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1 second for pain to travel from ass to brain


So in theory if a glass jar were to break in there you could say "Oh fuck" before the pain gets you.




I swear that second hit caught a bit of his nutsack


Hence the full on mule kick to the heavens.


I'll take your word for it. I don't want to slow the video down to focus on it.




This is so fucked up to watch. But I can’t even lie, I fucking howled with laughter when I read your comment! 😂😂🤣




Lol, I was like he’s gonna do Triple H’s Pedigree move!


Time to play the game




it's all about the game and how you play it !!


I was so disappointed when I found out it wasn't him singing.


I mean, it's Motorhead singing all of his songs. You can't get more awesome than that. Triple H even spoke at Lemmy's funeral.


I know, that discovery is what put me onto them lmao.


Exactly what I was thinking, if the wrestler ain’t singing it, who better than Lemmy????


Those are cartel guys, he's lucky they didn't behead him


Spanking is just foreplay to Funkytown


I hate that I understand what you're referring to. 😑


Oh, I would so love to see local police go after local cartel like that! Or beheading works for me too.


Definitely same thing I thought


Lmao same


That ain't the police... if you're cartel, you can LARP as cops and they'll turn a blind eye instead of getting blinded, tortured, quartered and eventually beheaded.


I would suspect that is cartel punishment. Like you screwed up .. not enough to die but we need to punish you. Police could care less about physical punishment like this.


Lol at OP thinking this is the police.


Mexico is complicated. Police sometimes do dirty work for the cartel. Really hard to tell. Crime is a tangled web there.


Make $20 a day as a cop, or $200 a day as a cartel helper? Tough decision. I was in the Marines in the 90s north of San Diego. Going to beautiful Tijuana and soaking up the sophisticated culture was common. We were always told they only made a couple hundred dollars a month, so always have money set aside for "street fines" AKA bribes.


I got robbed at gun point twice by police walking back to the border in TJ. You learn to only carry your ID and enough money to get drunk and back to the border.


Fake wallet with $20, drinking money in your pocket, extra money and ID in the sock. We had a system.


This guy fucks! I have the same system.


Sounds like when I bought drugs in Philly 😂 Drugs in my Ugg’s and hundreds in my sleeve. One dude actually tried robbing my brother when I gave him $480 to go buy like four bundles ($120/15 bags) of the stamp Thot. He asked and they said the “five mins” shit they always say when they are out and waiting for a kid to come deliver some from the stash house. Other junkie overheard and asked for two bags ($20) because he “could afford it “. He said “nah bro not my cash, sorry.” And dude tried grabbing some out of his hands after he bought it. Dealers on the block saw and were not happy. Grabbed a 2x4 like this video and four beat the dude senseless. Like, yeah it’s one of the shittiest neighborhoods in the US but don’t fuck with customers on the block. The dealers keep the peace way better than the cops. They wanted white kids from the suburbs to come back and spend their money.


This is one of the most Kensington things I've ever read. I could also tell you weren't from the area and were using 2 go betweens based on the price. Scared suburban kids pay a markup if they won't go straight to the dealer. There's addicts that will act as runners who seem less scary than the gang dealers. The runners either work for the dealer or the runner is independent and basically adds a markup. In either situation, if the runner can get a bag for $10, but charges $15..he makes $5 per bag and either funds his own habit or makes something on the side. If the runner your brother gave the cash to was got by the other addict he'd immediately become a mark for other people to try the same thing...whoever runs that corner the runner worked under would also look weak. Contrary to popular belief, most street dealers aren't immediately violent. It brings heat and is bad for business. It's only used when "needed" (the threshold for "needed" is a LOT lower for a regular person). The violent ones get arrested quick. The big exception to this is rival gang situations; where it at times be expected that if they encounter another crew they *have* to do something or lose respect.


