How are people falling for this in 2022 ffs. It's such common knowledge nowadays that the anti-lure is the lure itself, how can someone play enough to earn an elysian but be gullible enough to fall for this, players like this are the reason why lurers still somehow exist


There is no such thing as an antilure and never was. The scammer will never at any point let you have anything of real value. If you think they will, you're already as good as scammed.


I mean, they did used to actually give out pharaoh:s scepters so you would left click it, thinking you'd wield it, but be teleported to a dangerous area. So they actually did give away items of value back when this still worked and this is exactly what the streamer is trying to anti-scam.


Probably before the poh update that made them go up in value


A dude that was trying somehow to lure me for my bank gave me a few mil to try and get on my good side. these guys will try a lot of shit


My only experience with a scammer was when I tele'd into varrock centre instead of the g.e by accident, and some guy gave me a Wildy crabs teletab and told me to "use it" on him lol. Thanked him for the 30k and went along with my day.


i dont understand what his "anti lure" here is




Most lures these days are anti anti lures. They make you think you're clever when you clearly aren't


This is how a lot of scams work. Most people can fool themselves into thinking they're smarter than the scammer. "Oh, someone is selling a watch that I know is $1000 for like $20? I bet I can make a buck off this fool." And then they spent $20 on a worthless knockoff


Some people don't know who Slippin' Jimmy is and it shows


It's all good, man.


"Greed makes a man blind and foolish. And an easy prey for death"


Basically every lure since the beginning of time needs some sort of prospect of the victim "winning". When it was at the wildy ditch it was a 10k stack of coins that someone said was 1m. When it was done in Clan Wars the victim thought they were in on the lure and going to walk away up 20m. Today it's outsmarting the lurers and taking the money before you can get lured, which then becomes part of the lure. It's easy to avoid lures when there's no prospect of gain, but when someone thinks they can beat a lurer for 13m just by listening to them for a few minutes, it's hard to turn down that prospect.


this has been how must lures have worked for over a decade. half the kempq, sparcmaclive, etc bs clips u see were done intentionally. the scammers use them to broadcast that you can "easily anti scam for big money" then there's another layer of complexity where the lure happens on the rubes who watch the vid.


How far will the rabbit hole go? Anti anti anti lures? Can it even be a thing lol


It doesn't go anywhere. That's what the scammers want you to think, that you can do deeper and outsmart them but the thing is they don't go further. If you don't do what they tell you to do and what they think you'll do trying to anti-scam them, then they'll just stop it right there and move on to next victim.


It is a thing, guy1 basically says outright that the guy2 is doing a lure and tells you not to try to anti lure him, but you can anti anti lure him however guy1 is also in on it and trying to get you to do an anti anti lure which doesn't work.


I mean you can possibly anti-pk the guys trying to do pvp world shenanigans if they are dumb and using max gear to pk you. But that is really where it stops


Which is how all lures work anyway. The real targets are ALWAYS the people looking to anti-lure.


I \*think\* what he expected was that the scammer would trade over the outfit and sceptre. The sceptre's left click option is (was?) tele instead of wield - which would take you to a dangerous location where the second scammer is presumably waiting. Persian intended to get the stuff and then log out instead of equipping.


I think they want you to think they want you to tele lol


And that's why anti scamming isn't worth it. The scammers are almost certainly going to be one step ahead of you.


Yup, when I was new to OSRS several years ago I lost like 100m to a similar scam. The guy used a second account to pm me to try to convince me to anti-scam and told me to look up a vid on youtube for how to do it. I did, it had like 20k views or something with a couple dozen positive comments and zero negative comments. The supposed scam involved a one click tele. However the real scam was they make you join their cc and do the trade in the Corp room. Once you show your stuff there they kick you from the cc which drops everything you're carrying and they get to pick it up. Idk if the mechanic is still like that but it certainly wasn't when I remembered doing Corp in rs2 but as I was new to OSRS I didn't even know that I didn't know about that mechanic. At this point in OSRS's life though this kind of "anti"scam scam shouldn't get anyone. I can't imagine there are any players who are new to OSRS now but used to play RS2 way back when the setup of a modern scam was just the scam. And you need to believe that it is for the setup to work (for falling for it to be understandable anyway). Once you learn that modern scamming ***is*** setup based "anti" scam scams you should literally never fall for one. It's understandable how it was effective several years ago when it was targeting players based on them remembering rs2 mechanics and not knowing the osrs mechanic is different. Anyone falling for it these days doesn't have that excuse though because it is pure "I think I can outsmart him" hubris replacing your critical thinking.


