Am I being paranoid or should I report this? Just had two masked people knock on my door telling me that she’s from Care UK and the guy is moving in with me. Something just felt off. (Details in thread)

Am I being paranoid or should I report this? Just had two masked people knock on my door telling me that she’s from Care UK and the guy is moving in with me. Something just felt off. (Details in thread)


Am I high or did somebody actually turn up at your house and tell you someone’s moving in with you? Or do you live in provided housing?


Yeh, I'm struggling with this a bit. Seems to be a chunk of background story I missed somewhere.


I’m scrolling through the comments looking for OP to clarify his own housing situation. If he owns his own home, and some masked guy turns up on the doorstep and announces “I’m moving in with you”, I mean... the audacity is almost comical.


Sorry I’ve been out. I live in a privately rented house, just me and my partner.


Honestly I’d first contact the police non emergency 101 - they’ll decide if they need to send somebody out to speak to you. Also as others have said call Care UK and inform them of what has happened. It sounds like your suspicion about the puppies is right. There has been an awful lot of dog theft recently, though I’m not sure where you live. If you haven’t already got one I’d also recommend getting a ring doorbell. Also, if someone is from a charity they should be able to provide you with a phone number for the charity or have no problem with you calling to confirm they are who they say they are. I hope you get things sorted. Edit: spelling


This is definitely dodgy. Your landlord wouldn't even send someone to service the boiler without telling you first, so there's no way a charity would come round with a new housemate unanounced. My guess is that they are burglars scoping the place out. If I were you I'd invest in a safe and a camera for the front and back door. Also check that you've got anti slip locks. If you don't I'd ask your landlord for one. Edit: spelling


Poundland are doing battery powered (4xAA) motion sensor lights for 3 quid. They're fairly bright when they go on.


Well then it should be called Threepoundland.


I got a pair of solar powered security lights from Home Bargains. They're brilliant, literally.


My solar powered one is more sensitive and brighter than the mains one


>Your landlord wouldn't even send someone to service the boiler without telling you first I take it you've never met my landlord


Our council used to do this to us all the time when we where renting, the first thing we'd hear about a heating/gas inspection would be the "Sorry we missed you" slip they'd posted.


Call the police and report it. Also When you next answer the door take your phone with you to record and also try get car license plates


No need to apologise. I don’t need to repeat all the advice everyone has already given you but I hope you get to the bottom of it somehow! It’s bizarre. Stay safe.


Is there a chance someone put the address down wrong? Like got the number wrong or something?


Why would a charity come to your house with no prior involvement and just tell you somebody was moving into your house? this sounds like something out of a Kafka novel


A bold way to make new friends.


Bold way to know when you are in the house, it's either a casing, or they are looking for someone in particular...


Against my better judgement I agreed and showed the expressionless stranger up to the spare room. He nodded almost imperceptibly and stalked back down to the lounge where he stood, arms folded, in the corner of the room. He didn't move for the rest of the day. "Goodnight" I said. "Help yourself to anything in the kitchen". No response. The next day I woke up and decided to call the charity. Something felt off about the situation. Maybe the stranger would be more accomodating today? I resolved to press him for details and somewhat reluctantly went downstairs. A second masked man is standing in the opposite corner. Astonished I gathered my valuables and rushed towards the door to go to the police station. I didn't feel I could call from the phone on the coffee table between the strangers. As I swung the door open, fumbling with my keys, my eyes fell on a pair of feet on the doorstep. Perturbed, my gaze slowly rose to see who it was. A third masked stranger. Behind him, another. And behind him, another. The whole street is full of masked men, their empty eyes all fixed on me...


no sleep is here


Ok I'm going to need a second chapter, please.


Honestly, and I’m saying this as someone who studied Literature at University, and as someone who edits writing for a living WRITE!! That’s a good bit of writing there!! I’d read a novel written like that - maybe make it slightly less obviously Kafkaesque, but you got talent my man!


Plot twist: I am Franz Kafka 😂 Thank you! That's very kind. I always fancied writing as a kid actually. What do you edit out of interest?


Porn mags


I thought you'd just copied out a passage from Kafka!


