I decided to unlock the dark matter camo with style

I decided to unlock the dark matter camo with style

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GG! I'm just about done as well so I know how it feels lol. Just got 3 more Guns. Also love the South Park edit😂😂😂


Congrats OP! I’ve only got the AUG and the 3 launchers left. Double xp made it feel (mostly) not too bad


Just started the China lake. Gl finding ppl without flak


Even on hardcore it’s mental hard


I find it worse on hordcore tbh. Only weapon that get hit markers. Hardee’s camos imo are going to be lagshots, cover (kinda), and 3 score streaks per game.


Them damn lagshots


learn how to fucking spell


I was drunk lol


It's not the China Lake, it's an m79. Huge difference, that's like thinking the pellington and AK-47 are the same thing.


Lol what? The only difference is a China Lake has a capacity for 2 grenades so it has a pump mechanism. It’s the same purpose. Unlike an Ak and a Pellington who aren’t comparable in the slightest. You are way off


Wait is there double xp rn??


One is coming shortly, but double weapon XP is what I was referring to. Leveling up the guns makes life much easier


Does double XP affect the camo challenges?


Double gun XP was useful in opening up the challenges!


Sweet now it's time to start finally playing the game...


We always make this joke but the other day I went to play MW multiplayer with my buddy, and when picking a class I thought “which gun am I grinding again?” When I realized I wasn’t grinding, and could just use my obsidian MP7, and have a good ass time, it was a really enjoyable feeling!


So true in every game I've ever played. Finish the grind to play.... then it's fun to come back to a favorite weapon and just wreck :)


now you have to get dark aether


Looks better anyway imo


Not just that but all zombie camos in general look better


Yup, shame you can’t use them in warzone as well with the Cold War weapons if you have it all unlocked


They’ll probably add it sooner or later, I’m just concerned it’ll look horrible on warzone


They better, otherwise I grinded gold on the Groza during the free zombie trial for no reason!


Honestly the multiplayer camos for the cw weapons look way better in Warzone to me, especially gold. I have a feeling they would look just fine, maybe even better.


Oh for sure, I was referring to diamond camos looking weird in warzone compared to Cold War, but the rest are good


Imo only dark aether looks better than it's MP counterpart. Golden viper is just meh, and plague diamond kinda looks like a butt plug.


Plague diamond looks good on certain classes IMO. For example AR’s look great w/ plague diamond whereas SMG’s look like toys


[if you enjoyed this, I would really appreciate a like](https://youtu.be/KmLxY8WKuO8)


I gotcha bro. Congrats!


I'm almost done with the AUG which will be my first diamond unlock. Man i couldn't imagine doing it for the rest......


I said the same thing a month ago. Now I’m grinding out 4 and 22 matches going for double kills on the Cigma.


3v3 HC for kills, nuketown for air streaks and free for all HC for turrets.


Finished SMG’s the other day and have one more 5 kill streak left for snipers. Gratz in advance on diamond AR’s! Sitting back and realizing that I’ll still have 7 more weapon classes to do is pain, but I’ve got diamonds hands and I’m not giving up.


If it weren’t for hardcore Nuketown I wouldn’t have gotten it done in the time i did. Or dxp weekends


Loool good stuff, I unlocked my diamond camo today for the SMG’s I ain’t got it in more to do any more. Took me a week


Any tips for point blanks?


Get closer




Play Dirty Bomb and land behind / on top of enemies if you want a way that doesn’t make you hate your life. Alternatively sneak into the back of the enemies spawn in Combined Arms Domination and get the snipers. If you’re doing normal matches, run a max hip fire and sprint to fire time class + suppressor and danger close for 2 stun grenades. Run quartermaster as well for stun recharges. FFA game mode seems to have the best odds. Also, waiting just around door ways for enemies to sprint in can get you a few. Last tip is stop caring about everything besides point blanks. It’s tempting to shoot someone in the back from 10 feet away for the easy kill but have some restraint and it will go faster. P.S. Embrace the shitty K/D games and don’t try to turn it around half way into a match. The worse you do the easier your enemies are going to be next game.


Appreciate the detailed response, thanks!