Lol i fell for the same one a few months ago. Lost my friends full bandos + lance he only just lent me that same day. I spent money on bonds to replace it but was too embarrassed to tell him about it for like a week


Ooof that hurts, but good on you mate for doing the right thing for your friend. When it happened to me I didn't log in for a couple weeks but eventually I bought a few bonds to help me get started again. That's the silver lining about it happening as an adult lol. Yeah it's even more embarrassing, but the embarrassment is the worst part because it doesn't cost much to replace stuff (unless you're talking elys lol), whereas as a kid it must've felt like all the time you ever put into it was wasted and you'd never be able to make it back.


> The supposed scam involved a one click tele. However the real scam was they make you join their cc and do the trade in the Corp room. Once you show your stuff there they kick you from the cc which drops everything you're carrying and they get to pick it up you mean you dropped your stuff on the ground and then they kicked you from the room?


The other guy was obviously gunna hit accept eventually. free guilded ftw


He thinks he's going to get free gilded which is fucking stupid, why would that happen under any circumstance? It's obvious troll to bait viewers or RWT in my opinion


Also when you own an ely why the fuck would you even remotely care about some nubs 13m u flip an ely once and you have made that 13m… the moment some broke noob even starts talking to you just tell them to go kick rocks


lmao if u looked at his bank value that's all he had too.. bank value went down to 5m when he took it out


Should have ate the sharks instead of banking them. Rip though.


Thats part of the scam, woulda been told to not eat after zam brewing down or they'd just walk.


Just stall for 70 minutes while hp recovers to max and then play along with the scam 5Head


man has 5m left to his name lmao


He somehow more broke than me damn Dude is down bad


I watched the whole thing thinking there was an elaborate ruse. But no, the most basic as shit thing happened. I'm not in favour of scammers but this guy seemed to have needed a real life lesson.


From the start of vid you can see: - He's in high risk pvp world - He's 1 square from the dangerous area - He has his defense lowered to single digits and hp down to 22 - And he's randomly trading the guy Not hard to guess the scam, guy just needs to be sure he's got the valuable item on him before pulling the trigger.


It’s interesting how 1 square west of the bank tile is dangerous




Imagine the game allowing you to run to your death from a protected area by a simple trade interaction.


Imagine bank standing at shantay pass in a high risk pvp world ???


with nothing but one of the most expensive items in the game in your inventory


this fool went from food and no ely to ely and no food so quickly


For 13m lmao


Almost like they give you a warning before you even log into the world that you should assume that everything is dangerous, lmao.


I mean it's very hard to handle every weird, potentially dangerous trick/spot. This one is pretty obvious but there are plenty of more clever ways to scam someone.


I fully agree, preventing scams shouldn't be the goal as it's unfeasible. But simple rules would help in some scenarios where dumb mechanics become harmful, this being one. With a rule in the code to prevent moving from protected to non protected square without explicit action to do so, then don't. 1. Did the player ask to move? No. 2. Will this collateral move get the player to an unprotected area, from a protected one? Yes. 3. Is there a safe direction to go? Yes? Move there. No? Halt the action. Osrs is the only game I can think of where players can unintentionally leave protection through indirect game mechanics. There should be others but it's really rare for games this popular.


I can hardly think of other games where it's even *possible* to have your items be at risk at all. Death in most games is such low value. No matter how safe you make your safe zones, the world will always make a bigger idiot. This guy had to: withdraw his Ely, Zammy brew down to low HP and defenses, deposit all food, and THEN manually initiate the trade. He thought *he* had the knowledge/advantage. The "safer" you make the game, the more confident that idiots are going to be that *they're* in control. That's how the lure actually works.


While you arent wrong, I also think it misses the point. I might know that the IRS isn't actually calling me asking for my mothers maiden name, but I can also deduce that my cars extended warranty hasn't expired even if I haven't heard that one before. If a player is trying to trade me in a high risk world and telling me to pull out one of the most expensive items in the game, perhaps I don't need to be a genius to know i shouldn't interact with that player


Imagine being the idiot with ely in this situation. Or without the ely anymore rather. Why would you even waste your fuckin time. He deserved it for being so dumb. I hate scammers but stupidity is even worse.


