Americans, Russia Invades Your Country, What Do You Do?

Americans, Russia Invades Your Country, What Do You Do?




All that hate's gonna burn you up kid.


Or the finns




Literally what I was gonna say. Cheers.


Remember Patrick Swayze forever and suddenly those onion cutting ninjas appeared


Point & laugh as they get massacred by the 70% of homes that have guns? Seriously though, how is Russia, or anyone, going to pull off a U.S. land invasion? That's a lot easier said than done. Russia is defeating America the smart way, by sowing seeds of discord and getting America to fight with itself.


Apparently thru the southern border which is open to all.


Russia has airplanes and ships mate...they're not coming across a border. You can't really sneak across the border anyways, the immigrants are all turning themselves in to seek asylum...not trying to get across discreetly.


You do know they cannot protect the entire border and plenty of areas where anyone can cross without being noticed.


Even more reason to acknowledge that the immigrants that are coming to seek asylum are not a problem. Point still stands, Russia wouldn't bother coming across the border...they'd make an amphibious landing and send in paratroopers like any other powerful country would.


This day and age DRONES and Missiles really no need to put feet on the ground. We did not see 3 airplanes being used to strike targets so i am sure they could catch us asleep if they wanted too.


That's not an invasion tho.


modern day


There are more guns in American homes than the Russian army has. Perhaps the liberals will keep taking away our guns though and facilitate the transition.


That's the misconception. Liberals aren't trying to take everyone's guns away. Many of us think you should have to pass a test to get a gun just like when you get a driver's license. Then, the NRA gets conservatives riled up with lies and exaggerations. By the way, plenty of liberals own guns. There's even a subreddit for it


Said like an undercover communist


I am genuinely curious why you want people who don't know how to use guns, to have guns. How would they be an asset in an invasion? Wouldn't they be more likely to accidentally shoot themselves or other Americans?


First, I never stated I wanted people who don't know how to use guns having guns. Since there is a right to bear arms, I believe it is wrong to deny law abiding citizens that right. I learned how to handle guns in middle school and high school on a range, a proper and appropriate setting. Our PE classes included a unit on hunter safety, one aspect of which was how to use and handle guns, and I think everyone deserves that kind of education.


I agree that everyone should have that education. I think they should have it before they can have a gun. Not all schools have gun safety in their curriculum. I think the government should make laws so that education in gun safety is a mandatory part of gun ownership.


I believe we have something in common.


Here's something fascinating: I live in Vermont and am also a liberal. Vermont has either the most lax gun laws in the nation or second-most and in any case; our gun violence here is rather quite rare. We're a place where people are pretty much really spread out, lots of us (not all, but lots) have space and by and large; Vermonters aren't ones to do what they are told, but almost always do what's asked if it's asked respectfully. So we have a pretty strong education standard in the state and since we also combine that with the abundance of forests out here, rivers, hunting grounds, etc. and you combine that with the love of hunting season out here and well; you wind up with well educated people who, when they do have firearms it's from love of the craft, defense, both or hell any number of reasons. It's a lifestyle for some, hobby for others, but it's commonly respected as a form of defense and that if you are ever aiming at anything? it's to kill. And if it's to kill, it damn well better be during hunting season and you better damn well be aiming at legal game (or defending yourself/family, etc). As a kid, this was super common to hear from other kids who were just then getting into the ropes of firearm safety via hunting rifles, etc. It's not flawless, no. It's not like we never have any gun crime, but in all honesty it really is kinda rare. Personally, I think it's a proper education thing **+** a resulting effect of not having millions of people piled ontop of one another in city after city. Shit we don't even have 800k people out here. But no, I really do assure you liberals are not interested in literally taking guns away from people. There are far more solutions than the disastrous one of forcing a de-defensing. I often hear conservatives saying it as such flat-out fact that we want all your guns gone. **we don't.**


Tell John Wick it was Putin who killed his dog.


And have Neo launch a cyber attack.


Start playing all the Russian folk music I know on the guitar or organ. That'll show 'em.


🎵Ra, ra, ras putin, lover of the American dream.


Help them destroy New Jersey


"We will fight them on the beaches, we will fight them in our swamps, the full wrath of our garbage will decend upon them..."


Hide my vodka


Give them it as a peace offering


One of the biggest mistakes of my life was drinking vodka with Russians and Ukrainians.


If you don't mind me asking what happened


I got black out drunk , while everyone else seemed to be as sober as when we started. I worked on an all Russian & Ukrainian construction crew . Most were ex Russian military.


