This making me reconsider grinding nex 8hrs a day smh


Never a bad time to give your parents a call


I’m gonna visit my mommy after work because of this.


That's a weird way to say you're going home after work.


I mean it’s her house I just live in it


i can think of a few actually


Would be kinda rough seeing as they are both very much not alive.


Meh I say hi when I get home from work before I go to my room for the day.


Until u get a torch chestplate day 1, sell it for 2 bil, then rwt to make some cash and surprise your mom with a really nice birthday gift :)


Went 300kc dry day 1, F


Get a job.


Im in school dipshit, on break


holy fuck this is actually sad ngl


Not sure what’s so sad about being a winner 🥇


In the 3rd frame the dude is 1st 2nd and 3rd. Real gamer right here.


a jebrim move


Schrödinger's virgin


Definitely yes.


It says a lot about Our society Bottom text


Joining in on the sad with something I once read here on reddit, but I can't find the source. Really simple if you think about it, but might be eye-opening for some. Spoilering just in case you don't want to read more sad. >!Think about how many times you see your parent(s) in a year. That's your first number.!< >!Now who do you think is going to die first: you or them? How many years until that happens? That's your second number.!< >!Now multiply the two numbers to get an estimate on how many more times you will see your parent(s).!<


Jesus that IS depressing. Any tips on cutting that number down?




Dude. Username checks out. :(


2990 still sad


On that note, call your grandparents too. They miss you


Just live with them bro.


I see my parents daily since they are my neighbors. They'll see 90 and I might see 40 fuck them statistics


Me everytime I see a new major achievement in the RS community. Sorry Lynx Titan. It’s impressive in a detached way but Jesus Christ dude


This just made me really sad


I'm sorry mom


Bruh this is sad wtf


Even without "UIM" in the title.. still pretty sad ngl ​ Just copy&paste LynxTitan's face over there and you get an irl picture




There are several "stories" around his character Whether or not [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/3xi3eb/lynx_titan_ama/) can considered authentic I leave it to posterity


Yeah I still think about this and kind of cannot fathom a human like that exists…I don’t think he’s a bad guy or anything but like, how does anyone think that lifestyle is OK or fulfilling?


By being not mentally healthy is how. He said in that thread 6 years ago that RuneScape is the only thing he likes to do. However, he hasn’t logged on for over three years now I believe, so something must have happened between that thread and now. He’s not even on boss hiscores I don’t think?


Obviously that sucks his one and only joy isn’t something he does anymore, but in a way I am relieved to hear that. Obviously he has tenacity and resilience built into his character and I would consider it a big disappointment if he wasted his entire life on Runescape and Runescape only


Yeah, people with similar mental problems like him usually hyperfixate on one thing, maybe he found something else he enjoys now when he's done with rs.


He’s mildly mentally disabled. Doesn’t excuse everything, but could explain some of it..


Yeah that thread was depressing. He has his parents doing 100% of his university work whilst he plays osrs 14 hours a day.


>He has his parents doing 100% of his university work He never said that. Only a vague answer that they help him with online school.


Reality check


weed is illegal


Holy fuck. Imagine we only get to live one time and we waste it staring at pixels on a screen while people fight for life against cancer. I'm having an existential crisis over a picture lmao


>Imagine we only get to live one time and we waste it staring at pixels on a screen while people fight for life against cancer We have both at wintertodt and it sucks


Life doesn’t mean anything anyway who cares do what you want as long as it’s not detrimental


Imagine working your whole life to build something only to die and that thing is destroyed by time. You can describe anything in a negative light. Live your life how you want and what makes you happy and content. Because in the end we all die anyways. People who play video games, read books, watch movies etc, arguably have the most living. They experience so many different lives and adventures through those mediums. Then you have Steve over here who works fifty hours per week, comes home to kids who don't give a shit about him, a wife that's also working a soulless job, and a house that will take thirty years to pay off. He does all that and dies and loses it all anyways.


You can always point to someone who has it worse than you man it doesn't mean you shouldn't spend your time doing something you enjoy. Not that you should take it to the extremes of this pic of course but you shouldn't feel guilty for "wasting" your time on stuff you like.


Gaming is usually an escape. And like other escapes, your problems are still present when you return to reality. Do everything in moderation.


