Beginner Questions

Beginner Questions


To your first question, I recommend you go check out healthycanning.com It is an easy to read website and very accurate. Obviously ask newbie questions here too, but you might check the sub resources section. I am not sure what all is there myself, but we welcome questions lol. I haven't found any canning forums that I trust as much as this one, and I have been canning 40 years. As a long time canner I admit I sometimes do things not by the book, though nothing major so to speak. But I do NOT advise others to do so, and I have seen a lot of unsafe advice and practices out there that make me shudder. As a newbie, you really want to read sources like healthycanning and NCHFP and the Ball Blue Book and stick to them like glue. As to your chili, all meat must be pressure canned regardless of how acid the sauce is, and using a tested recipe (any from that website are fine) is the way to go. So if that chili was made today, stick it in the fridge or freeze it and eat it. If it has been on the shelf a few days I personally would dump it. On vacuum sealing dry goods like pasta in jars, my gram did it, I have done it, 0 issues. You can add O2 thingies if you wish, I never have. This applies to dry goods. These days I use a vacuum sealer bag thing, heavy freezer bags, works great lol. Pasta, rice, eggs and dairy can not be safely canned.


Any meat product must be pressure canned. As well, you should be using safe and tested (in a lab) recipes. Unless your chili was put in the fridge right after processing, it will need to be discarded.


It sounds very much like you are just guessing at how to can. This is very dangerous! It is extremely important to follow proper scientifically tested methods. Read the general canning instructions on the following web site and then choose one of the specific recipes and follow it exactly. https://nchfp.uga.edu/how/can_home.html


Thank you all for the quick responses. I'll pick up a copy of the Ball book and check out the web sites that were linked. I admit I got antsy and made the chili, but knew I should do more research before making much else. Wasting $15 worth of ingredients sucks less than botulism. That was the only thing I have actually canned so far. Everything else was dry goods vacuum sealed in the 64oz jars with absorbers, so that seems good.


Yep, you are fine with the dry goods! And don't feel bad, all of us have had to toss something or had other issues at one point or another. This could have been a far more costly lesson than it is.


I agree with everyone here and just want to mention that canning is a different kitchen skill than cooking. In the same way that you need to approach baking with more precision you need to crank that up a few notches to make shelf stable food.