I got over 50 point blanks in 3 games abusing the gungho tactical/lethal hip fire strat in core. Was trying to get blanks in hardcore because of 1 shots but it's hard to get close. TRUST ME, THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT DONT DO IT ANY OTHER WAY. Edit: SPAM NUKETOWN


Or play face off with the setup that the previous guy recommended. Super fast paced and basically always close quarters. Thats how I got mine anyways.


Honestly.... Running up to people with stuns in free for all is easy enough and didn't take me too long.


Run either danger close for an extra Semtex or perk greed, I prefer perk greed so you can get scav and quartermaster. For perks use Flak Jacket, Tac mask, scav, quartermaster, ninja, and gung-ho. For attachments use the last muzzle if you want to keep hidden from the map when you shoot doesn’t really bring you down since your going for point blanks, for the barrel I prefer task force but you can also go for the 8.1” liberator for bullet velocity, Gru 5MW laser sight for hip fire accuracy, VDV SPEEDGRIP for faster movement or just use any grip that increases your speed, last mag as if I remember it only affects your aim down sight time, or you can go for the first stick or the second to last one. Hold the Semtex and run across nuke town getting into people’s faces before they know it because it makes you really fast, you can use stuns but I prefer stimshot or smoke grenades. Hope this helps, first ever cod and going for dm ultra. It’s a pain but keep going


This is how I got like 7 point blank kills every game. Kit your smg our for hipfire, use gung-ho and the infinite run glitch while holding a tactical. DONT go hardcore for this since you’ll get one shotted. You can run into people’s faces and start spraying (nuketown enemy house)


Face off ICBM in the middle underground part. You can use smokes if u want but u can definitely stand really close to the entrances and get a bunch of point blanks like that especially in domination because that is the B flag


I played core nuke town 24/7. Go with danger close, smoke grenades and quartermaster. Use Gung-ho so you can sprint and fire at the same time. Increase your hip fire accuracy with attachments as much as you can. Throw smoke in the busy areas of the map where people push like the coaches in the centre or in the houses. Once thrown, run into the smoke and you’ll physically bump into someone who can’t see shit, spray and go for the kill, sliding into the smoke works well too.


Consider point blanks barrel to skin challenges. If you can get to their spawn side just follow behind them and it’s the best way imo. Or hide behind a corner or garage door entrance


Nucktown 24/7, use danger close and smokes, get in the enemy house and hide in corners waiting for people to run by


*looks at watch* "Hmmm yes, just look at the time. Seems like it's time for me to unlock Dark Matter."






I bet you were screaming your head off. I do that everytime I get a Diamond.


I do that every time I get a gold


This gave me ptsd from the get 5 kills without dying challenges where I kept dying after the 4th over and over again


Shotguns done easy peasy. Just finished the M82 last night. Just the Tundra, and everything else, to go! *insert hide the pain herold meme*




I’m working towards the MP DM since I’m done with the zombies one, I don’t want it but I do want diamond camo for all my guns


I just need the RPG and Cigma... it’s killing me.


I wish for everybody to unlock everything, so we can finally play the game without worrying about unlocking stuff :) It's a great mechanism to push people to try out all weapons and play styles, though it's probably too much grinding. Congratulations on unlocking the dark matter camo!


That ending! Pure gold :D


I’m such a lazy f*** that I want to get dark aether instead


dark aether looks better anyway


Like dark aether isn’t a grind either. It took me over 7 days of in game time to get it.


Thanks covid


Oh cr


Congrats man! You actually have a life if it took you almost a week! I legit played 18 hours a day 3 days straight to get dm ultra done lol


159 hours really is fucking ridiculous, lol. I haven't even been trying to unlock DM and I have it roughly halfway done in 30ish hours. Idk what this guy has been doing unless he's not been trying to grind that camo half the time and just maining one weapon.


any tips on the rocket launcher double kills?


ONLY go for launcher kills, worse your score easier the next lobby. Play nuketown and try to get to the opposing house and melee 1 and shoot another. Hopefully with your lobbies being easier you will find people without flak jacket. The CIGMA is rough... also try not to get tilted it is a challenge and it's not easy!