The dude scamming him made it so clear it was a scam too. The streamer had the ely and trade screen up and the scammer "accidently" xed the trade screen and made him retrade. If he was smart, he would have waited for the scammer to trade.


Theres ways to scam this way too, a diff account trades u with a similar name and runs off and u click accept and follow him out of the safe zone


At least they let him bank the "foodies"


Wish i could see his reaction lol.




Lmao, must've felt pretty ashamed


\>go to high risk pvp world \>take elysian out of bank on him


Good, he’s stupid I learned not to get scammed from this game when I was 6 years old. That was 20 years ago


Look at this guy literally just doxxed himself, 20 + 6 is 24 say byebye to your account.


Lol and you just doxxed yourself kiddo. Only one person in the world stupid enough to think it's 24 and not 28 and that's Ms. Terafluxs Mom


He really, really did deserve it. Especially because the lurer missed the trade push multiple times...


I think thats the reaction, a lot of mental anguish was had off stream you can believe that.


Seems like a RWT


that face at the end was 100% real devastation


its the look in his eyes, the way his chest falls. been there lol


I've been there too. That sinking feeling in the chest is the worst.


lmao what? I watched the end 5 times and he barely reacts


No need for this much effort over such a small RWT


If it was a RWT he woulda left the stream up for the fake rage


If it's legit, the guy just had the worst day ever and then get's publicly called a "no name streamer" Kinda rough.


Nothing like adding a little insult to injury, lmao.


A village in Malaysia is having a party tonight.


I just don’t understand how grown men fall for this shit…


It’s like gambling, hoping that they’ll scam the scammer and get a quick come up.


risking like 850m for a 13m reward is some kind of fucked up r:r


This is the post staking world we live in.


Hmmm well, makes you wonder if it’s so farfetched, could it be an elaborate RWT?


My God... I don't know this guy, and I hope he doesn't take this personally, but this is a whole new level of stupid. Think about this for an instant: he knows this is a lure. He knows they're trying to get him killed. He knows he'll lose all items as this is a high risk pvp world. I've said this time and time and time and time again and I'll probably have to repeat it for as long as RuneScape exists: THERE. IS. NO. ANTISCAMMING. The scammers are always in full control of the situation if you try to outsmart them in any way that isn't not interacting at all. You won't EVER be in possession of the items they promise before you forfeit everything you want, like it happened in this video. A whole lot of you have seen antiscamming and antilure videos, and I guarantee you the absolute vast majority of them are false, to make you believe you can do it, when it is, in fact, a setup. In other words, they want to make you believe something will happen in the interaction with the scammers but something else that you're unware of will happen. Even if the video is made by a famous respected player, even a Jmod, you should NOT imitate the video because they can, and they will, change the steps in the lure so you don't know what will happen and you'll be pulled in by the expectative of quick and easy profit. YOU WON'T PROFIT.


This is what annoys me about OSRS YouTubers/streamers like KempQ for example. They post a video of them successfully anti-scamming a lurer and, fake or not, it encourages a bunch of viewers to try and do the same. The ironic thing is that on a macro level getting anti-scammed by a streamer is probably a great investment for the luring community in general. Sure, they might lose a few mil to the streamer but it will popularize the idea of anti-luring to a ton of people who won't be able to pull it off because the entire process is designed to make them lose their items. Then lurers can have a field day scamming viewers who want to try to emulate their favourite content creators


Im a casual player who never gets involved with PK stuff, what's the scam here and what was this guy expecting to pull off?


This is an anti-lure scam. In the full VOD, the streamer sees the guy in full inquisitors (who was in on the scam) "anti-lure" the first scammer by accepting the gilded armor but not clicking on the pharoah's sceptre, which teleports you to a dangerous area. This was done to make the streamer think he could out smart the scammer and get a free gilded armor set. The sceptre scam itself used to be very common, but scammers moved on once they realized that people were getting free gilded armor from them. The actual scam that you saw here was an animation stall that moved the streamer one tile to the west, which allowed him to get PK'd. You'd have to be an absolute brainlet to fall for something like this, but it happens.


The streamer thinks its a different scam, an old one where they used to give you a scepter and ask you to equip it, but back then left-click would teleport you to a dangerous area. So he thinks he can just take the scepter from them, not realising that's the whole point and being blind to the fact that it's an entirely different scam where there's no way of profiting.