I was hooked from the first sentence!! WRITE!! You've got the knack!


The call is coming from inside the house!


Then who was phone?!




Haven't seen that film in years and this line still sends chills.


Better than reading Granta. Take my award as a thank you for this laugh.


This reads like the blurb to the Nicholas Fisk book "Grinny"... Oh that takes me back...


Oh nobody I've mentioned that book to has ever heard of it! We read it at school when I was about 11. Not quite as good as the giant under the snow though.


Thanks for this, I don’t need sleep


I froze. Thoughts were frantically racing through my mind. "Do I run? Could I make it to the car? Would they catch me?" My mind raced through the possibilities of the journey, my feet dodging the cracks in pavement, skipping over the larger potholes like a ballerina in Black Swan. I saw myself making it to the car, I hear the engine start first time. My foot flat to the floor, I'm racing away, turning on to the motorway I tell myself "I've made it. I can make it. I can do this". But I didn't move, I just stood there, frozen...staring at the eyes.. Why didn't I move? Why didn't I run? Why?


Thoughts raced through the character’s mind. The character’s mind raced through possibilities, then the character raced away. I’m not raceist but dust off the old thesaurus chap.


I'm not sure if you were going for humour but this tickled me hard. Thank you


Got the address wrong and when they saw the puzzled look through "fuck sake they got the address wrong again"?


Why am I picturing the Stig?


What part of this situation did OP feel was genuine. I thought it was a joke at first and OP was going to say "I told my mum to get off my doorstep" or something


Got the wrong door


Innit, if this was in the US they'd probably get shot 🤣 bro needs to obviously report it. I think people just gave the association with masks now but if it's black masks covering the whole face with eye holes cut out I'd say it's probably not for covid


101 is your first point of call. If you're uneasy, report it. Chances are they'll be in the area for a short while and (if) a patrol happens, they might be picked up. Report it then to Care Uk.


id say contact care uk urself with details of their visit and ask what that was about also this should be a thing you should be opting into doing? bc having strangers move in with no notice sounds sus


Yeah it all just sounds so weird. I didn’t want to sound like a crazy person by calling them but I think it’s warranted. I’ll give them a call.


Pls let us know what they say, i'm invested now


You're not crazy. You're doing a duty to check in on this. If this is dodge, someone out there is parodying as a legitimate charity that could be potentially smearing its name and thus reduce public confidence, which will actually affect the elderly. Check with the charity, if you got CCTV grab their descriptions and press it to 101. If this is the charity, they need to be told that this isn't OK at all.


Ooof please give an update!


Don't waste your time phoning the charity, phone the police. 101


I predict that whoever at Care UK gave them the address got it slightly wrong and they were supposed to be at a different building nearby.


Absolutely was not Care UK - they run care homes not any door to door services - it’s a scam using the company’s name.


Someone knocking on my door saying they are going to move into my house = baseball bat + calling the police


1. Don't forget the baseball glove. 2. Cricket bats are more believable and thwack better


Don't forget, if you hit someone on your doorstep with a cricket bat then you have to run to the bottom of the path and back before you can hit them again.


I can’t stop laughing!


The shot has got to match the threat as well. You're only allowed a forward defensive or cheeky single off your legs if he's just mouthing off. Once a knife appears you can go into full T20 mode and reverse slog him over cow corner for six.


What happens if their skull clears the boundary?


I believe under the current regulations someone has to wipe it with an antibacterial cloth before you're allowed to have another swing at it.


I actually own neither but sometimes picture a scene like in the movies where I walk out on the porch wearing a tank top and swinging a bat to deal with some disturbance. Truth is I'd just lock the door and call the police 🤣


Last year leading up to Christmas I had a pair of smackheads trying to burn my lock out of the door about 2am. Unlocked the door as quietly as I could, whipped it open and sent my doberman out after them. She can run at 38mph which I thought was fast but it turns out spooked bagheads can run faster. She's true to breed as a guard dog if she senses danger she won't bark she'll wake me up by nudging my face with her nose, she's like a ninja with big teeth. I reported the incident to the police and they showed up at my house with a dog warden intent on taking my dog away, I told them I was drunk and made the story up, got slapped with community service for "wasting police resources" but I would have happily done a lengthy sentence rather than have my dog taken away. ...lesson learnt I suppose, if you have the means to defend your castle, don't. You will be the one that's prosecuted


Which is exactly why dog laws are ridiculous. People generally buy a dog to protect their house. If the dog protects the house by chasing away some smackheads it's done the job and deserves a big fat steak. I understand if it's going round biting people willy nilly but it seems you're not allowed to protect your own shit in the country in case the would be thief gets hurt.


