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I can offer contraception?


I literally would've lost my job and said something similar lmao.


That’s one of the several reasons I stopped working at a grocery store lmao, it’s so hard not to speak your mind.


Just be dead eyed and act dumb, works for me


Silently walk them to the condoms then walk away.


I don't have any awards but that was gold.




Well that’s not gonna help the actual 7 children who (according to her) will go somewhat hungry.


That is true, I just wish she realized how many children she could afford before she had them


Definitely agree on that. Nobody seems to put enough thought into whether or not they can support a pet, let alone a child


Unless I missed something, it wasn't an inability to pay for the kids, it was a restriction on actually being allowed to buy the food. That's not her fault. And if you're implying she should be rich enough that she can solicit a store that is above government regulation, that would be Kardashian trash speak. "stop being poor".


Exactly this, yes. She had the money to buy it but was asked to put it back. This means she at least has the cash to support her awful decision making.


Now *this* is the anti-choice sub I’ve been looking for.


I keep freaking saying this about my cousin who has....4 kids now with different women. I want to yell at him "Do you know what condoms are?!" And now his eldest is a mother at 17. Bad example followed by the kids. Condoms, spermacide, birth control pills. You can get em free from PP. And as a side note; I have a child. One child and I waited until I was 32 and prepared and now I'm back on bc because I don't want more and the world doesn't need more. Love my son to Pluto and back but ethically I will not have more and I think anyone thinking of having kids needs to take all of the things that children come with into account.


Why I've always liked the saying "condoms are easier to change than diapers".


Same, I also have one kid but absolutely no more.


Even when you're prepared.....you are not prepared.and then you realize how many kids there are when you go to the doctor or something.


of course no human is prepared to have a kid you may have money, a house, a well paid job but that dosent make it easier, you still have to be a parent, and then you realize how many new responsibilities you and your partner have honestly dont be a parent if you are not prepared dont realize how many kids there are, just know and go to the doctor or something


Why the fuck would you want 7 kids?


idk man, the quiverfull movement along with mormons, catholics, and some other religious ideologies preach childrearing as close to godliness. It's weird and gross, and out of touch with modern sensibilities and needs.


Along with those psychoses, some people just believe that the urge to have children is natural, therefore superior to any rational thought that would otherwise take over in an observant person’s head.


And ironically all it really means is they put about much thought into breeding as a dog does when having puppies.


with worse child rearing skills




What’s the quiverfull movement? I hope it’s archery, but its likely people-making.


It's religious fanatics that think women should always be pregnant in order to make the maximum amount of more religious zealots


And also that women should be subservient to men.


I know a woman I went to high school with who went from counter-protesting at pro-life rallies to marrying a preacher and adopting his Quiverfull lifestyle. I lost count on how many kids she has now but I think she may be pregnant with kid number six or seven. She plans to have as many kids as her god will ‘bless’ her with.


I worked with a woman who was perpetually pregnant and before 30 had 7 or 8 kids. Her husband had significant mental illness that prevented him from working (but allowed him to "see God"), she was a waitress, and none of her kids ate whole meals or wore clothes or could read or anything like that. I think they were "homeschooled". She was the nicest lady and before she got super religious she was apparently pretty wild (in a fun way). It's weird what other people can do to someone because I'm pretty sure her husband is what changed her so much.


See: The Duggar family 🤢


Don’t look up blanket training…


Catholics are very against contraception, I remember they say you should breed as much as you can for gods plans to flourish. Or something like that, but basically fucking except to make kids is a disgusting sin and you should be ostracized from humanity. Masturbation - sinner, rot in hell Sex with spermicide - you are dinner for the other sinners in hell Condom for safety - should’ve known the person better, now you can know the devil better. Iud - harlot Sterilization - cease existence and wipe yourself from history. Catholics are pretty wild with breeding ngl… (ex catholic)


So wild with breeding that the most catholic family I know, all of the marriage age children have multiple kids with multiple partners. Some conceived with people who weren't their spouse. But it's cool because they said a hail marry or some shit after the fact when they got that twinge of good old catholic guilt.


