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Well shit, that was smooth af.


That was indisputably the most tender and surprising proposal I’ve seen in a while


I thought my own was good, but this one was just pure wholesome.


Ok, I’ll bite! What was yours?


My wife is from Russia (no, I didn't buy her, but it's a good joke at parties), and I am very much a white American. She has tried and failed miserably to teach me any Russian (can't roll my tongue). I secretly learned how to ask her to marry me in perfect Russian. Spent weeks on it to get the pronunciation and accent right. >!Ты вы́йдешь за меня́ за́муж? // Ty výydesh' za menyá zámuzh?!< We went for a hike in the park, I did it in front of a pretty water feature. Told her I learned a little Russian and asked her if she could tell me if I was pronouncing it correctly. Now while she's fluent in both Russian and English, she only really speaks the language of the Motherland with family, so it caused her to malfunction a little while her brain desperately tried to change gears on the fly. Then she realized what I said, finally realized I was ***on my knee holding a goddamn ring***, and then promptly fell over.


“Fell” over/off the cliff into the “pretty water feature” (lake/river)?


Thankfully (and romantically cliché) into my arms. It would have been pretty funny if she fell into the pond though. I love her, but sometimes you just gotta throw your woman into a pond.


As long as she doesn't start distributing swords


She might, but surely she knows it's no basis for a system of government.


Fuck me, got room for another?


Russian women, lying in ponds, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government


I get the reference, but it might actually be better than their current system of "fuck you. you get Putin!"


Lmao! Much appreciate the Monty Python reference.


Are you calling his wife a watery tart?


Nope, no way! That's disrespectful! I'm calling her a moistened bint.


You can't expect to weild supreme power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you


I draw the line at dancing in the fountain, if her and five of her friends think it’s somehow appropriate (let alone hygienic) to dance in a fountain then you dump her


This man understands love.


>I love her, but sometimes you just gotta throw your woman into a pond. This broke me idk why


Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.


Stalin approves.


Water safety number 1. Dont go chasing waterfalls. No one listens.


It's not the fact she fell in, it's how long it took to get out.


I love this! My wife is South African and my friends make jokes about her being my mail order bride. Even turns the song rains down in Africa to “(name here) finds her wives down in Africa” I love stories like this and hope you two many happy years. Well done lad.


do you still have to propose to mail order brides? (i know, i know, you didnt buy her. still had to get that one in though.)


I think it's part of the EULA, but who reads those anyway?


You didn't read the terms and conditions!?


In my defense, it's in Russian.


i am a russian woman, dating an amerikan man (i can only hope to have something similar like this one day) and i have to say i would have responded the same way haha. my brain would have melted down, followed by ugly tears and then i would have promptly fell off of the edge of the cliff. good on you for being so great ! i'm sure she loves you just as much as you do her.


Just say "Da!" ;)




> Then she realized what I said Or maybe your pronunciation wasn't as perfect as you thought!


No, I did actually ask her for real and she said it was spot on. She just has trouble suddenly switching languages when she's been speaking only one of them for a while. That and it's (hopefully) not a Russian phrase she was hearing every day, so it did catch her completely off guard.


I was joking but congrats on the engagement/marriage


Why do you all Have the Similar black avatar ?


Because it's slimming


Lol. Ok. Points


"And that, officer, is how she died. I swear I didn't push her"


That’s beautiful




You ~~bought~~ got yourself a Russian ~~mail order~~ bride too?!


So how much did it cost, I mean her not it.






That's hilariously cute, my guy lol!




C'mon, tell us yours!


Fiiiine, I said it, read other reply.


That was pretty damn good too! Too bad she didn't fall into the pond xD


Same put in all this work for mine and this one is just so simple it’s perfect


He'll, I would have said yes. Like move over women thats my man now


Ikr but ended too soon


The cut made it feel like the cameragal was not expecting it, which is honestly more heartwarming because it leaves the rest to the imagination.


Right?! Imagine wanting to have an unscripted, intimate moment and not wanting to share it with the world! What a refreshing, novel concept.


Good point and I hadn’t noticed until you said it


Nah dawg, that moment is for them.


