Reserves E-4 With Dependents Going Active and Reclassing To 25S. What to expect

Reserves E-4 With Dependents Going Active and Reclassing To 25S. What to expect


Ft Gordon is a piece of shit that begs for the apocalypse. Dont expect to be paid for around three months after getting here.


can confirm. was just there for 41 days. been waiting three weeks so far to get paid for my time there.


It's fucking criminal what they do here with people's pay. They had soldiers, with dependents taking out aer loans because they couldn't get them payed for months!


And medical records, examinations and housing. The fort Gordon housing company, bbc, goes out it’s way to cheat soldiers who are stuck in that legacy housing.


DM me. I have contact numbers for Finance Services and if need be will send you the contact info for DHR. I'm assuming of course that you got no where with S-1.


You chose one of the better MOS the army has to offer in my opinion. Your life in AIT as an MOS-T is going to be cake. Once you graduate and head out to operational Army, you’ll soon realize exactly what I mean when I say it’s one of the best jobs. Kosher life. Also sets you up to make bank when you get out. So pay attention in school, soak in everything you can and start looking into getting some technical certs (I.e Security+, Network+, CCNA, CCNP, etc…)


Fellow N.


You are both my children. -255N


Dad 😢


This. Get certs, prove your a competent signal Soldier. Open doors in and out of uniform.. Also, if you go in to support the infantry you will likely get slowed as a 25Q/S. Remeber the unofficial signal creed Semper Gumby.


You're gon learn to shoot hot com all over the place!


I am at AIT for 25S right now. Your family will be able to come with you, you might even get OPH. If you aren't doing BCT again then you will probably be an "MOS-T" soldier and will have more privileges than soldiers still in initial entry training. You probably will be able to have your car. Its a good course, you are going to like it.


Glad they combined Tac/Strat into one course.


I think PCS minimum time is 22 weeks for AIT to move dependents with you. No idea how long your school is. My guess is you'll be going it alone in the Bs.


My paperwork says that my school is 26 weeks 👀


Well, do you really want to put your family through two moves in a year? You can certainly make money on a move, but you'll be packing everything again in 6 months. I'm pretty sure you can get geo bachelor quarters at AIT and keep receiving BAH to pay rent back home. You should contact your command at AIT to find out the real answers. Yes, you should be able to have your car as MOS-T.


I don't, but I also don't want to leave my wife to look after our newborn son by herself for 6 months so that's the dilemma rn. I think the extra hassle would be worth it 😅🤔


Moving twice in a year is a very... very small price to pay to be able to see your son grow up in his first year.


Bring your wife. 6 months by herself and a baby is a lot. If you go by yourself. Dont party. That will create a shit ton of resentment on top of already not being there.


It's definitely something to talk to your partner about. At home I'm guessing you have some sort of support network. In GA she'll have no friends to begin and no family to help out. I've seen people move their wife in with family while they were at training, pocket the BAH, and move together to the first duty station. Helps to build up some cash and then you can start looking at buying a home at your next duty station. Then BAH is paying your mortgage instead of your rent.


Sorry dude. It sucks. I barely saw my two sons grow up. But that’s the job sometimes.


You can have your car.


So I reclassed to 25S in 2019 and was an MOS-T there. All of this is assuming things haven’t changed much when I was there. My family did move with me as it was a PCS. We lived off post but probably could have applied for on base housing if we wanted. I had my car the whole time. As for our schedule, we would do PT in the morning with all the MOS-T’s, then we would go to class and then to home. Every once in awhile we would go by the company for some brief or handle so admin shit, and then 1 Saturday a month we would do some sort of training that took all of 30 minutes - 1 hour. I was free to drink whenever I wanted, never had to do any BS formations, you’re only limitation is the mileage radius but you have Atlanta right there and most of South Carolina. You should be able to take block leave, as well as put in a 4 day pass for all 4 weekends. If you have any other questions just shoot me a PM.


Expect to go to the field, a lot!


Unless he's strat in which case he will literally never go to the field and do very little army things in general lol.


When I went through reclass school I was also married with dependents. I was forced to stay in the barracks, and I had a curfew to report back to the barracks every night by a certain time. Once I got to my permanent duty station I was given 10 days of Permissive TDY to find an apartment and go home to pick my family up. You can use your car after hours. Not during the training day. Granted, I wasn't at Fort Gordon, I did reclass school at Jackson, but I would expect the same until you hear otherwise. You can go to Fort Gordon's website and find the AG in processing battalion and call them to ask directly. That's your best bet.


Lots of info if you search. It's a long school. About 10 months but maybe longer, not sure how covid affected it. Your life is going to depend on if you go tac/strat or get picked up in a 1C class. You'll be an MOS-T though, so not too bad.


There are no more army 1C classes. at least for the fiscal year.


Yes but the selections don't happen until the last week or two of common core so this guy is in the pool potentially


They got rid of 7D and 7E identifiers. It’s all one course now with tac/strat combined.


Can confirm -^


You still in ait?


Not I senior. Training Development


Hell yea! Beats being a DS or an instructor I suppose


Sooooo true lol


When did that change happen? Within the last year?


Yes, since FY21


How long is the new combined course? Also what's the deal with 25Ps?


Space Force is taking over the 1C realm so I'm pretty sure you can't army pipeline the course anymore.


Depends on what your order’s say.


You should be able to move your family down after a few weeks. From what I understand on base housing can be hard to come by at Gordon.


A whole lot of bullshit in the active side. I genuinely think it’s not worth it… but since you have a family; idk, bro. Anything but Ft. Campbell even though it’s alright. The 25S that I work with are depressed as fuck because the big army puts you as a janitor first and a soldier with legacy/obsolete equipment second.


1-Never go reserves because it is garbage. 2-Should’ve went active the first time. 3-Just got to go through it and you can’t go home and pretend you’re not in like u did in the reserves and make no effort and still be in cuz they will kick u our for anything. 4-It is the smartest place to raise a family cuz it is the biggest safety net ever.