People generally buy a dog because they like dogs.


I bought mine because I was a sole trader in a unit with upwards of £100k in customers cars, tools and equipment. I felt vulnerable so I got a scary dog. She's a total coward and she's more loyal to my youngest kid than me. would be scumbags don't know that when she does actually bark, she's telling you to play. they just see pointy teeth and run. Yeah I like dogs, but that was my main motivation and I've no shame in admitting it. Doesn't make me a better or worse dog owner, but surely a dog bought with a purpose is better than a dog bought on a whim


Exactly the same, my German shepherd is all bark until he gets face to face and you stroke him and he rolls over on his back. Still, people thinking about burglarising my house would stop when they see him going apeshit in the window.




What is it you like about the dog? Fluffy, cute, company, burglar alarm. I'm not disagreeing with you, but I "I like dogs" isn't really a reason. What do you like about them delves more into it.


Legally you're not really allowed to do much except call police, if your life is in danger you can fight back with your hands but you're fucked if you use a household item as a weapon.


Wrong. You are allowed to use "reasonable force" to defend yourself, others, property or to stop a crime in progress. This can include the use of items that are to hand as a weapon. You are even forgiven for using "disproportionate force" in a heated situation and you're fearful for your or others lives (not property). However, if you go too far it becomes "grossly disproportionate" which is illegal, so no re-enacting scenes from Saw. The big thing is that as soon as they surrender or flee, it's no longer self defence.


This, people seem to think our self defence laws are more strict than they are because of some very bad reporting around the guy that shot an intruder a few years ago. What'll get you in trouble is chasing someone who's fleeing (or in that cases, specific case, shooting them in the back as they run), or using a gun which is perfectly OK in legitimate self defence but will raise other questions about why you happened to have a loaded gun, or using self defence as an excuse to attack and kill someone.


I can't imagine using a firearm in self defence legitimately still wouldn't result in your firearms licence and firearms being removed from you (unless said firearm and licence was granted for self defence which is incredibly incredibly rare, think its basically a handful of ex and current intelligence/military officers and that's it).


It probably would, not because you used it for self defence but because firearms and ammunition are supposed to be stored separately and locked up but you just happened to have a loaded gun to hand?


Nonsense. If you’re in danger no holds are barred until the threat is neutralised. I keep a Fiskars wood axe in the house for dealing with firewood and intruders alike.


My nephew just lopped off two of his toes with my Fiskars axe, trying to show off his log splitting skills. He was lucky it was a Fiskars and a clean cut, and not his dad's rusty old thing and a crushed foot.


That's not true. If you keep the item by the door or by your bed or whatever that's premeditation, but if you just grabbed whatever's closest you're fine.


Personally speaking the only place in the entire house that can accommodate my bag of golf clubs is right behind the front door. I also like to practice chipping in my back garden too, and as I fit in a 10 minute practice whenever I can, it makes no sense to keep putting all my clubs away. Therefore there’s usually a pitching wedge leaning up against the back door as well. Funny how we leave stuff where it’s most practical a lot of the time


All I got is a hockey stick would that do the job? There's probably some exclusive hockey stick maneuvers I could use?


Go full St Trinian's on them


Plus you've got the choice of face or edge


Maybe find out first if it's an honest mistake and they've simply got the wrong address?




Did you check to make sure it wasn’t a distraction burglary? They distract you at the front door whilst others go round back and sneak in to steal stuff. Happened to neighbours we had about 16 years ago.