At least for Christianity and Judaism, it's pretty clearly laid out in Genesis: >be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it. Unfortunately it never says anything about limits to growth, tipping points, overshoot, an overtaxed biosphere, and population collapse.


Plus he was talking to the only two people on the planet, according to the good book, so really, why do modern people think god means them!? Lol


Nothing says God's chosen like forcing your children to parent their siblings. God's brightest are pretty sad in reality


some people think it's a competition and it gives them more value because they have low self-esteem and need external approval like that for being "heroic"


It’s a damn shame we don’t throw parties for couples that don’t have children.


Let’s start


I’m middle child of SEVEN fuckin kids. Growing up and getting older I realize how stupid and unethical it is to have that many kids. I have so much anger and hurt in my heart from my dysfunctional family. I plan on writing a book about all of my experiences but I don’t know where to start or who would read it.


my mom worked as a nurse and had those rotating shifts sometimes I would stay at her friends house: she had about 6 kids, each one was defective in some way. I also got a first hand observation on someone with not enough money trying to feed that many kids. all because the \*\*\*\* she was married to was only 'happy when she was pregnant'. Jerk. He moved hem upstate new york, isolated them on some backwoods house, and then split for texas. last I heard he was in a psychiatric hospital in the locked ward. and straight jacketed a lot of the time


If this isn’t a story for mental health awareness I don’t know what is.


I would read it, this is why this sub attracts people. I Hate to put it this way but it sounds like a harrowing ordeal. Don’t discount your experience, write about it if you can.


This inspired me a little. Thank you kind stranger! <3 maybe I should at least get it started and go from there.


You won’t know til you try, I definitely think you should


I feel the same way about my experience growing up in a religious cult. Where do I even begin?


I think a book sharing your story sounds like a great idea. Personally I think there are plenty of people that would be interested in what you have to say. But even if you don't think anyone else would read it, why not write it anyways, even if just for yourself? It may end up being cathartic. 💙


You’re so sweet!! Thanks for the kind reply <3


I bet lots of people would read it


Because she lives in a time warp. It is 1910, living on a farm with birth control non-existent and they need help during harvest time.


My brother has 8 and I just could not fathom it. When you have that many kids, raising them literally becomes your life.


so they can do a 4-3 pyramid and you and your husband can stay on top?


I know a Catholic family with 8 kids. She says she's done but she's also a huge fan of that movie "Cheaper by the Dozen."


So they can post stupid shit like that. I never felt sorry for people with 3 or more kids, ever, not even as a kid (saying this makes me feel like 2 is too much and so is 1). I'm pretty sure the only people who care are mouth breathers who also have a boatload of kids for no apparent reason.


14 farm hands


Servants or farm hands is my only guess.


For the Reich, blood and soil. /s


Just feed 3 of the kids to 4 of the other kids. Duh.. Kinda a no brainer there.


4 of the kids to 3 of the other kids = more food and less kids to worry about


Just eat all of them


You might want to put an /s after your comment, in case some natalist dumbfuck screenshots your comment and tries to use it to paint us antinatalists as pro-cannibalists.


What’s wrong with being pro-cannabis?


Nothing is wrong with being pro-cannabis. Cannabis can be good for you when used in moderation. Actual human beings, not so much.


Are babies cannibals since they deplete their mother of nutrients via breast milk?


No, I don't think so. But you could make the argument that they are, although I'm not sure how that argument would be perceived by those outside this sub. Many lurkers on this sub are stubborn and they choose to see the world for what they want it to be, rather than see it for what it truly is. Those fools refuse to accept reality and will do anything to deny any facts that threaten their fragile worldview.


Well then let’s just call babies parasites.


Why worry about lurkers?