Fuck yeah, 750 piece puzzle? Good wholesome Friday night fun.


I have a feeling their Friday night fun is going to be far from wholesome.


The dance with no pants?


The horizontal salsa!


I actually gasped. That was so cute


That makes me so happy


No reactions? Damn they cut the vid


Someone below found it: https://www.tiktok.com/@v.enters/video/6885703528862485765?is\_copy\_url=1&is\_from\_webapp=v1


Damn. His game Is strong. Much respect


Probably was said before but yes I agree smooth af


Damn... Well done!


That was so smooth I almost said yes.


Literally what I just said out loud before reading your comment. Please stop stalking me


That ended too early


Possibly started sobbing and felt embarrassed to add that. 😭🙉


She was puzzled


Damn you


Perry the Platypus!!!


gnarrg.g.g.g Edit: [credit](https://www.reddit.com/r/teenagersnew/comments/akw5oc/comment/ef8elcm/)


Or she said no.


“But….you’re my brother!”


User name checkout.




Can someone send the non-tiktok link


You can download it using [https://snaptik.app/en](https://snaptik.app/en) and pasting the link above. For example: https://tikcdn.net/file/1Njg4NTcwMzUyODg2MjQ4NTc2NV92MDkwNDQwZTAwMDBidTdldHVlc3YyZmZobnVrbGxxMF9yb25lbnRlcnMxMTM%3D2.mp4


That's the kind of sweet, genuine thing I want to see more of on TikTok. Less of the "if you could do anything to me" or "[random challenge that effectively just gives attractive people opportunities to flex for followers]".


maybe if you stopped watching all the thirst trap tiktoks all the way through then the algorithm will feed them to you less...


No. No it didn’t. That was perfect. Everything else adding up leaves you with the full picture and they still get there private moment. Everything doesn’t have to be recorded guys.


I was thinking the exact same thing.


As usuallll


I’ve never felt so single in my life.


you aren't alone in this feeling bro


Me too


Me three


me four


Me five


Me six


Me seven


Me eight




The solution is here! We all date each other! Also me nine


me five




Now you have each other, alone. So heartwarming.


Let's all be single... *together*


I have been thru this feeling for too many times and have started to enjoy it . . . . . . definitely not purposely watching these kind of vids cuz I enjoy it at first


Just keep posting on reddit. I'm sure it'll work itself out.


Everyday, every single fucking day


I remember dwelling on being single most of my life due to severe social anxiety. I inevitably began to feel desperation to be with someone, anyone. This lead me into a very unhealthy relationship that was abusive financially and emotionally. It went on for 2 years and it was awful. As awful as it was, I didn't regret it. I used the pain I endured as a learning tool to grow as a person; to become a better and stronger version of myself. I learned to love myself. I learned that it's possible to be happy while being single. I'm still single to this day and still very happy. I've since stopped obsessing and actively searching for any form of a relationship. Instead, I'm going to let chance take the reigns. If I find someone, great; if not, that's ok too!


Exactly this. Work on yourself first and go for your goals. Once you have a strong foundation and sense of self worth, you can venture out for a relationship/ helping others etc... . If you dont do this, you leave yourself vulnerable as you might not know that you're actually amazing and worth it


The way she says "puzzle" is so precious.


Puhsle 😂


Goooldah fisshh!


The way she says yes in the beginning too.




How ya gonna cut it off like that!


I dunno the way it cut off made it seem more real. That moments for them. If it had kept going it would have seemed more about the clout and I would have just rolled my eyes.


Look at her left ring finger at the end of the video, seems a ring is already there.


some people wear promise rings or just rings in general there to ward off creepos


Agreed, my mom gave me a ring when I turned 15 and I don't take it off a lot since, and for the exact same reason you say, I've heard people tend to check for rings first so if I don't have to keep people away myself, better


Never thought about that and it’s given me something to think about as someone with two young daughters. Thank you


I wore one when travelling solo through Italy 20 years ago. I remember some old ladies asking where my husband was, and realising that yes, I guess that ruse did work. (And they looked scandalized when I said I wasn't married!)