Unless you've been contacted before (email, phone, letter) then this is either a scam or an honest mistake (right number house, wrong street). Careworkers do not suddenly turn up on doorsteps unannounced, let alone come to tell you someone is moving in. Might be different if this was some sort of shared accommodation block - but even so there should be somebody acting as key contact for them. Did they know your name or only the address? If in doubt photograph them and their vehicle, if they are legit they wont mind. If dodgy they'll bail out real quick.


Only my address, they didn’t say my name.


Hmmm, Address details are in the public domain, you name is not. This is possibly a tell-tale sign they are not legit.


Public domain? My house number is written on the door and the street name is on a plaque at the end of the road!


Yes... publicdomain = eaily discovered. However is your postcode on display? That would need a tiny bit of research to work out... Although it is popular in some places to have it tattooed on ones backside so it can be shown to visitors through the letter box.


If by research you mean googling said house number and street name on the aforementioned plaque, I suppose it does.


I think confidentiality comes into play with these things. My house regularly gets confused with an assisted living residence that has the same flat number as my house number, but is ~400 numbers further down the road in a purpose-built complex. I've had lots care workers turn up over the years, and they never give out names if it's obvious they're in the wrong place.


What's your living situation? I'm guessing you are renting and maybe not from the UK? If you live in shared accomodation, contact your landlord and ask them about it. If you rent the entire flat/house, then this would not happen without you or someone living there triggering it. If your landlord doesn't know anything about it, and no one in your house has been in discussions with Care UK or anything, then just forget about it. It's not likely this is a scam, there's far easier ways than this whole thing to gain entry to your house. Most likely thing is they just got the address wrong on their system, they've gone away to double check, and you'll probably never hear from them again.


No this is not a mistaken address - Care UK do not do this as a company - it’s likely an attempted robbery/casing for future robbery and should be reported to the local police


Care UK are a private care provider who offer a live in care service .... which is where a care worker lives in your home while providing care. It sounds like this might have been a new care package due to start today and they had the wrong address. Masks are mandatory in social care still so it makes sense they would be wearing them on arrival. If it feels dodgy then call your local Care UK office and alert them.


This is the way round it would work, a young carer moving in with an old person


No they do not - they run care homes, they do not offer any live in services where care workers move into a client’s home. This is not a case of a wrong address.


Contact Care UK and then inform the police. That sounds terrifying.


I’d be inclined to say it’s a mix up, only because it’s the most idiotic sounding scam. It seems so suspicious and odd, when they could have just said they were doing a survey or something if they wanted a nose inside your house. What if you’d said yes, come live in my spare room?? If they’re scammers, they’re not smart ones. Could it have been a refugee from Afghanistan, I know charities were looking for people with spare rooms to house refugees? Possibly someone signed up with the wrong address. I’d call 111 and Care Uk to be sure though.


111 is an nhs number i think


Oh you’re right, it’s 101 isn’t it


yeah it is, but 101 sounds like a good thing to call.


If in doubt, ring the police. Simple. If it's a genuine Care UK mistake, fine - no harm done.


100% report it, just to the non emergency number, care uk wouldn’t just move people into your house that’s weird as fuck lol


Contact your housing provider, contact care uk and then finally contact the non emergency police number and report suspicious activity


Maybe cross post to r/policeuk


You're not Gary Lineker are you?


Ha ha!


They might have thought an elderly person lived at your address - and the care uk would provide a carer. Although with no ID or paper work they could have been looking to take advantage of a vulnerable elderly person. It’s definitely worth notifying Care UK just in case that is what is happening.


Care UK wouldn't just rock up and deliver someone to you uninvited, certainly not to move in with you. They don't do that. Inform the police.


Honestly I would ring 101 and inform the police. Obviously some weird scam happening in your area and although your situation is dealt with, what happens if the next person they try this with is elderly with dementia etc. At least they are aware.


Is this the start of a new Black Mirror episode?


Sounds like you’re going to have a new friend even if you like it or not


Everyone in the comments doesn’t even realise. These are thieves!!!!!!! OP be careful.


OP, This is nothing to do with Care UK - they run care homes, they absolutely do not offer live-in carers, so it’s not a case of mistaken address. Sounds like they’re casing the property for robbery of some sort - please contact the police and give them as many details of the people that knocked as you possibly can as they’re likely operating in the area and trying this at other houses.