I don't know, I just feel that if someone tries to malign this subreddit, then people would become less likely to become antinatalists and more likely to become natalists who breed without blinking. Maybe I'm worrying too much, but I want our message to reach as many as possible. But maybe you're right and I shouldn't worry about what other people say. After all, you can't please everyone in this messed up world.


Ancient problems require ancient solutions.


You might enjoy r/frugal_jerk


Buy the sausages then go to another grocery store to buy more ffs sometimes I can't fathom why the hell adults can't think outside the box to fend for themselves Then again, having seven kids may not be that wise


or maybe buy something else that isn't sausages 😂




Lentils may be even better


but where will they get their protein from? y'know, it's like, *only* seven kids ― they need pRoTeİn to produce some more.


I think this chick’s problem is too much protein from places other than the grocery store


Oh boy


Right? What the fuck. And to cry about it? Pathetic. The sale limit is there for a reason… shitting out cum trophies doesn’t mean things shouldn’t apply to you.


Exactly, I live in Australia and that’s what I had to do.


You could even just come back the next day and get more. If you didn't cause a scene in the store you could probably pay, walk out, put your stuff in the car and cone back in and get more at a different cashier. It really wouldn't be that hard to get as much as you want.


Depending on how old the older kids are, you could give them a package or two and have them buy them separately.


These are all great suggestions. But obviously this woman isn't very bright. Especially since she had 7 kids.


I mean, i can only hope but the kids probably aren't 0-1-2-3-4-5-6 years old but even a 10 yo should be able to buy some fucking salami or we she needed


I swear that's exactly what she did, but that would never prevent her from posting a complaint, more than likely for the perception management/mention of 7 kids.


The person she's tweeting at also has 7 (and pregnant spouse)


or like, come up with a meal that doesn't require sausages, even


Because the majority of people are completely reliant on others to survive now, evident by the fact she thinks the government failed her kids. YOU failed your kids. Nothing will ever be guaranteed, even if you get comfortable with the idea that it will be simply because society has made you lazy when it comes to your own survival. If you don't plan for the possibility that this comfortable life could one day come to an end, especially when you have 7 mouths to feed, that's 100% on you, and not even a little bit on anyone else. At this point if shit ever hits the fan with things like our agriculture distribution systems, I'm betting about 20% or more people in first world countries will die. 20% is presuming we have some kind of emergency response to counteract it; without it, I'd guess more like 40%.


At that point, grow your own. All those kids and there’ll never be a weed in that garden.


Or also she can have some delivered with the maximum allowed and go buy at the store too.. Assuming that delivery is a thing in her area


A person I know has 5 kids and was complaining about how her grocery bill shot up (used to be only 400 a week and it went up to 700) and how are they supposed to afford to feed their kids. I just shook my head. Like did you think having that many kids was going to be cheap? Selfish idiots.


This image in particular is not about the cost.


A WEEK? What is she feeding them, caviar and lobster?


Isn't it fair to complain that our food supply chain is failing right now? Obviously kids are expensive, but most of us didn't predict a lasting global pandemic that's destroying our supply chains. That guy is paying $300 more for the same amount of food, and is very likely not getting paid more than before food prices started rapidly climbing.


"Im trying to break the record for most child births. I cried yesterday when the supermarket wouldnt let me take their incoming delivery truck to my house. any tips on feeding my army of 50 (and growing!) children when 2/3 of the country is food insecure?" this is even worse than when best buy ruined Xmas by not giving her 50 ps5s for free even though she took a Xmas photo


I mean 2/3rd of her country isn't food insecure and that's kind of a crazy statistic to make up? It's estimated between 4-13%. Why can't we criticise these people without completely making up numbers? Like, it doesn't help the cause. It's kind of bullshit. Criticise her for the facts - there's enough of them!


Eat the children.




Right? Rice, beans, lentils. Not exciting but a cheap healthy way to feed a lot of people. Way better than sausage. If I buy bulk I can get that cost down to like 30¢ a serving


Yeah, its the 'government' failing them, not the parent


I don’t think the government is mandating sausage limits. Sounds like Cole’s policy.


