a spatula for that...


Good thing i study philosophy


Its actually funny how much people shit on terror*st in my country even though 80% of their members have master degrees in engineering or same level of education. They have better education than the middle class that barely pass their master's degree.


(Subject) really tried to sneak the middle east in there


It's so rare in Europe nowadays, from my class of 30 people, I am the only mechanic, and with the exception of one of my friends the only people who do physical jobs


If only they made immigration programs for us skilled workers. *~~Oh yeah, they did and got quack engineers (or problematic individuals) instead so they closed it.~~*


You guys are graduating?


Here in California, you actually now need a college degree just to work at a fuckin McDons




אני מבקש הייטקס*


No you don’t.


I'm not Asian but I'm an engineer


That’s just capitalism.