my lil super soldier/Ghost

my lil super soldier/Ghost


I don't wanna take off with ship. this is my goal in rimworld as in "game over". if I ever achieve something like this, I will pay an artist to illustrate my pawn


Is his name Theseus? There any human in there still?


He's a running⚡ tank nothing can stop him with a sword 🗡️ in his hand


>"love enhancer"


He a lover too lol


I mean the man can run at the speed of light and lift a damn tank! If you don't think he could rock your world and leave you wondering where you are and what day of the week it is then you have to very pleasant awakening in your near future.


And with that blood pumping so strong you know you don’t have to worry about having that “don’t worry, it happens to every guy” talk


Hippity hoppity your neck is now my property


could u give the modlist?


If I can I'll try to post it later today


2nd request for that. Maybe just the "highlights". I mean I run upwards of 150 mods but I'd be interested in which mods you used to superfy this pawn.


The part that matters would come from Archotech Expanded. It's honestly pretty OP (the author even says so in the mod description), so if you're looking for something a bit more toned down, this spreadsheet shows the differences between the most popular prosthetic mods. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1xZaHNbrRg_4vl6HeRlmTmvFfIB1cjUtCGhg8wjtXISk/htmlview#


>Archotech Expanded. Is this for 1.1 or 1.0


Just need a painstop in his brain so that he cant be put down by the shock stick/tasers. Then the only thing that would stop him is total annihilation.


A killing machine that's only part human


Ok here are the mods Harmony Core royalty Hugslib Edb prepare carefully Archotech expanded Artotech expanded prosthetics Archotech rifles Mod manager Harvest yield Un-limited Cargo Pad transport Recipe icons Callouts De-generalize work Impassible chest-deep water Better transhumanist Achtung! Camera+ rimdeed Vanilla expanded framework Glitter tech More furniture [1.1 + 1.2] More linkables D9 framework Vanilla achievements expanded Vanilla furniture expanded-farming Project rimfactory revised Industrialisation Docworld Dubs break mod Dubs mint menus Bill's performance analyzer RPG style inventory Area unlocker Blueprints Pharmacist Compressed raids Colony manager What the hack Vanilla cooking expanded Vanilla furniture expanded-power Dubs bad hygiene Vanilla books expanded Complex jobs Rimfridge Vanilla furniture expanded Vanilla furniture expanded-security No default shelf storage No debris 1.1/1.2 No job authors Cleaningarea Qualitybuilder World map beautification project Save our ship 2 Save our ship 2 - heat statistics Who's next? Ugh you got me Designer shapes Realistic human sounds (continued) Various Space Ship Chunk (continued) Bulk smelting Bulk stonecutting Lag free lamps Metal don't burn SRTS expanded Falling stars Stop, Drop, And Roll! [BAL] Simple sidearms Mad skills JecsTools (Unofficial) What's Missing? MiningCo. Spaceship KEP:Toolbox bionics Smart speed Smarter Construction Pawn badge fan fork Realistic planets - fan update SF Grim reality Humanoid alien races 2.0 Rah's bionics and surgery extended The Smart medicine Expanded Prosthetics an organ engineering Misc. Robots More Mechanoids Rimsenal - federation faction pack Rimsenal - feral faction pack Doormats Allow tool Build from inventory Everybody gets one Defensive positions Replace stuff Room food Renamecolony Snap out! Dual wield Yayo's combat 3 RuntimeGC Rimsaves WeaponStats RimNauts VGP garden resources Quality cooldown Door Mat Simple search bar My Little Planet RunandGun Search and Destroy Statue of colonist ResearchPal Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Art Vanilla Factions expanded - Vikings Vanilla factions expanded - Insectoids HALO: RimWorld Psychic Pulse Armory Artifacts Expanded Rim-Effect: Themis Traders Archotech brain The Birds and the Bees Days Matter (fork) DontBlockDoor[1.0-1.2] Do Your F****** Research Faction: Void Quality Colors Veinminer R1.1 Interaction Bubbles Joint Battles Just Ignore Me Passing Labels on Floor Linkable P Luciferium Craftable Mass Graves Matching Embrasures Nukes Nukes Mod Retexture Pack OgreStack PawnTargetFix Polarisbloc - Core lab Polarisbloc - Security Force Polarisbloc - mechenemy Realistic Rooms Rational Romance (Continued) Rimsenal - Enhanced Vanilla Pack Rimsenal - Security pack Rimsenal - Storyteller Rimtraits - Vanilla Trait Colours Rocketman - Performance Mod RPG Style Level Up Mod SRTS Expanded Retexture Stabilize Thrumboian race Utility Columns Vanilla Factions Expanded - Mechanoids Vanilla Fishing Expanded - Fishing Treasures Addon Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Igor Invader Where is my weapon Persona Cryptech Proximity (Continued) More Archotech Garbage Reupload Heavy Melee Weapons Sealed Power Armor




Definitely not a placeholder for later


Armourskin and toughskin?