I was only using him because I had just been picked up by strike force a month earlier. I would do my laundry at the laundromat on Kensington have him run over if he was around. I got a settlement from some douche on 95 who was drunk and caused my car to flip near bridge street and I was ejected. First thought.. get back in the car and GTFO of there because I had weed on me lol car was upside down…meanwhile I’m drenched head to toe in blood like Carrie. I am originally from UD, cobbs creek was my backyard. Then I moved to Frankford, then in Port Richmond off Indiana. My ex is from Reese & Indy, the little cut block after fifth and I met him when he was working at Sonic on Hope & Cambria. This was all back in the day when a bundle was $120 but it was actually still heroin. Now it’s down to $5/bag but it’s cut with tranq. I remember when I was at a half way house on Frankford I had to walk to the el in the early AM to get to my methadone clinic and it’s like Jesus Christ, everyone is giving out samples and you want me to walk to Somerset or Allegheny? I am on felony probation in the county (when the same amount in Philly got me a $200 find and 20 hours of waived community service) but was down there in August to pick a friend up. Of course I’m at the stop sign, which is really more of a suggestion than anything, and two dudes started fighting and it spilled into the street in front of my car. Dude probably tried scamming the corner boy or something. But shockingly corner boy takes out a knife and stabs the other guy who starts running down a different block. I say shockingly not because of stabbing but instead for not using a gun and my car ending up as collateral damage. Then he was nice enough to wave me through 😂 especially since earlier I’d been up around needle park and there was a shootout up that way. But yeah I blew through a few hundred grand from that accident and ended up bouncing around and ODing at Emerald City camp and in abandos . Like thanks for the narcan even though you robbed me while I was dying. Some Drexel students were proudly talking at the clinic I was at years ago about an app that would be for addicts and people who had narcan could sign up and if someone was ODing, they could alert on the app and it would give a real time location to the person ODing and that way people with narcan close by could “help”. Great in theory, until you realize your broadcasting would just get people robbed. Been in the burbs since covid and honestly I miss it. The papi stores where I can get cheap hoagies and cheesesteaks, the Chinese stores homemade iced tea, running into who’s ever alive (not many). But it’s the Wild West out there. Love to see Karen’s dumped down there like instead of an island they have to survive Kensington. I’d watch that 😂


Shoe pesos for the win!


My parents were pulled over in Mexico City. The cops demanded cash which they didn’t have. One had my mom stay behind in the car while the other “escorted” my dad to an atm to withdraw cash.


Bro other parts of Mexico suck. I could give 10 bucks to a cop in Juarez and he’d look away from a murder


Happened in Dominican Republic a lot when I lived there too. Literally uniformed cops pulling a gun and robbing people at gunpoint.


That sucks, lived in the DR in the early 70s, La Romana and never had issue with anyone. Knew folks there and was staying w them but used to wander the streets all night. Not a single bad experience. This was pre major coke trade so I assume that didn't help in the later 70s 80s. Great memories


Wow that's interesting. I was working in Santo Domingo 2009-2010. The capital is a mess. The guy in the bodega right next to my apartment was murdered in a robbery and his 15 yr old son shot. My landlord (old lady) was beaten within an inch of her life in a carjacking. Crime is life-altering in SD, even if you live in a good neighborhood (I was in Sector Paraiso). Could not wait to leave there frankly.


Thanks for the update, sad stuff. Spent a month in SD in cheap hotels and it was great. The drug trade surely fucked stuff up. Wish you the best. Cheers


I always saved enough to take a taxi to the border crossing


It's not just the salary. The cartels have a saying: "gold or lead". As in "take our money or die". While the money plays a part in some of the corruption, there is a lot of fear of reprisal. And not just against the cop, but their family as well. Kind of hard to take a stand with a very serious chance of your family getting tortured and killed.


It’s “Silver or lead” (Plata o plomo), but yes, you make very good points. There isn’t much of a choice. I could tell you stories that you wouldn’t believe. My family is from Chihuahua, the northernmost state in Mexico and on the border with El Paso, Texas. No one is untouched by the violence.