Ah, that's what I was confused about, what the "fake" scam was. Where does this guy's elysian factor in? Was it like a "show me you have it and I'll give you free stuff" deal?


Usually they have bots sit at the GE that's scan players then ping a discord server when they find someone with valuable gear. They log in talk to you for a few seconds then ask you to add them. Then they try and bring you to a high risk world where you're always skulled and get you to an odd location you're not nearly as familiar with as them. There's a whole list of ways this could have gone wrong. There's animation stalls where the lurer could have moved a few squares away while appearing as if he was still next to the streamer. The lurer could have canceled the trade any time the streamer tried left clicking the ely thus making him click into Shanty pass. They could have tried getting him with the scepter teleport.... the point being they have like 10 lures they line up and are always one step ahead.... But yes in short they probably promise him he can keep the 13m scepter and gilded armor and usually try saying something about you starring in their YouTube video. Your confusion is valid though, streamer knew it was a scam and still fell for it, they didn't offer him anything besides the 13m. There is also the strong possibility this is real world trading and the streamer advertising himself at the same time.


If someone straight up gives you free stuff, good for you, its your lucky day! If someone offers to give you free stuff under some conditions, its 200% a scam. Is this really so hard to understand


Alternate title: guy sells ely on stream


The real conspiracy


It amazes me that people don't realise that streamers "getting scammed" is just a loophole for RWT


You people think RWTers need to go through a circus full of hoops to RWT less than a bil? It's not that fking hard and you wont get banned.


It amazes me how confident you are that he's not just a moron. You don't need to do all this shit to rwt.


An ely isn't even that much though? In terns of RWT money. Do you really need fake stream to RWT that?


If you think being a streamer means you can’t get scammed you’re as dumb as the dude in the video. He’s no different than anyone else other than he turned on his camera. This “streamers don’t get scammed they just rwt” is so stupid and baseless it’s amazing.


Couldn't agree more with this. Not everything is a conspiracy gentlemen, dumb people do exist. Telephone scamming is a billion dollar industry for a reason.


and just got free advertising on reddit for both the stream and rwt service.




I'm f2p and didn't know what the Elysian was so I went and looked it up. Dude lost more money than I'll ever make in this game.


Why is the safezone so small though it's like this game is made for lurers


He deserved this for letting his bank become such a disorganized mess


lets assume it's real everyone just stop playing along with scammers and lurers, you're not smarter or more clever than them


And if you're ever in a position where you think "hey I could make some money off this scammer/lurer", you're probably falling for their trap.


To be honest you might be smarter and more clever than them, but still they just know exactly what they're doing in that one specific situation because they've done this a million times and you have no idea what they're even trying to pull off exactly. I'm not saying this guy in the video was smart or anything, but for example this guy thought the scam was about getting killed while you are trying to equip the golden items they give you so he said he would just walk away instead and "anti lure", he had no idea that the scam was just about making him move as he's trying to trade, while the golden items have nothing to do with it.


More to the point, it doesn't matter if you're smarter or more clever than them. If you go off script they're just going to leave. You can't win.


Yeah I totally agree, there is no win against them, they don't always win but they never lose.


Seriously. Many of them make a fucking living doing this shit. They're always one step ahead.




I mean you can even interact with them if you feel like wasting time, literally all you need to do is keep the ely in the bank lmao.


Yeah or just keep ely in bank and don’t interact? You have so many idiots who think they can outsmart them, anti scam or just get worn down like this clown in the video and think ‘fuck it’. It’s safer to literally just ignore and don’t interact.


Wasting their time is not the same as trying to anti-scam/anti-lure. I waste lurers time all the time, but I will never take out any items from .y bank that I'm not okay with losing. The longest I had somebody going was 45 mins, before they finally gave up on me


There's no point. Sooner or later you will make a mistake, and they will never trade you valuable items so you don't gain anything. It's fat xp waste with 0 potential upside


I'm not sure most other players would have gone to a pvp world then taken an ely out of their bank.


If no one did it, then there wouldn't be hundreds of scammers in game doing this exact scam.


Nah this was RWT.


Someone is going to stream themselves RWTing? Lol


Not saying that these lures don't work on legitimate people but... I promise you this intricate high risk lure is more often than not RWT. Like 99% of the time it's RWT, will bet my nutsack on it. Most people don't do this but streaming (especially on a "no name" account like this) is usually there to make it look more legitimate in the case they get hit and can do the meme twitter customer support thing. Source: Knew plenty of RWTers who do this kinda stuff for transactions involving hundreds of millions of gp.