I must ask then, do you think that wearing a ring wards off potential partners as well? Are you more forward because of that? Do you take it off at all, maybe around someone you might think of as a potential partner? Have you been in that situation before at all? I'm genuinely pretty curious about single people wearing a ring on the left ring finger, which is a traditional sign someone is married. It's just I am getting up there in age to the point that I am starting to check for rings to see if people are taken (so that I may act accordingly, I'm not going to go flirt with a married woman, but I'll talk to her assuming nothing more than friends). Or am I just old and this is actually really common amongst the younger women (20s-30s crowd, although the youngest in my dating range is 25, I'm not really attracted to anyone younger than 30...weirdly interesting for me to say) and I just go about my day as normal trying to make friends with women first before going anywhere, basically ignoring the ring altogether? Confuzzled honestly.


Or just for style. Rings are nice. I want one.


[https://www.tiktok.com/@v.enters/video/6885703528862485765?is\_copy\_url=1&is\_from\_webapp=v1](https://www.tiktok.com/@v.enters/video/6885703528862485765?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1) searched the user on google, glad yo dont need an account lol


I thought he was gonna show a condom pack


Me too. Thats why it is in “unexpected” sub


Yup. Or some sex dice or handcuffs or something. And then I melted. Best kind of unexpected.


Then she pulls out a positive pregnancy test


What a guy, I'm stealing that idea


Too late she’s already married now


Maybe not, who knows


He's on a time limit now


Is that woman dipping nacho cheese Doritos in ranch dip instead of salsa? This is madness! Edit: Man


Looked like a queso dip, and I think items are meant to be for the other person (meaning it's his preference, hers was goldfish crackers).


I always forget about queso being white because I don’t eat it because it’s too thick


Meanwhile I’m too thick because I eat queso...


Why you gotta attack me like this?


I have a feeling he likes the flavor cool ranch and they didn’t have it so she bought those ones and a ranch dip to signify cool ranch that’s why he laughs so hard when she drops down the jar


I've never heard of anyone dipping Doritos into salsa lol




Broil Doritos with shredded cheddar to melt the cheese then dip is Salsa! Omg so good!


Well, the Doritos and dip was for the guy, she has the goldfish


I have something new to try tonight P.S. Nature Valley Oats and Honey dipped in vanilla pudding, such as snack packs


Now that was classy. May their union be long.


I read that as onion


May their onion be of plenty layers.


you may now kiss of ogre


He totally spent more then agreed on that last one






Well someone went over budget…


Made me cry. He looked a good guy


Wholesome, it's always cute to see couples that actually like each other and knowing what the other enjoys


So what most relationships should have?


should being the key word there


This is too cute 🥺 damn


Tbh he was getting out done that entire time. He really saved himself with that ring. Maybe that was his plan


Right? Like dude they make family sized bags of Goldfish, which clearly would have been more appropriate. Splurge a little!


Wait...why does she already have a ring on?


She’s already engaged, but to her old boyfriend.


Plot twist: the guy in the video is her brother.


The best part of waking up is your brother’s Folgers in your cup.


WSB is leaking?


Promise ring, ring to discourage creeps. Etc. I do the same thing while bartending because I've been hit on by many a drunk old woman.


Can someone subtitles the video for me? I'm deaf and want to know what is so smooth!