Run away to Canada


I would grab a bottle of bourbon and pray all the rednecks around me can fight them off


*pulls up a lawn chair* pour me a few fingers of that would ya? Cheers. *nods raising glass*


🤣🤣 I just died at this! Cheers! 🍻


I seriously doubt they'd even be able to establish a beach head. Let's go over this shall we? In order to invade from the west coast, they'd have to figure out how to launch an amphibious invasion with no staging ground on the most heavily fortified coastline in the world. To invade from Mexico they'd have to establish massive logistical supply again networks across mountains and desert and cross into territory heavily hostile to outsiders. To invade from the gulf they'd have to chew through what amounts to marsh lands, jungles, mountains, and yet again a heavily armed hostile population. The north east is doable assuming you want to contend with the largest military concentration in the world, the insane logistics of crossing the great lakes, winter, and yet again a heavily armed population. To invade from the north would be like invading Russia in the winter. Scorched earth and then let winter do the heavy lifting. And as soon as you start crossing the plains, you are entering a sparsely populated plains region, with once again, an armed and hostile population. Good fucking luck!


Even if they manage to gain some ground anywhere in the country good luck getting anywhere, to go from coast to coast they'll have to cross mountains, deserts more mountains the plains, then more mountains. I don't think any military in the world is equipped for that sort of movement


Throw a bottle of Kentucky bourbon at them


I'll be fine. I am in a landlocked state/city, so we will either win or lose before anything gets to me.


Nothing honestly.


Just lol if you think the Russians would have a snowballs chance in hell at even attempting an invasion. They didn't have a chance back in the cold war, and they certainly don't have one now.


Wait for the inevitable nuclear apocalypse


Realistically? I’m in the Midwest so if they get this far the country is completely fucked, so I’d sit back and watch it on the news. I’m not sure the war effort would be improved by a middle aged fat guy with a hunting rifle traveling to the coastal areas which would be the most likely entry points. I suspect I’d hinder the effort more than I’d help.


Defend the burger town


We drinking vodka, boys. 🇷🇺


Let em, can't get too much worse over here.


Give them anything that’s Russian


Offer them vodka


Get them all drunk, they will go home happy


Fuck their women


Welcome them and share the vodka. I get why they came!


Join them


Whip their asses and make them regret the day!


They would be very hard pressed to make it worse.


Grab my gun, bug out bag, and start coordinating with my neighbors to metaphorically kick the bitches off my damn lawn.


Burn all the crops and oil fields. Can’t fight without food or resources


Eh, new conquerors, same dystopia


I get drunk


Join them


Ask God to have mercy on there souls , for I will not.


I'd sooner wonder why they didn't invade western europe or asia


Start shooting russians


Stay calm, I'm not american


They've already invaded our country via social media. Have you not been paying attention to our politics?


Drink. And a very poor cossack dance.


Pull out vodka and Hard bass techno Start dancing like having a seizure standing upright Enter a bear fighting cage match under the name Grizzly Adams Burn all my clothes in exchange for a lifetime supply of tracksuits Fight anyone who thinks they are a badass ( and prove them wrong)


I’m getting high before the draft bus picks me up


Take your notes FSB


What are they going to invade us with? Their biggest warship breaks down every time it leaves port and billows black smoke like a coal fired ocean liner. They got nothing to invade us with.


Hunker down, bunker down, lock and load, because the people who laughed at preppers are going to be on the prowl.


If they invade, they'll push into eastern Europe and sow turmoil elsewhere to stop any intervention or ability to deter. Alaska maybe? But I'm upset it's even American. It shouldn't be either.




There's a reason no country with nuclear weapons has been seriously attacked by another. There's no winning.


ain't that what we got nukes for? Who fucking dropped the ball here?


My surname is Ukrainian. I guess I drink vodka instead of bourbon now.


Go to the nearest foundation site and ask them to transport SCP-096 to the frontlines, then tell the government to remove all troops from the frontlines


We have Chuck Norris


We have a lot more guns we'll probably be ok for the most part


Hide until its over


Stock up on vodka


Grab some vodka and an ak so they think I’m one of them


Vodka shots


They can't defeat us all, especially if we use... other means to defeat them. Cleaning supplies: basically chemical weapons.


Learn Russian


They can share their vodka, we can share our whiskey.


Under the Biden administration? Unilateral surrender and beg China to intervene in the condition that they then declare us their property.