Oh, sorry. Yeah, can't imagine what the people there (and your family) have to go through. From the stories I've read, it's almost a game to out-torture/terrify the people, government, and other cartels. Not messin with that, no sir.


Yes, one of my family members by marriage lost her nephew who was a prosecutor. The cartels killed a huge number of those pursuing them in courts. Put his body in the trunk of the car and left outside his house. He was only in his 30s.


Oof. That’s terrible. I’m so sorry. I blame the government. They do nothing but enable the violence and corruption, and the common people suffer. Mexico is a failed state.


"Plata o Plomo". Silver or lead.


That too. They can be convincing.


90s TJ was a fun adventure


One Mexican activist put it succinctly, mexico is not a place with simply a corrupt government; mexico has a government built with corruption in mind. Mexican governments (local/national) and cartels unofficially share power. In other words, like how we call Russia as a mob state, Mexico should be called a narco state.


This is exclusive to Mexico?


I have no idea. I spent about 10 years in Juarez. Learned a lot.


Did you ever eat at La Pila? Best damn hole in the wall in Juarez.


Don't remember. I always like barrigas but my gf who lived there at the time would take me all over but don't really remember that one. She worked in downtown El Paso but lived in Las torres.


No one suggested it was


Like American cops and criminal politicians?


Difference is these guys don’t care, politicians do shit like sneaky rats


We are literally watching torture here. And half the comments are making jokes.


Thank you. It’s so f’d up.


Those are definitely police, but the police are often as bad as the cartels.


They’re wearing police uniforms & he’s in handcuffs. Lol at thinking this is cartel punishment, take a trip to r/MakeMyCoffin to see what cartel punishment looks like


Yeah that's enough of THAT subreddit. I wasn't ready for fall off roof fence impaling


Oh man, saw the first 2 picture and noped the fuck out. No fucking thanks


have you seen the gear some cartels have? I saw a video where they took out a fucking helicopter with a ground to air missile and parade their tanks around + hundreds of german G36s they are better equiped than most nations a police outfit and handcuffs is the least they have around. maybe it's also just a badge for their 'security'


Cartels don’t bother dressing up as police, they don’t have to.


make my coffin reminded me of a corner of Ebaums world.


And his eyes duct taped shut, police cartel federales all the same. Probably didn't film them executing him after this.


Lol at thinking that there aren't police working for the cartel


Bruh, the cartel are the cops


You know nothing.


No, they're not. The actual cops get killed daily by cartels


Couldn’t care less


This is the correct scenario.


I keep hearing Kevin Bacon say THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER !!


We now consecrate the bond of obedience. Assume the position


I thought he was about to give him the HHH pedigree. Also depending on what you’re being arrested for I’d rather take the beating instead of being processed.


Shit I’d take the beating over months in a Mexican jail for sure


months? I spent 4 hours in a Mexican jail and I'm here to tell you; never again.


Please mr Florida man tell me more


24 hours without water because the toilet/sink was covered in shit. That was my experience in a Florida jail.




Is there a story here?


Yes story time please!


That was the police punishing people during covid time in 2020 for not staying indoors during shelter in place :( .


recall from what? your unvaxxed butthole? edit: user above me edited out the inferral of an article which he couldn t link. but in the end is still trying to spread covid misinfromation


Story time for a shiny metal


The Board of Education.


You know what the chain of command is? It’s the chain I go get and beat you with ’til you understand who’s in ruttin’ command here.


Other videos I’ve ill-advisedly watched make me think this guy is getting off easy


Somehow I doubt they stopped when the video ends.


They did not stop.


Yea “police” in Mexico.


One more "slap" and this guy can fly away like a pigeon


Those are not cops. Those are sicarios and fuckboy stole something small.


Alguien sabe como se mueve el agua.


Growing up in the 80s. . .


Yeah that's not the police


cartel... they probably dismembered him shortly later.


Lmao those are not cops, those are the cartel. There is a reason why there is a running joke in Mexico about cops not wearing sneakers while on duty.