But it was Dom's bs let it rip that got us here.


The government is failing us pretty badly


Certainly not a global supply chain issue.


The issue in the image is local supply chain. Product can't get from warehouse to shelf. It's why things were OK until the local outbreaks and therefore blame directed towards local policy makers.


Excellent point. Local supply chain issues can also contribute to this outcome. Government and corporate policy can affect supply chains to produce these empty shelves.


It is - we can see it happening and it's been rather transparent. Government policy led to a lot of covid where previously there was very little. That has fucked up distribution warehouses, trucks to shops, and unloaded to shelves. It's not catastrophic. If we could be rational and not panic buy/hoard, we'd get by with only slight inconvenience. But once the word got out that there are supply chain issues, people would fill the freezer leading to emptier shelves and the next person coming by believing they need to fill the freezer. Ergo, product purchasing limits.


Hard to feel sorry for someone who gave the government 7 cogs, and then cried when the government treated them like cogs. Whodafuckinthunkit?!


I really never feel sorry for the parents. But the kids man. I’m not here cuz I hate kids. I’m here cuz I hate seeing so many people push out kids and not realize they will be monumentally affected by everything in their lives. People think kids are animals not just small learning people. Like you can’t constantly make people and set them at a disadvantage and not be a bad person. But that’s so many people. But the kids are innocent in it for the most part. It’s just so sad


She shpuld try vegan food


She should try condoms




She should try a tubal next


You make way too much sense


She should try swallowing.


Which is, incidentally, vegan.


Should definitely try less sausage intake 😉


They'd find a way to go thru that pretty quick too


Seriously. Oh, you can't eat some poor fucking animal that had a horrific life and a terrible death? Boo fucking hoo.


I hear that capitalists are pretty tasty, the higher the net worth, the greater the flavor. Just don't eat the brain. Prion disease, and also you might soak up some of their shitty ideology. Allegedly, in Minecraft.


This prion joke made me gag 😂


Is the person trying to build a Fire Nation army? Why have so many kids for goodness sake?


No, they are going for a Seven Nation Army


The grossness of her and her litter aside... What is it about the west insisting on meat? Like it's a necessity. The majority of Asia either has small servings of meat (along with rice, pickles, soups etc) or is vegetarian. Lentils are dirt cheap. Legumes are dirt cheap. Making stews and curries are dirt cheap (water + flavour). How entitled can you be?


Honestly, most Americans eat meat with every meal.


Oh I know. I'm in NZ, so a real meat n two veg country. But I even managed to change my dad's and partner's diets, real 'mans men' who will have a steak every meal if they could... It's a small health/ footprint change, but it's still change!


It’s true! I’m American and grew up this way, it’s gross and I’m thankfully down to about 2-3 days a week with meat for dinner. My portion sizes for meat have improved drastically as well.


Australia is very much 'meat and three veg' as a staple dinner meal. It gets really boring really quickly, but a lot of the country (especially rural areas) have it as standard. It's weird to people not to have meat with meals. I grew up poor but my Dad insisted on bulk buying chicken drumsticks to freeze so we could have meat even when we had no money, but it was literally just frying it. I didn't know about marinades until I moved out. The most exciting thing we made was spaghetti bolognese. Sometimes in winter we'd make pumpkin soup. There was no flexibility in meals. When I moved out and was broke, I still ate better than I did growing up. I love curry!


It is really wild! I grew up believing a meal wasn't a meal unless there was some kind of meat based protein. Luckily I live in a pretty hippie town where there's a lot of non meat eaters and the people who do eat meat eat local, well cared for stuff. Personally I'm pescatarian and I only eat meat maybe one to two times a month. Sometimes more if there are special occasions. Though i will admit during the summer I eat oysters for breakfast nearly every day.


A 10lb bag of beans is literally $7 at Walmart...


