Does anyone else stim by randomly knocking on things?

Does anyone else stim by randomly knocking on things?


Yeah, I do that as well. I also lightly tap my fingers against and flick walls or tables.


I often stim by kind of making a loose paw with both of my hands and knocking on the table, desk, my legs, with the knuckles just above the nail. Not the knuckles you punch with, or the knuckles you knock on doors with. But the third ones that we don't really use for anything. I tap out little drum beats, or tap along to the tempo of a song I'm listening to, or one that's just stuck in my head. I think it's a cross between stimulation as well as the sensory of a repetitive hard knock on a part of the body that is usually touched softly if at all. It's usually a fairly lazy action, but if there's a really good song on (or a really good one stuck in my head) I can get pretty into it. I've been doing it so long I've developed a fair amount of callus on that knuckle on my pointer and middle fingers, and I've gotten fairly decent with the speed and complexity of the beats!


I tap all my fingers against whatever I'm touching or the sides of my legs.


Used to do it a lot, then I developed Tourette syndrome. I think in my case the knocking was a tic, not anything to do with autism.


always, i will knock and tap anything and everything


What does stim mean


its basically like when you do something because you feel like you need to and it usually comforts you or at least distracts you. stims can be 'positive' like rocking back and forth or flapping your hands or they can be 'negative' like hitting yourself. for a personal example, when im happy i flap my arms around and jump, and when im just idle i knock on things and rock, and when im really overwhelmed and upset i hit myself. stims are different for every autistic person and theres also a lot of common ones


I usually touch my fingers or wave my hand and foot in a syncronysed way or just shake my foot, so that's how I stim.


Yes, and I tend to click things like pens or bottles or jars with the seal thing


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Huh, interesting yes constantly. I do it a lot when playing games with others there's probably just a faint tapping sound always happening in my background haha never asked.


I don't knock so much as I tap. I love music, and I'm willing to hum, whistle, sing, or tap any time that comes into my head. I usually stick to tapping and whistling in public since the others are seen as weird.