Cuando te para la policía : :) Pero traen tenis: 💀


This is 100% a cartel. On the positive side for the dude, they most likely let him go. On the other hand, the dude is also most likely in a rival cartel.


Definitely cartel. Last year the cartel did this in rural areas to people who didn't maintain COVID quarantine.


You being serious or nah?


[Yeah but not completely ](https://www.reddit.com/r/NarcoFootage/comments/iizm16/lmao_looks_like_everyone_getting_clapped_by_covid/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Serious. Happened in rural towns in the mountainous areas in Chihuahua. Not something that ever got in the news. But I have seen videos and second hand accounts (happened to an acquaintance of a friend of mine). These cartel guys cut the word COVID into a board and used that to spank offenders that didn't stay at home during quarantine.


This should get an NSFW at least.


Jesus Christ why would people do this?


The cartel is pretty fucked up…


This is pretty light as far as things people have done.




Not cops (although they are no different) and it’s called torture.


Poor guy.


The lack of sympathy in the comments is fucked. A guy getting abused it is funny, people would respond so differently if this was a lady.


This getting is getting tortured and people are joking. Not even an nsfw tag


Unless you haven’t noticed that is how it is everywhere and isn’t just this comment section..


4chan has a lot of these with women being spanked. Idk why but there is a ton of these kinds of videos, where they are beaten until their ass is black and blue. Like 50 beatings with a 2x4.


How do you know he didn't deserve it...?? Also say i got caught stealing.. if i had the choice between dealing with the law or taking a beating guess which one I'm choosing..


This is Reddit. People would be cheering.


If you’re looking for sympathy you came to the wrong place lol


Yea.... **this** is the hill to fight and die on for equality. A couple of criminals paddlin folks.


How is this take a “hill to die on”?


Growing up in South Texas, one thing parents would always tell their kids is that if you go across the border, make sure to have money to bribe the cops.


Parents were from Mexico so I can agree with this. A 10 here goes along way in staying out of trouble. Just don't try and bribe the guys that are blacked out and drive in a truck.


This is definitely an excellent deterrent. I'm feeling deterred and I had no intention of committing crimes in Mexico.


The thing about this is he may not have committed a crime…


There may also be extenuating circumstances. I recall a court case here in Malaysia a few years ago where a woman, a single mother, was caught shoplifting baby formula. That shit is expensive here. The judge let her go and fined the state government for not having done enough to cater to the welfare needs to single mothers in the state. Sometimes, obviously not all the time, but sometimes people commit crimes out of desperation. I'm not sure if I'd support torturing as either judicial or extrajudicial practice.


The thing about this is he may be a off duty cop and they are not the cops…


Yea and I am not sure if it is Humane


You're NOT sure? wtf


Yup, and even if he did…a severe spanking?


This is almost one of those moments where you're supposed to assert dominance by shitting yourself, but I don't think he was able to get a clear shot and the tires may have been launched back inside anyways


Except every place on earth that has the most violent cops also has the most crime. Because Cops don’t prevent crime


Terrorists publicly torturing a man. All four are sick beyond help.


Their narcos, not police and this is “acceptable” compared to other shit they do


“Don’t let the fact that you won’t be able to sit down all summer affect your game.”


That guy definitely got both rotator cuffs torn and both shoulders popped out. That is some serious permanent damage.


He also may have severe testicular trauma and possible sacral/coccygeal fracture too depending on the way he was hit and how hard.


Didn’t deliver the weed on time? That’s a paddlin’


I feel like shit for watching that. That's fucking degrading.


I was fully expecting to see a Triple H Pedigree at the beginning.


They aimed for the back of his balls a few times there. Ouch.


Bro that is hard to watch


Ah yes, the good ol' tablazos. Never fail to straighten one up.


Damn, that’s fucked up.