I’ve gotten lucky shooting it on the first and second floors of nuketown spawn houses, there are lots of times people walk holding hands


That’s was a dope shot 10/10. I have 3 1/2 of the sub machine guns done, slowly dying more and more over these point blank kills


Sweet, time to play the game normally... *rage quits*


Imagine if you did that and didn't get it...


only level 294?? im level 344 and i havent even unlocked gold for any of my weapons and i hardly play zombies


Well, I’m 200 ish and got my gold ffar just playing warzone tbh)


the ffar is so hard to use


Just install mods on horizontal compensation and just pull your camera a bit down every time you shoot. It will help you very very highly. Also you can try to use some scopes. Hawksmoor will be a perfect one because it visually decrease gun flinching


So cool ....


1 elimination & 15 death sums it all


Yeah right.


nice shot


The snipers are also very difficult... Struggling on the barret


Almost got the Pellington gold and the m82 scares me


yeah feel ya, i got the pellington gold, i'm doing the tundra now but the m82 is coming closer


M82 turned out to be the easiest actually. I even finished it before maxxing it's level.


Bloodthirstys or double kills? You can do both in Combined Arms, just use it as a melee weapon on campers at the window or headshot people. It's not that bad in comparison to the Cigma or the RPG aerial kill grind :')


yes I'm now doing snipers only but i don't that will work good with the barret. And combined arms is an option, but it still takes too much time. Guess i just must accept it to get dark matter. I'll be happy when those are done


You may struggle on snipers only as all the other snipers ads faster, but if you get the Damage Barrel, The ADS Grip, the 7 round mag and maybe a different scope depending on preference you'll find it a bunch easier. With the Barret, if you can just pretend it's a decent gun, psychologically sometimes it'll make you do better. It's really not as awful as everyone describes it as.


How many times have you attempted that??


RPG arial streaks are the bane of my existence at the moment 😓😂


Free-er than a public fucking restroom.


Least worth challenge imo, also an impressive display of a lack of life and a colossal waste of free time but still an impressive feat. Well done pepega.


“Game over” on the fence is almost poetic


Congrats man. I bet that feeling was epic when you finished. I can’t wait to finish. So far I’ve got Assault, Smg, Tactical’s, Shotty and Lmgs to Diamond. Working on launchers now. I need a 2xp weekend to get my knife and pistols to lvl 30 so I can’t start their camos.


Lmao level 294 rookie numbers mate just reached level 700 and completed dark matter ultra and OG dark matter *cries in no life noise*


It keeps resetting my progress towards my camo’s and it’s really making me not wanna go for it anymore


Imagine not only getting diamond on every gun but doing it in this broken, POS game


Congrats! Now hit the shower


Hey man I’m going for diamond smg’s and I was just asking for any tips on point blanks? Those are a real struggle so I’m just asking for any tips. BTW congrats on your dark matter man 🥳


run the gun ho perk on hardcore and hold a smoke grenade while u run. when u die u drop the smoke grenade. while u run kill the ones who clearly see you and those who dont run right upto them and kill them with hipfire. or you can play dirty bomb and down people then finish them upclose


Wait you can do that in fireteam? Bro thank you so much man I didn’t know that you can do that to down people man. After I’m done with school I’m definitely trying that. Anyways have a great rest of day and enjoy your DM


How did you die 🤣


Props to anyone who got this camo, I only did it in BO3 but that’s because that game was fun


jealous! congrats


i only have ars, snipers, pistols and smgs at diamond, this is taking so long 😞 any tips for the rest of the classes?


Explain how "Get 5 kills without dying" WASNT your last camo ?????? Just got diamond on pistols and I was tempted to smash something while playing HC.


Dunno if you follow him but a really good youtuber who uploads updates and stuff about Cold War and Warzone just recently got his DM Ultra, His channel is PrestiegeIsKey and my god his video about him unlocking DM Ultra had the most accurate title ever, it was "So I finally unlocked DM Ultra.... and I feel empty" its not even the best mastery camo, Dark Aether one is way better and it seems a lot of people agree at least in the comment section of his videos, GG man as you get to now actually enjoy the bs that is called Multiplayer, the mode filled with both good and bad bs


About 3k fewer kills than it took my buddy to get it, FWIW.


Im glad i waited til the end on this one


Quick question. How in the ever living fuck did you get the aerial scorestreak camos for the RPG? This is not rhetorical, I genuinely need help here.


1.patience 2. aim ahead and shoot . 1 in 20 shots on uavs hit if you’re lucky (1 in 3 shots on the heli)




your life is a shame


How did you do that so fast