Beans are wayyy healthier than sausage too, by a lot, and filling and high in protein


My point exactly!! And far cheaper too. And they're sold in bulk so you can get like 100, yes ONE HUNDRED servings of beans in that 10lb bag. All without the extra preservatives, sodium, and all around nasty stuff found in sausage


I have so many cans in my pantry rn I legit have a lil anxiety if I get too low on beans


Same I stocked up on cans when covid hit and I just realized in the past six months that buying dried beans is sooooo much cheaper than canned and you get 5-6x more servings for the same price as a can


The largest pack of dried beans I've seen here is 1kg without going to a wholesaler, and right now shelf stock is low. This photo is from Australia so I don't get why everyone is replying with American advice.


and not products of direct animal abuse!! beans are incredible <33


It sickens me that my diligence as a vegan is fucking wiped out many times over by this brood of children. I can't consume *negative* animals :-(


i'm proud to be a human bean




You can make so so so many different meals with shelf stable vegetables/roots and dries beans and grains it's not even funny, just add some seasonings and extra add ins and boom, complete meal loaded with nutrients that are good for everyone


Thanks. I like miso, for flavor.


They’re in Australia, not the US.


Still it's super cheap to get a bag of beans anywhere in the world. It's one of the cheapest foodstuffs.


Excuse me, but her 7 angels NEED their sausages okay? Get out of here with your logic.


Daddy clearly has a working sausage. he can take turns feeding all 7 of them


Maybe DO NOT. HAVE. SEVEN. CHILDREN. Jesus Christ 🤦‍♀️


Dont have kids. Go vegan.


I live where this lady is from and she is just a lazy breeder. It's mostly a supply issue only for our two biggest supermarkets, others are fully stocked still.


And butchers (often found right next to Coles) still have everything available.


Aldi where I’m from in Australia is also pretty barren.


Yeah its fairly big chain so susceptible aswell, try locals, IGA and Flannerys in Brisbane have been amazing.


Poor kids…


"Start with the youngest, as their flesh is still tender."


I loled. Thanks for that!


"7 kids? I'm sorry lady, but I think you've already had enough sausage if you catch my drift."


Maybe introduce them to vegetables?


GO TO ANOTHER STORE **But seeing as you have 7 kids, thinking more than 5 minutes into the future is clearly challenging for you.**


Yeah most stores are like that. It's gotten better with the purchase limits, but at the time this was posted you'd be spending hours trying to find chicken, mince or Sausages.


Should have considered the fact that a global pandemic was a possibility BEFORE you had kids. **IT HAS HAPPENED MANY MANY TIMES THROUGHOUT HISTORY.** many times


How is a grocery store not having their shelves stocked about anything government related?


Because of the government policies (or lack there of) that got us here.


Government issued septuplets, yes. What a scam. Oof.




Buy some fucking rice and beans. Meat, delicious as it can be, is the least efficient way to feed people.


Have fewer kids, eat less meat.


It's not the kids' fault that the mom had 7 kids, so if there is a limit on consumption, that should be based on how many mouths are being fed. It shouldn't be like "you get enough food to support a family of 4 or fewer, let the others starve until your number whittles down to 4"


The shops have just implemented a limit of 2 packs of chicken breast, 2 chicken thigh, 2 mince and 2 sausage to deal with supply chain fuckery. It's not tight rations. All she would have to do is go to the shops twice a week.


Totally agree it’s not the kids fault! However: 1. This isn’t a government issue per se it’s an issue with food retailers (labour and supply chain etc) which many Australians including myself have had to work around by going to multiple stores/not getting certain ingredients. 2. This post really highlights as an antinatalist that even in a developed country like Australia having kids is *still* gambling with their lives as you never know what’s around the corner. We are a lucky minority/country for the most part compared to billions of people globally that face food insecurity, absolute poverty and don’t have a government that’s able/willing to intervene to provide a safety net meaning families starve to death in famines/crisis. Many people can ignore the worst forms of suffering because they are completely removed from it and given it’s clear we are not good at preparing for foreseeable crisis (like pandemics), I’m concerned about global warming which may present an even more dire reality.


they're not limiting food overall just limiting how many you can buy of a certain product. she could just go to a different store or buy different food instead of insisting she get however many packs of sausage


I went to her Twitter and apparently she’s a blended family? I’m assuming single parent married single parent kind of deal. At least she didn’t make them all herself I suppose


I bet beans are rice are still in stock. Or pasta? Ramen? The stuff us poor People eat when it gets tight. People act like vegetarian meals are implements of pain. Sometimes meat is too expensive.