That’s a paddlin


it's from the "civil rights" course at Fort Bennet aka School of the Americas


¡Mi culo es muy mucho caliente! 🥵


When I lived in Mexico if you especially locals got pulled over for DUI's without cash. Polica would take the licence plates off your car and you have to go down the next day and buy them back.


Yo real talk; that’ll do more than bust his ass. That’ll possibly dislocate his shoulders too. Look how he’s twisting…yo that looks hella painful.


Considering the videos Ive seen out of Mexico, this guy is lucky to have both arms and legs still attached.


Thats a paddlin'


Is this the Mexican version of Dazed and Confused?


I have a close buddy that lives in a small village close to Cancun. He said that since the cartels have ruined so many small community’s that when someone in the village is caught with drug (personal or to sell) they’re beaten similarly to this the first time around, to keep the cartels out of their village


They’re sending us their fraternities…


That went from WWE to gay BDSM really quickly.


College days swiftly pass


I was going to say, looks like ASU’s fraternities are at it again


Ahhh brings back memories


I thought he was about to give him the pedigree.


Thats what happens for wearing eye covers and not a mouth cover lol


That’s fucked up.


that's cartel though.


They aren’t “police”


I mean, did the guy deserve it? Those don't even look like cops.


Those aren't "cops"


Dude was so turned on he kicked off his pants..


Never go to Mexico unless you really have to, everyone with some power over you is probably going to be bad to you... Source: I'm Mexican


This type of shit is why the difference between the cartels and the police is basically nonexistent a lot of the time. These are vicious thugs, and they obviously don't care about doing the job. They just want to exert power over others.


This is the cartel not police.


Oh. Well that would be even more terrifying if you were that guy.


Jesus, I'm glad I wised up and paid those foos in TJ years ago


Talking in class, that's a paddlin. I'm sure whatever the back story is, this guy learnt his lesson


Fucking weirdos


same shit my ninth grade drafting teacher threatened. pulled out a flattened basballbat, and whacked a couple of filing cabinets. "You get out of line, this is what you get." total horseshit, but good theater.


Is a flattened baseball bat just a cricket bat?


yes, idk why he called it that


Do we just not NSFW tag things anymore?


Remember when people lost their shit because some cunt kid was going to be caned? This seems infinity worse.


I dunno, if my choice was arrest or 5 solid whacks on the ass, I'd take the whacks.


That is not the police ☠️


Some fools need that over here.


Some fools get off on that over here


Swing batta batta swing!


When homeboy pulled that stick out, i thought this was gonna be a whole different kind of video. Banjos are bad enough but can you imagine gettin sodomized while la cucaracha plays in the background?


Should allow this in Canada LOL. Some if these tough guys never got a spanking from their parents and should have.


This is a group of repressed insecure dudes acting out a fantasy. They think *they're* the tough guys. Take them away individually and they'll each be an insecure little shit. They're not something to cheer on. They're psychologically fucked up people.


Jesus, they had to pull his underwear down like it would make this any less painful.


“Don’t get arrested in Mexico” or you’ll be forced to join a fraternity!


Fascist, violent cops are everywhere in the world. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable from anyone in a uniform


Yea. Just don't call them when the poor victim breaks into your home , beats you into a pulp and then tiers you up (if he does not kill you by then )and proceeds to rape your wife . They think the latter like getting rape like that. that's real cuckolding lol


This is dehumanizing.


The police normally brutalize thiefs or rapists You know the people that actually deserve it .


Fuuuuck man take the licks and save the shoulder dislocations… fraternities teach many this hard lesson


He hit him so hard that this man stayed in the air for like 2-3 seconds 😂😂


This is striaght outta Tom and Jerry lol


I'm gonna get downvoted as fuck here, cuz it's reddit, but I'd rather have three dudes slap my ass raw with a 2x4 than be shot fourteen times by a grossly obese dude because he can't run.


I couldn't stop laughing because no matter how hard he was being hit the level of reaction was outrageous. He must've been on something. I don't know much about Mexicans but I've seen people here take bullets with out making a noise