M = Man. W = Woman W: "Ready?" M:"Yes." \*reaches in bag* "Favorite drink." \*plops down apple juice* W: "Yeauhhh." (I don't know how to put the sound she makes into a word, but this was the closest). \*pushes fruit punch flavored Gatorade across table* "Hang on." \*pushes Cool Blue flavor Gatorade across table* (this could be Cool Blue low sugar kind, but I can't really find a flavor that's a lighter color blue than the 3rd Gatorade she pushes across which is Glacier Freeze Frost and I can't see the label) "Hang on." M: "Haha!" W: "Tada!" \*pushes Glacier Freeze flavored Frost Gatordate across table* M: "yay." \*video cut* W: "What's the next one." (softly though) M: "Favorite snack." \*plops Goldfish down* W: "Oh just a sec" (she kind of mumbles so I'm not 100% sure) \*plops down Nacho Cheddar flavored Doritos (big bag)* "We're having goldfish!" (She says goldfish like the little girl in despicable me says "fluffy" when she says "It's so fluffy!", but damn, you probably don't know what that sounds like /sadface) Just imagine a cute reaction that's *a little* over the top with a slightly deeper almost monster voice (but again, you probably don't know what to imagine, damn not hearing sucks, meant in a empathetic way). The camera points to the right here and they kind of talk at the same time so it's a little hard to hear what they are saying, but I think it's like this: W: "Where you gonna [something]?" (maybe "why you gonna stop?" I really don't know, nothing I can think of makes a lot of sense, but just some confusion on the guy's part and rummaging on the woman's. I think they're just making audible noises trying to think of something to say, but the guy is getting distracted at the woman rummaging because she already plopped down the Doritos.) \*At the same time* M: "Why not, why did you..." (again, I think just trying to form a sentence, but getting distracted) W: \*plops down sour cream and onion dip* (it looks like sour cream and onion, or maybe artichoke or some basil dip or something?) M: "ha yes!" W: "hehe" \*video cut* M: "Favorite color." \*hands future fiancée what looks like a quilt blanket* W: "ooo^(ooo)oooh" (raises her pitch up a in the middle, it's *really* hard to remember you probably can't hear pitch...). \*slides "Soul Magic" book across* M: "You don't have a pillow case" (I think this is what he says based upon what the woman says next. I think he was just trying to be a little funny, as in sarcastic, "You don't have pillow cases", but she actually probably collects them?) W: "Another pillowcase, *yay!*" \*video cut* M: "Uhhm, something that reminds you of them." \*plops down book and bookmark while looking at (from a quick google search) a [Fast and Furious die cast car w/ Dom action figure for ages 8+.](https://imgprd19.hobbylobby.com/2/f8/e0/2f8e019f3e7b6c370e9a6b1af8a00394ffcac2a8/700Wx700H-1872357-0621-PX.jpg) There's a squeaky noise here that covers up what he says, but I think its something to the affect of he knows what he's gonna do or something (referring to building the die cast car). W: \*moves 300 more writing prompts book to camera view* "Ooooooohhh" \*video cut* M: "Umm, something to do together." (I can tell he had a little nervousness in his voice when he says "umm".) W: \*slides puzzle across* M: \*looks at puzzle* (no reaction!??? awh be funny a little bit so y'all can remember the joy easier, oh well, it's still cute) \*plops down ring on top of puzzle and then stands up once he gave her enough time to process.* \*video cut* --- Scripts by /u/Arqideus ^^\(tm\) --- I kind of suck at this lol. Too much commentary from me and I kept forgetting I was doing this for a deaf person. It's interesting trying to see it from your POV. Interestingly sucky. Last thing, do you have any good resources for learning sign language as a beginner, just starting out? Or even tips and tricks? I don't know your story, whether you were born deaf or maybe something gradually took your hearing, but I am just looking for another perspective, maybe someone who had to learn sign language to speak to you? I was kind of fascinated a little bit ago with how sightless people live, like what adaptations to common items allow a person to use it easier when their eyes are closed. Like, if you can do something a sighted person does just with a tiny little help, wow. I follow this one woman (and her service dog!) on Youtube and it's really... *eye opening* (insert laugh track) to see the inconveniences of life she has to go through, even just taking a trip to the mall to shop for clothes (she introduced this cool app that allows a sighted person to tell her what she's looking at). I now work at a hotel and I get to see the adaptations we take for someone in a wheel chair for example and now I'm like, I wonder what it's like you can't walk for whatever reason? What's it like to live in a wheelchair? But that (my curiosity) is now gone to deaf disabilities and I think in order to help out, if I ever want to at all in the future anywhere, is to learn sign language, like the least I could do.