So funny story on my end. I had a few beers and decided to hop onto Osrs. Some guy tries to trade me and says if you drop x item I will give you double the gold. I brush him off cause I know it’s a scam. This is all happening in open chat at the GE. Not long after I get a pm from a guy saying hey this guy trying to lure you is an idiot, he’s doing this lure check how dumb it is to anti lure him on this YT vid. So I look up the YT vid and see it’s the same thing etc and say to myself “wow I’m gonna profit 100m off this guy”. Long story short I got played like a fiddle. Ended up dropping my items and getting stuck behind a door just waiting the 60 seconds for my items to show up and for some random guy to pick it up. Rule of thumb…. Don’t drink and osrs or just don’t downplay how smart these guys are.


I don’t understand how people fall for this… “Double gold” “Look at this YT video” Come on……..


100% agree sober idk. A few dwarves stouts in you, you feel kinda good about yourself lol


There probably wont be a next time, but you could have hopped worlds, get behind the door, hop back to that world and get your stuff in like 10 seconds. Scammers just know that people panic and wont think about it long enough to do so.


This is a perfect example of why you don’t entertain scammers in any shape or form you just gotta pretend they aren’t even there


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX\_LvJB0jnQ&ab\_channel=Kajin](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX_LvJB0jnQ&ab_channel=Kajin) ​ This was definitely a RWT


0 sympathy. Dude knee 100% what they were trying to do and fell for it anyway. The only reason I wish it hadn't worked is because if it stops working they will stop trying but because of fucking idiots like this we still have scammers everywhere.


Not just idiots falling for the scams, people who rwt or buy gold from farms are incentivizing htis behavior as well.


Sounds like a RWT coverup to me.


especially since the ely was literally 100% of his bank


and he was camping 20HP and 7 Defense


They do that. They make you drink zammy brews a few minutes before it happens


Damn I didn’t know you could force feed people zammy brews


If you’re anti luring you go with it cause you think you can out smart them


free zammy brews, ez money


Literally what I did last time I tried to anti lure Kept telling the dude I dropped the zammy brew and ended up getting like 3 or 4 from him over 30 or so minutes before making fun of him and his friend for being failures IRL and logging Idk what it is but that’s the one thing that always gets scammers. Calling them names does nothing, wasting their time does nothing, but attacking their IRL life and scamming ability gets them riled up. Been doing that with WhatsApp scammers lately.


why not eat up immediately? there's like 10 steps to them killing him and he ignores every single one cos he's "smater" lmfao


it's 300 bucks why would you need to act on stream to rwt that lmao.


This subreddit is literally filled with morons. I'm assuming this game has fried their brains to the point logical thinking is no longer possible.


Because to a lot of people, that feels like a lot to do something against the rules with because they've never RWT before. If you've never stolen a penny, stealing 20 bucks seems like a lot.


avg redditor


Can someone explain to a noob how this scam works? How was he able to be attacked when in the safe area?


Scammer at the perfect timing walked under him and then he traded. Making his character walk into a killable zone. It’s a one tile safe area, it’s why they did it in this random ass place, know your safe zones. If someone wants you to go to a pvp world, it’s a scam. To take out your items, it’s a scam. If you get a stranger private messaging you that you can “anti lure” them, he’s in on it and it’s a scam.


So is the scammer just managing to walk under the guy at the perfect time or is there some mechanic/exploit he’s using to time it perfectly? I understand the 1 tile safe zone, but how does he know when to walk under him?


from my understanding you have to be a mind reader to know he’s going to input a trade after you walk he Just did it perfectly. All the trade screens and declines are all to distract you, he could have also said, “wait follow me” which is a common one too. The pathing would have got him in the zone. If he walked under him a few times its obvious what he’s doing and they would ditch.




Natural selection


Song name?


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Getting it on - SALES


How does this scam work because it seems so obvious he’s trying to get him to pull it out to kill him


The streamer thinks its a different scam, an old one where they used to give you a scepter and ask you to equip it, but back then left-click would teleport you to a dangerous area. So he thinks he can just take the scepter from them, not realising that's the whole point and being blind to the fact that it:s an entirely different scam where there's no way of profiting.


Clearly RWT why is he sitting there with 20hp and tanked down defence?


