Which map do you HATE the most

Which map do you HATE the most


For some reason I really can’t stand WE. It’s fun it you want some quick action, but dropping anywhere that’s not Fragment and you won’t sea anyone until the end of the match. It has had some cool POI’s like the train. Unfortunately it’s no longer there… I love KC as it’s so diverse and without skulltown, people are literally everywhere. And Olympus as it’s a beautiful map and I love the open environment.


Agree. I feel like with competent players in ranked Worlds Edge is a phenomenal map but it is completely ruined in pubs and lower levels ranked just because 50% of the lobby is dropping streamer building.


I feel like I am literally the only person that does not have this experience. Sure there are 4-5 teams dropping fragment but that makes sense. Rarely do I see the majority of the squads dropping fragment, there are definitely decent POIs elsewhere with 2-3 teams dropping every pubs game for me. I also enjoy dropping frag in pubs for the mayhem and I have had multiple games where we drop expecting a shit show and no one else is in frag.


People hate olympus for no reason. Most just saying it because it isn’t one of the “og” maps


I’ve spoken to some people who hate Olympus and their points are more along the lines of: All the best loot spots and hot drops are near the center of the map The biggest hot drops (estates, the waterfall, gardens to an extent) have pretty shitty loot The general opinion that the openness of the map leads to more unfun gameplay


I really like the map because of how beautiful the map looks.Looking at it puts a smile on my face


>All the best loot spots and hot drops are near the center of the map Meanwhile, fragment in WE


Never understood the olympus hate, I love that map. King's Canyon can can go die in a hole


That's your opinion, but i disagree


From my perspective on all 3 Kings canyon absolutely despise this map Olympus This map isnt any better but I can tolerate it somewhat Worlds edge Not really a fan of the Frag east meta for pubs but other than that my most favorite map to play on.


This poll genuinely surprises me I thought WE would be the most hated. I love the shit out of original and season 1 and 2 KC after that its meh really the only thing I HATE about new KC is skulltown being gone other than that it's pretty solid still my favourite , worlds edge I fucking despised with a hatred so much so that I stopped playing for along time although now with the map changes it's not that bad I dont mind it now, and Olympus is a solid map that I think is cool and fun and was new and interesting and really brought me back from my leaving cuz of WE and now that I'm playing again Olympus is another meh I still like it but its nothing special anymore.


It’s more which do I like the least.


WE just because fragment I wanna go somewhere else Getting through plat took 2x the games it did on olympus because solo queue


I have to decide between Olympus and KC. WE is a fun map for pubs because you will always get guaranteed action in fragment and it's by far the best map for ranked where you play the game like an actual BR. Olympus and KC both have their issues. KC doesn't really have a defining hot drop, which has its pros and cons for pubs and ranked is an absolute shitshow. Olympus feels like a middleground between KC and WE but almost every match kind of feels the same.


I like all the maps but my least favorite is Olympus 1 all the circles lead to Hammond labs 2 because of this EVERYTIME I got to Hammond labs I get third partyed 3 lots of third parties


I love Olympus, fight night, gardens, and energy depot are all fun places to land. Idk how it has more votes than KC, that place is cancer.


kings canyon and olympus are tied as we speak😮


I absolutely despise KC because it’s third-party central. You make a sound, use a replicator, step on a creaky floorboard, breathe too loud and every bored squad that’s been looting for 6 minutes teleports behind you and you die in the massive kings canyon fight that happens in a different POI every game so it’s hard to learn buildings to play around And the only other option is to die in the first 20 seconds getting punched out in labs


I’m sorry but how is Olympus not on top. especially for pubs it is TERRIBLE. Good rank map I’ve hit master twice on it but pubs on that is like watching paint dry all day. At this point id rather play KC and that’s sad to admit


Worlds edge - best ranked map Olympus - best pubs map KC - not fun the way it currently is imo


Kings canyon


I used to say Olympus but now it’s fragment


I know I’m in the minority but WE can go die