That's *capitalism* that has failed you, sweetie. Just like it has failed everyone else.


She should probably lay off the sausage anyhow.


Don't gave 7 kids you absolute mad woman.


Why the fuck would you have 7 kids? Even if you could buy all the damn sausages you wanted that is way too many kids to feed. The planet has already started going to hell. For several weeks now I’ve seen a couple of supermarkets near my house lack a number of necessary items. For the ones you can find, prices have increased by at least 10%. There isn’t really an end to this issue for now. Prices just keep going up and global warming will decrease supply in the years to come. Why the hell don’t any of these people think of the years to come and what kind of lives their children will lead.


Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.


Even if you have a billion dollars a day, having 7 kids is something extraordinarily irresponsible and dumb beyond comprehension.


As a vegan, this is just another reason I’ll never have kids. More animals need to die so your entitled ass kids can eat them? We’ve already fucked them with our animal ag system, and you want to *make it worse*? Fuck that noise. Stop having kids. Stop eating animals. Stop burdening others for your shitty decisions.


TBH she should have been cut off from the sausage a long time ago…


Reminds me of the very start of the pandemic when we limited hand gel 2 per customer ‘But my moms diabetic’ ‘Tell her congratulations, it’s still 2.’


Nothing but sausages and lack of forethought for MY family!


Yall should know the Premier she tagged has 7 kids and one more on the way or something ridiculous like that. Obviously both of them are stupid as hell.


Well, maybe don’t breed like a hamster and pop out all those damn kids.


Why the fuck would you have 7 kids first off? unless a medical mishap happened. Hell, why even adopt 7? that’s SO much, draw a line like seriously man. what in satan’s name is with some of these parents? Crazy.


I have a modest proposal


Yeah, close your legs.


Yeah, don’t have 7 kids 🤷🏼‍♀️


"The government has failed them" the audacity of this bich


this is the worst time in modern history to have kids, especially 7 of them.


Pick the two weakest and feed them to the rest? Or maybe birth control.


Don’t have seven fucking kids. Duh. That’s Darwinism. As much as I would like to be mean, my moms the exact same way. It’s why I’m on this sub and never having children.


Sausage for half of them, bacon for the other half. do they all need matching meals?


Oh God that would be a meltdown and a half. I can only imagine the fighting over that. (Kids are so fucking annoying they'll complain about and argue over nothing.)


Tantrums suck, but like, she's making it sound like it's "give me all your sausage or my kids will starve."


Why are the shelves so empty? What's with the buying limit? This reminds me of photos from history books about time period when my country was under communist rule (you had cards specifying how much of certain products you could buy)


In Australia lots of supply chain issues and labour issues due to Covid-19. Many of the biggest food retailers have empty shelves and it’s likely these measures are put in place to prevent one family from food hoarding or creating physical altercations over resources (this happened here over toilet paper). Also many of us are going through this issue and struggling to get groceries not just her.


Oh man, that sucks you have to go through that


This. There is enough supply getting through to generally keep going, but once it gets out that there are supply issues and some things might not always be available, the hoarding starts and creates the shortages, leading more people to panic and hoard. My locals are basically out of meat but for the high end shit and steak, frozen veges are patchy, chilled goods like juice and milk are 50/50. Paracetamol and ibuprofen are just no. Frozen chicken goods like nuggets and tenders are gone, but there was heaps of frozen fish.


Hmmm. It's almost like Capitalism isn't as perfect as everyone thinks it is.


Easy - Feed one to the other six.