Earlier the scammer had him drink a few zam brews






They get him to lower his hp. But I think it's RWT too. Who the hell has 1 item in their bank which is their entire wealth? Seems like he sold everything, bought an ely, then pretended to get "scammed"


Yea it is pretty suspicious. My gmaul pure has a lot of his money in a ring of suffering, but the item is only like a quarter of my bank value in that acc... I can't imagine having so much in a single item...


They get him to do that


Not RWT, exact same named scammer tried this on me. I also almost fell for it. When you see the LVL 126 get the full gilded it gets you hooked. I guessed the LVL 126 was probably in on it but wanted to see how it played out. I drank the zammy brew and got to this same tile. Then I figured the risk-reward ratio was too high and left. I almost fell for it because I'm not familiar with high risk worlds and never would have guessed that only a 1x1 tile is safe. Usually the whole bank area is safe in things like Deadman mode. I looked up the scepter scam and thought a knew how to anti-lure. I did not expect the anti anti-lure. Pretty tricky scam!


This post sounds like what the scammer would post if he came back to the scene of the crime.


Dun dun dun!




Gotta love the “sit” probably the best sit ever


It's part of a scam though. Why would you praise this garbage?




This hurts to watch


The US flag on his wall really adds to the atmosphere


I can't help but think this is a RWT.


I'll never understand why it's only 1 tile that's safe in these worlds. Should be an entire room to prevent shit like this




I spent a long time saving up for an Elysian shield and it was my prized possession. Now it’s stuck in shitty RS3 and I’ll never have one in osrs again


OP needs to gain a better understanding of time.


You know he just went out and RWT to get his ely back after this.


Am I just incredibly anti-social in this game (yes), or is it way too hard to get scammed if you have a brain? I just don't get it. Why the hell would you pull out your ely, brew down, while skulled, one tile away from losing 800+ mil, for an attempt to get 13m? Why? Why do people trade their Tbows with people in the GE instead of just putting it up on the market for a guaranteed sell? It boggles my mind how people are getting scammed in 2022 in this game.




Why was he 25hp ? Could have been avoided if he ate up


This was hard to watch… dude took out food three times and never once ate it to get his health up 😅


Because the scammer asked him to be low hp, it's part of their scam and the whole idea is that it's an obvious scam, making the streamer believe they can anti-scam, when in fact, it's an entirely different scam... Just don't interact with any scam. If you think you can anti-scam, it's probably what they want you to think. Edit: drink every time I said scam.


Paid acting, you gotta be like brain dead to even take out your ely from the bank. Like right there you know your gonna loose, you aren’t sitting there and making up these scams they are and they are gonna win everytime. Fucking idiots


Why does Reddit always assume RWT when they see people falling scams? People fall for this shit ALL the time, and it’s exactly why the scammers keep doing it. They know that lots of players are greedy and will attempt to anti lure to make some easy GP, so they get people to go along with their games by acting blatantly obvious in the hopes that it causes the player to do something careless. You could tell this dude was confident that there’s nothing the scammer could do to kill him, which is why he eventually went along with it after some hesitation. This is the entire point behind the scam. You may not think it’s possible for people to so easily fall for scams like these so it just HAS to be RWT, but unfortunately yes tons of people still do fall for these things which is why scammers still bother trying.


Wahhh wahhhhhh 😅. His fault 🥲


With how deep and complicated luring and scamming gets, I find it a good strategy to just not talk or associate with any player I don’t know personally in real life ever 😂


Safe spots should really be like 2x2 or 3x3 round a bank chest. With how RS works (trading someone under you forces you to move) players probably need a little more protection from such easy scams. Would recommend just not engaging with them though. They're always 10 steps ahead of you.


Lemme risk 900m for the potential of 11m profit. Ngl at that point you deserve to get lured.


Deserved :/


Tbh man should wear a helmet.


Blatant RWT that won’t be punished because streamer


Ex 353 bankstander. I see you fam


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Fully deserved




Bro this was hilarious to see. You are never gonna be smarter than they are. Anyone who thinks that they are smarter shows how utterly devoid of brain cells and have their head up their own ass.


Mufsate35 banned. Lol


lmao classic


Twitch link


Last time I tried to anti-lure a lure I got anti-anti-lured and lost a whip. That was the end of my vigilante days.


A fool and his money are soon departed lol


Dude just made an easy $500


He just did something very silly.