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And people say the Classics aren't read anymore!


damn they really out here explaining what lopem has to do with their burgers


Technically this is a designer joke not a developer. Since it is Chinese market item, most people probably think its just a another foreign language.


There's actually a restaurant close by here in Ireland that has "Lorem Ipsum" in the middle of their drinks menu


This is probably the design made [for this restaurant](https://boingboing.net/2008/07/15/chinese-restaurant-c.html).


Technically this is a joke made specifically for programmers by somebody with access to an image editor. Zoom in on that text and you see a lot of weird image artifacts and pixelation issues.


Are you talking about the static-looking areas around the text? If so, that's just what JPEG compression does to sharp lines. Take a picture of text with any digital camera, save it as a JPEG, zoom in, and you'll see the same thing.


I'm not convinced.


[This](https://i.imgur.com/eot9dL8.jpg) is a photo that I took just now of some text that is sitting next to me. I have done no image editing except to save it as a highly-compressed jpeg (edit: and crop it). If you zoom in you'll see the same static around the letters. This is because of the way that jpeg compression works. It divides the image into a regular grid, and then represents each square of the grid as a combination of periodic waves. Since sharp edges can't be represented well by a finite number of periodic waves, you get wiggles of color around the sharp edges. I'm also kinda confused that you think the potential photoshopper of the original image would go to the trouble to (1) have glare over the text that affects it in a realistic way, (2) have the text match the curve of the box, and (3) give the text appropriate depth-of-field blur, but somehow wouldn't be competent enough to paint some solid color around the letters after inserting them.


I’m not sure that it would be a joke necessarily, likely just a “whatever send it out” kind of thing. I’ve worked at fast food corporate offices in Japan and the only reason this didn’t happen is because we had including myself two english speakers that everything with English on it went through. They might not do that at McDonald’s.


Technically this comment is made by someone with plenty of code editing experience, but very little image editing experience. Correcting the issue wlyou described would be so much easier than trying to get the text to look that realistic


It is just another language. It is Latin.


Lorum Ipsum is nonsense that was designed to look like other words but is not an actual language... while it may look like latin, it is in fact, not. [https://priceonomics.com/the-history-of-lorem-ipsum/](https://priceonomics.com/the-history-of-lorem-ipsum/)


that spicy burger is going to be a back end issue.


It was. Tried to flush the stream, but it overloaded the pipe due to the redundant backups, and resulted in a critical overflow.


This sub has more reposts than a fencing match ಠ益ಠ


The repost rule is quite lax here. For what it's worth, it's my first time seeing this


Life is cyclical, there always new people here, experiencing things for the first time.


You want some qaulity OC, check this response post out: https://www.reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor/comments/s3cl5z/its_a_backend_issue/


Zoom in on that text and you see a lot of weird image artifacts and pixelation issues.


Someone's getting McFired.


Please, please someone get them to use baconipsum.com for the bacon double cheese?




Czech your spelling!


Is there any other reason to use lorem ipsum as a placeholder text, other than being pretendious snob? I just use text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text


It looks more natural and is easy to grab a chunk of.


The theory is it contains regular spacing that behaves like real text. Mostly its just a running joke. Bacon Ipsum is my go to...


It allows you to test how spacing is handled, how justified text is handled, how orphans and widows are handled, etc. Something that uniform text can't handle as well. Additionally, it allows you to see how text interacts with patterns in design — repeating text will look like a pattern to the mind, which doesn't allow you to validate what actual final text would look like. And it's a dead language so there's no risk of it seeming like actual real text.


Depends on what you want to test. As a programmer.. yeah.. text text text works. You can check how many chars you can enter etc. BUT if you are an designer or you want to see how "real" text will look lorem ipsum is the better text because it's mimics "real" text. And you might miss out on what happens if you have words longer than 4 characters. You will then probably not see that the 10 char word will overflow your textbox because all your little words will wrap at the correct position.


Fusce magna est, iaculis in diam ac, aliquet malesuada metus. Curabitur arcu augue, rhoncus ac lacus at, faucibus eleifend velit. Praesent tempor leo et ultrices suscipit. Maecenas imperdiet, neque vel fermentum euismod, turpis enim vehicula elit, sed aliquet justo sapien vel nunc. Quisque euismod justo sed felis eleifend, non gravida ipsum congue. Mauris non finibus enim, sagittis bibendum neque. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris dictum nulla non dui tincidunt sollicitudin. Morbi quis sodales felis. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Cras vitae iaculis massa. Etiam sed tincidunt nisi, et venenatis urna. Cras tempus turpis vitae diam porta, convallis rhoncus justo gravida. basically it just makes sure that all the fonts are working and not going to break


Being nonsense words, it stops you focusing on WHAT it's saying, and more on how it lays out.


Tradition. And being a snob.


It just looks weird instead of plain wrong to a layman when it slips through like it has here.


It looks like actual sentences without looking closely


I use 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890... Over and over Quick to do, if it hits some sort of limit and clips you can count the number of characters easily


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noone reads it anyway


Let me fix the padding a bit


"It's so spicy you'll be speaking in tongues!"


Thanks asshole, I read that shit and now my fish turned into a box of cereal.


Designed in wordpress.


What up Caecilius? Oh off to the garden eh?


That is just packaging for ancient Roman time travelers.


The secret ingredient


Well the entire texting is lazy. The Chinese reads 美味汉堡 literally "delicious hamburger". I'd say the Lorem is design wise the best part. Edit: Should add that it's probably not written by a native.


She lorem on my ipsum till I dolor


🤣😂🤣 Good old lorem ipsum! We had that 40 years ago, too.


This is fake, btw. I opened it with an image editor and it's got a ton of artifacts around the text, so that was added in.


It's a JPEG, JPEGs always have some artifacts around text like that because of how it's compression works. It is a really good Photoshop for a silly joke if it's fake.