Just contact care uk. If it was a scam they'd have asked for some personal details. It's just an office screw up. If they had been scoping you out for dog thefts, theyd know when you were in and when you were out. If they did knock on your door “just to check” then they wouldn't claim to be from a real company which could be checked easily and then walk off again.


>then they wouldn't claim to be from a real company which could be checked easily and then walk off again. Why not? It's not like you're going to phone the company while they're stood there and be like "Is this legit, did I agree to have someone stay with me and forgot about it?"


Why wouldn't you do exactly that? “Hello, these people have just turned up talking about someone moving in, what's going on? Even if you didn't do that immediately, the visitor would know there's a chance you would do it at some time, so again why would they use a legitimate company and then leave the victim to check up on it? At the very least, if you've planned that far ahead, you'd provide a business card or something official looking with your mates phone number on it.


>Why wouldn't you do exactly that? “Hello, these people have just turned up talking about someone moving in, what's going on? Because you're absolutely certain that they've got the wrong address. No matter what CareUK says, you're not letting the chap move in with you. If they want to phone the person who sent them for clarification, that's their business and you'll have well sent them away before they do that. >so again why would they use a legitimate company and then leave the victim to check up on it? With what outcome or repercussion? It's not like they're your next-door neighbors and you'll pop round and have a word. >At the very least, if you've planned that far ahead, you'd provide a business card or something official looking with your mates phone number on it. Why? Why would you want any of that to link back to you? The homeowner isn't going to phone the number and say "Ok send them back round, I'm ready for him to move in now". If they're knocking on the door to see if you're home, anything that gets them away without raising enough suspicion for you to call the police immediately is all they need.


No it’s not just an office error - Care UK do not offer door-to-door care, they run care homes


Call the 101 non emergency number to report it. You could hopefully prevent some vulnerable elderly people being exploited.


Ffs why are we so polite in the UK. Call the police. Call Care UK. Why are random people saying they are moving in. Seriously. Wake up. Why would someone suddenly move in with you. Dont answer the door to random people without asking what they want or who they are without ID Wake up


Probably expecting you to let them in so they could do a distraction burglary and then leave when they figure out it’s the wrong address.


I’d ring Care UK and also ring 101. What sort of house do you live in if people can just turn up and tell you someone is moving in with you?




That was clearly Merlin looking to hand out a quest to a worthy knight


My experience of Care UK is that they don't know their arse from their elbow, so good luck if you call them.


Why the fuck haven’t you called the police yet?


My opinion as a British person is thus - British people are insane. Somebody knocked on your door to say some random cunt is moving in with you and you didn’t tell them to fuck off or ask how that even works as a scam. The whole thing is bananas. If you were American you’d have shot them both dead and we’d all be celebrating with you tonight 😁


As an American I would *never* open my door unless I’m expecting someone, much less two masked individuals. No stranger comes to your house with a good time for you in mind. Whether it’s a scammer or just someone trying to sell you new phone service. I can’t imagine just answering my door to a stranger.


Attempted distraction burglary? Someone else may have been casing up the rest of your house


Is there a contact number for Care UK you can call?


Phone the police on 101. Yours won’t be the only door they’ve gone to, and the next person may be vulnerable.


Stories like this really freak me out. I'm so glad the previous owners of our new house had a gate installed. I never lived in a house with a gate before this one and I never felt particularly unsafe but now I do have one it's mostly shut unless I'm expecting a delivery.


I recon they were checking if you were in, if not try and break in later.


Sounds very much like a scam to me. The man who is supposedly moving in with you, didn’t even bother to introduce himself, he just stood there arms folded. They didn’t ask to speak to the person they’re supposedly there to care for, they only read out your address that can be found on something as simple as google maps. Seems dodgy to me, call the police and care uk


Report it to Care UK and the police immediately. If this has happened to others and they report it too then it will be investigated. You have nothing to loose by reporting it and could help prevent something happening to someone else.


Could it not have been a live-in carer? They could have had the wrong address and be bringing the carer to live with an elderly person.


No - Care UK do not offer this service


It’s odd you wouldn’t be aware in advance of someone moving in. Can u ask ur landlord?


