Never have I wanted to just murder everyone...

Never have I wanted to just murder everyone...


Think of it this way: not only are you a horrible fuckup, you're also a cop. You gotta take your lumps


yeah. I'm loving the game and mystery, the getting shitted on constantly, gets to ya.


Nobody likes cops, especially not in a place so disenfranchised that cops haven’t stepped foot in there in years. Think of how much crime and violence goes on in Martinaise, and how little cops have ever done for that community. Why would they have anything but disdain for you? Especially the fuckup of a cop that you are. If you’re gonna win them over, you’re gonna have to work hard and do good police work, or at least be personable.


makes complete sense


This is a really interesting micro-example of what seems to be happening with the west’s evolving perception of police. People who support cops argue it’s extremely hard to be a cop and usually are in favour of a high authority, badge/gun in the face, comply or else method, where as more leftist individuals (myself included) argue that while being a police officer is extremely difficult there are deeply problematic reasons for distrust and hatred for law enforcement other than the guilty not wanting to get busted. In the new evolving world it’ll take empathy and the will power to fight that urge to devolve into violence and authority. As Randolph says, Martinaise hasn’t seen actual cops in years and the RCM isn’t even entirely legitimate to begin with as far as the Moralintern is concerned. Anyway, really interesting topic!


Not everyone. There's maybe...one that's pretty cool to you? But if you aren't careful you can completely miss her.


thanks, there's hope!


[Shivers Hard Success] Far in the horizon you see a band of police roaming a snowy town, searching for any scrap of evidence on a killer- the townsfolk can't- won't help them, they've been wronged by the police just as much as the killer. A small boy lets out a shrill cry as he sees his mother collapse onto the floor, a smoking gun is the only thing left in his mind.


love it


Actually this made the game better for me. None of this "you're the mystical foretold savior of the world, have all my money and friendship" other RPGs do, just a vast world with all sorts of people, some if which do not like you, for a lot of different reasons. Which means the rapport you build with Kim, and to a smaller extent >!Cuno, Garte, Titus and maybe Annette and Tommy!< makes a LOT more impact.


I hadn't thought about that before. Harry is the anti-typical RPG protagonist. He sucks, nobody wants him there, but he still has to do the quest.


If it matters a little, mid-game you can beat some of the worst guys, also, you may want not only Authority but also Half Light (violence/aggression of sorts?) sounds exactly what you want to do, for beatings Physical Instrument is the right boy.




There are a number of characters who will become somewhat warmer, better people as a result of their interactions with Harry. Stay patient. You do some good.


and I'm only in 3 hours so I haven't started doing much besides rolling up on people, so I'm giving it some time. I just want to swat these 2 punk kids by the body.


You can try and punch Cuno if your physical instrument is high enough, and you gain his respect, but it's pretty embarrassing if you fail.


What the fuck get ahold of yourself