Hi! I'm not Deaf, but I'm conversational in ASL and have epilepsy that causes me to go nonverbal when I have a seizure, so I may be able to give insight from a hearing-minded person. First, rec centers are the best place to pick up little things. You MUST have a signing buddy or two to chat with at times, so you can pick up the language (I'm always down to sign!) Although it uses English loan words and Latin letters when fingerspelling, its grammar stems from French. You start off by learning the alphabet, and then honestly immersion is the best way to get into it. Googling signs when you need to know it, signing to music (but don't get too attached to this, because the grammar is wrong if you directly translate it), and asking in fingerspelling what a sign is are great things to do (aka no voice!) Now, a few things to know. Punctuation is everything, since ASL doesn't use words like 'to' 'the' 'do' and other filler words, as a general rule. How do you punctuate in sign language? Well, with your face. You will feel silly at first, but after communicating in ASL a few times you'll understand more than I can ever explain. You raise your eyebrows to ask a yes/no question, to check understanding in the other party, or to introduce a new subject of your conversation. You lower your brow to ask an open ended question. Different mouth shapes can introduce variables, like how signing "big" means different things based on how much you open your mouth. Sometimes it looks like pantomime, and a couple things are, but it very much is its own language with its own rules, puns, and difficulties!! Grammar is often (but not always) person-object/topic-action instead of person-action-topic/object, because signing quickly (and fluently) means that introducing the topics sooner can make it easier to understand and understand what action will likely take place. So "Jacob kicked the ball" would be signed "Jacob *eyebrow raise* ball kick *facial expression to emphasize how hard he kicked the ball*" One final thing to note, do not give yourself or others a sign name!! Being a part of the Deaf community means viewing Deafness as a characteristic instead of a disability, and one of the cultural aspects is being given a sign name by a Deaf person. It's okay to use shorthand or nicknames, but don't introduce yourself with it if it didn't come from a Deaf person, it's pretty darned rude. Anyways, feel free to message me with questions if you want, or if you want to practice your sign with me! Edit: thank you for being a kind person and actually translating the video instead of summarizing, that's extremely appreciated by everyone who requires the assistance of subtitles, and in general the 'right' thing to do.


Hey thank you so much for doing that! I'm partially deaf and often miss the little nuances of speech that you've encapsulated! Xx


Awh, you’re welcome! I was happy to help. Tbh it was a little fun. <3


They’re playing a game where they show things for different categories, like: Favorite drink Favorite snack Favorite color (cover? Idk) Something that reminds you of them The last category was “Something we can do together.” She shows a puzzle. He shows a wedding ring. So it becomes a surprise wedding proposal.


There's not much dialogue, but here's the gist! It's a couple's challenge, where they each have a list of things to buy for each other. First one is favourite drink, then favourite snack, something in their favourite colour, something that reminds them of the other (each of these is responded to with cute little "yay" kind of exclamations, no actual conversation), and finally "something for us to do together," which is when she slides the puzzle across to him and he wordlessly plops the engagement ring down. We don't hear a response though!


It's more of a mic drop than a plop.


Actually jaw dropping


I actually gasped! So cute!


That last one was smooth, I thought he was going to bring out condoms but damn that was smooth


Bro even I said yes to the video and I already have a wife. Shit was so smooth


The cute way she said puzzle was the cherry on top


​ ![gif](giphy|PQKlfexeEpnTq)


Scripted or not, that was So Nice. The reaction to every gift was cute, and the camera freeze after the ring shown was the cherry on top.


Damn they cut it off too soon


Nah, that was their moment.




Ughhh that’s fuckin adorable


I actually fucking awwed at a fucking tiktok video. I hate myself for this weakness. However this was really smooth!


The way it ended is like watching a movie at midnight and your mom comes and turns the TV off at the most exciting moment


I actually gasped. This is sooo cute 🥺😭


Yessss! Awesome!


Love this! Too sweet!


That smooth mother fucker


That is wholesome as fuck


This is some r/MadeMeSmile stuff


I’m so happy they didn’t include the proposal, that would’ve been unnecessary and unwanted


ngl i thought she pulled out a thing of mayo for his doritos at first


That was the most wholesome video I’ve seen on Reddit so far


Well I'm unapologetically jealous![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|flushed)


Damn she was winning all the way up to the end what a comeback


That’s awesome. Supa smooth


Ok but it was a no or a yes?


It was a yes! She made an update video on her TikTok


Boy! That was… yes.


That was awesome! Thank you for sharing!