No, you’re spot on. Don’t leave you’re house without your dog from now on. They’re designer dog thief’s - I know scum bags that do it. They do exactly this.


Guessing you're a private renter? Has your landlord said owt?


No prior contact,no show of ID,no conversation .NO NO NO Tell them to jog on,and lock your shizzle up


Sounds like a distraction. I don't even think real care companies have a system of rocking up and telling care homes/foster homes etc "this person's moving in."


Care UK do also care for vulnerable adults as young as 18 but this is still weird. I would call 101 and maybe also Care UK to see if there was someone sent to your address.


Ring care UK, maybe they just got the wrong house. The masks aren't suspicious if they're actual care workers. If they can't explain it, ring 101 A similar thing happened to me last year but the girl is a legit carer for the woman who lives opposite, there was a mix up with the address. Although she did have the name of her "customer" (whats the right word? Patient? Caree?)


The simplest recourse is to contact Care UK


Call the police. This is, frankly, Pythonesque.


Potential Cuckooing? https://www.oxford.gov.uk/info/20101/community_safety/1308/cuckooing


I don’t think cuckooing usually starts by knocking on the door and announcing that’s the plan.


If you were a vulnerable and suggestive individual, perhaps suffering from addiction or a learning difficulty, I think it could very well start with a knock at the door and two random masked strangers.


But this doesn’t seem to be the case for the OP. I can’t imagine they try their luck with houses at random.


Yeah this is deffo dodgy af.


I hope you have some cameras or cctv. If you don’t, get it.


Phone the police


Is Dave there?


Your house is being cased for something, not sure what for but they were definitely scoping you out


You’re my ~~wife~~ house now, Dave.


Community care worker here. We don’t turn up without any ID or paper work. All care companies require us to wear a uniform and a visible ID badge. Care UK Is a big company so they would have a logo on their tunic.


I know this comment will probably be lost but all of the people telling you to ring Care UK is a dead end. Due to confidentiality the person you speak to shouldn't be able to tell you anything, even if you give them your address. As someone who has worked in care for the past 6 years I would never, and have never had someone, turn up at a door and introduce themselves like that - no name, no explanation of purpose of visit, no requesting a specific person at the door?? I would 100% notify 101. If you call Care UK it's to notify them that this has happened and you've called the police, to give them a heads up, not to gain clarification on this incident.


Ring Care UK. It sounds a bit like they could have been looking for vulnerable people to exploit. You do get this crime called 'cuckooing' where criminals move into somebody else's sheltered housing so they've got somewhere to deal from, store dodgy stuff etc. Care UK would want to know if somebody was using their name to scam people, and if you let them know they'll be able to put word out through their official channels to stop anybody being taken in by it. You should ring the police as well (101)


I wonder if they were actually canvasing your house for a future break-in. The Care story could just be a cover to make you open the door. Often down my way you get "builders" knocking on the door to talk to you so that they can see inside your house through the front door to find things like car keys. They'll then come back in a few days and break in.


Ring police ASAP


Report it. It can’t do any harm. Just use the 101 number.


if I'm not expecting anyone i just ignore the door. all of these problems go away. same with my phone, don't know the number, don't answer. if it's important they'll send a letter and I'll call them at my convenience.


So this bloke was sat at home just watching telly with his cat and his phone goes. He answers it and someone goes: "Oh, uh, is that fire uh, in your oven okay now? Um, cause your wife called" And he said "Well, 1. there was no fire and 2. I am not married" Then there was a knock at the door and there was two sort of people in sort of white coats and they’re going: "'Oh we’ve come about that fire. Your wife called us.'" He went, "'One, there isn’t a fire in my oven and two, I’m not even married, alright.'" And he said they saw the cat and they sort of, they looked at the cat and looked a bit weird at the cat. And then he went back and sat down phone rings and it’s a bloke saying, ‘Did they sort out the fire in your oven that your wife told us about.’” He went, “One, there is no fire in my oven. Two I haven’t got a wife.” Proper weird and there's no explanation, but why did the bloke look at the cat funny?


You're. Talking. Shite. Again. Play a record


It was in me Fortean Times


A cat that didn’t look happy


Weird innit?


Check around your property for markings and any markings on lamp posts outside your property etc. Contact police and care UK. Did they even show ID? Being told your address doesn't mean anything is legit, just literally read out your door number and street address even use Google maps for your postcode... if it was a failed distraction to get your dogs, there may of been a third person that tried the rear entrance on the property, they may of marked your property for later... Be vigilant for people that may randomly approach to stroke your dogs when you're out too.


> Check around your property for markings and any markings on lamp posts outside your property etc. Oh Facebook is leaking


definitely report this and get cctv if poss if you think they might kidnap your dogs.


So just to say it could be a mix up perhaps. You do get live in carers. A guy in my block of flats got covid, seemed to be in hospital/ away for ages, eventually came home and needed care where he had a carer live with him and then daily visits of additional carers too. I think he was bed bound so needed full care.


They're sizing your house up for a burglary


If they’re not from Care UK, it sounds like you almost became a victim of cuckooning. County lines dealers pretend to be vunrenable to get into people’s houses. They take the property over and make it their own until they get caught. 6 months later, the cycle repeats. Stay safe OP and report it to 101 now. Even if it was Care UK, they should know the process better and they need some re-training (showing an ID card would have been a good start). If you’re worried, make sure to order some cheap CCTV or a smart door bell. The smart criminals hate anything that would identify them, the stupid criminals don’t care and will get caught sooner rather than later.


100% they are there to steal your puppies. I would advise investing in some security/protection.


Omg please report it. I am not sure where you live but where I am in London there is so much dodgy stuff… We have a front door cam and since seeing recordings of people doing dodgy stuff on the street, I don’t even unlock the door and leave the house before looking at the cam first. And definitely don’t open the door before checking who it is either. Take care of your pup as well as yourself :(




What did you say to them?


Scam. Also if you yourself are elderly you should get a camera/mic doorbell. Sad as it is, don’t answer your door to anyone you don't recognise or expecting a pre planned visit from.


Wasn't this the plot to recent Netflix movie with Rosamund Pike? Trying to steal old people's money or something?


Well the ambulance service do it sometimes just deposit people in homes in the middle of the night sleepy older people let them in and it’s the wrong address. Luckily you seem to have your faculties so I don’t think any person will be moving in. Age Uk are elderly but they do have clients whom are younger sometimes if other local companies can’t help!


Sister Suzie, brother John Martin Luther, Phil and Don Uncle Ernie, auntie Gin


Hide those puppies in a bin


Could be they have your personal details and want to confirm your address for scams.


The words get fucked off spring to mind


Report it


Bold way to find out if there’s anyone home before they burgle the place.


Did they have a badge or an ID on them?


I'd of just said "no they are absolutely not, who the fuck do you think you are" and demanded ID.


Seems legit


My great aunt is in the early stages of dementia and also recovering from a broken hip, she has live in carers (not from Care UK) so the situation is not completely crazy. My vote is for incompetence and they just got the wrong address (although how they didn't realise that as soon as you answered the door is beyond me), report it to Care UK either way though.


Out of curiosity, what your age or just age bracket? I'm a mid twenties homeowner and sure as hell would have just slammed the door in their faces. I suspect this is 100% a scam to case your house while the door is open or let them in till you realise something is fishy. My partner is a social worker, and there is A LOT of paper work, red tape and assessments to be done before things like care orders can even be given to move people in care about. specifcally you yourself would have had to volunteered, been interviewed and assessed before suddenly being dumped a with one. Last time I checked the country hasn't suddenly gone into some dystopian martial law


Report it and also call Care UK. If it’s a mix up that’s fine but I’m worried for your dogs. So many vile thieves around.


Why on earth would you let a stranger move in? Why does it matter they’re from a charity? Am I missing something? This is the weirdest post ever…


Did they show you any ID that they worked for care uk?


I work in live in care, most live in carers are on the younger side some are students. Care UK is a legit company, it sounds like she was taking a live in carer for a meet and greet. I would not worry!


Did this occur in the communal area of a block of flats or at a care home? I’d this is happening at your property then absolutely you should report it. Charities can’t just force you at random to house people.