Why does it matter what you use your time for? Just make sure if you are spending a lot of time scaping it isn’t overtaking other parts of your life. If you are happy and having fun scaping and play with friends and your clan and use it as social outlet, that’s fine - even if playing an absurd amount. The point where it’s a problem is if you WOULD rather do other things in your life outside of the game and it’s interfering and making you miserable. That’s an addiction. Just my personal take


What if you simply don't know what you're missing cause it's all you've ever known? Talking from personal experience I was perfectly happy sitting in my room 16hrs a day, until I went out to parties/vacations and started other hobbies etc. Was I addicted? Probably. Was I miserable? No, not at all.


I think this is the element that a lot of people **really** miss out on when talking about unhealthy habits, especially on osrs. Just because someone says they are happy doing whatever it doesn’t mean that it is healthy.


Yeah that's true. Definitely go try new things. I personally would hate my life if I played runescape more than 20 hours a week (most weeks I do not get anywhere close to 20 hours)


I’ve done both and while going to parties is fun sure, I personally enjoy my time more alone, I go out with friends when I’m invited but it’s starting to happen less and less as we grow up, so I’m just working, playing games, sleeping, and repeating. I don’t feel anything wrong in life as I’m just doing what I enjoy, but I also have rare moments of the year where irl things happen. I went sky diving this past summer and it was amazing, but you can’t sky dive every day lol


I mean if you were happy then it was a good use of time. It's not like it's any better than the other hobbies you found if both had the end result of making you happy


Pixels are projecting a world onto your retina like anything else is. Most things you do won’t live up to what others wish they could do if they had your time for themselves because there is no consistent *should* all of them could agree on. So just do, whatever it is.


So sad that he has to use video games to escape the reality that his mom is addicted to drugs, and she ends up overdosing anyways. :'c




she said job and the next frame he has a webcam, progress


BASED gamer moment


What's depressing is that there are lots of real life stories just like this.


Pretty accurate ngl 😂


This is the reality of a no life gamer. In life there must be balance kids!


The face expressions are on point, pretty damn sad


Kinda makes me want to quit playing and go hangout with the fam all day.


Damn, this is pretty F'ed up. Can't slave away at a video game guys.


Thanks for opening my eyes


Idk man 200m doesn’t sound like an achievement but gl


It isn't. Normally I'd defend a goal in games but 200mil is legit the most pointless achievement in a videogame. You get nothing for doing it and some skills are horrendously boring to grind out the exp for.


You don't gain anything by playing either. It's just xp. Just like going from 13m to 200m.


You do though, typically a milestone or even a cape at 99. It's not the greatest thing in the world but it's something. 200mil you get literally nothing.


You get to be # rank on the highscores. For some people, that's enough.


Pursuing high score ranks is more important than going to school, finding gainful employment, having kids and being happy combined.


Hey, im not doing it. Im just saying some people do it for this reason. Plus, its their life, who are we to tell them how to live their lives.


You can do all that and get 200m


Fuck your societal norms. Not everyone wants to fuck and start a damn nuclear family you boomer fuck.


You can do all of that and still get whatever amount of xp you want. Not everyone can afford or even wants kids in this day and age, grow up.


I wouldn't say that's a good argument because it holds as much water as saying they get a rank on the hiscores for doing it. Like I see the point you're trying to make but I don't think "gaining" anything should be the reason to go for something. I doubt your opinion on the achievement would change if there were 200M capes but idk maybe it would


It would change my opinion because that's literally anything, people love flexing in this game and showing off, that's why we have crap like pets. Incredibly odd to go for something like 200m exp imo when it unlocks nothing and at best you get a one time experience of people congratulating you.


Player need an extra 50-100 pounds on him


Don’t gain weight if you don’t eat 😎 (I’ve been that bad in the past btw)


I’m that bad right now. Under 120 pounds and 5’7 at 21. Gona go on a strict diet and get my shit together


Please do! I found that I was able to sit and play RuneScape through meals because I wasn’t doing anything with my body that demanded nourishment. Start going to the gym, going on walks and runs, and you won’t be able to ignore your body’s needs. You’ll feel wayyy better about yourself when you look in the mirror too! The fact you acknowledge it’s bad and have a plan in place shows that you’re doing pretty good tbh, just make sure you act on it smart!


I lost so much weight ever since I started living on my own, I was a solid 130+ 6 months ago (moms cooking lol). But yea i’m pretty active, I play basketball and workout 3-4 times a week but I never really have an appetite. Guess i’m lazy to cook things. So i’m just gona make my meals one day for a whole week so I don’t miss any of the important meals. Thank you for the encouragement! I hope you get a good drop soon:)


Learning to cook proper helathy meals is a skill you wont ever regret. It will keep your body healthy, and keep you full of energy, plus its really entertaining and rewarding tonlearn new dishes.


Over night oats are definitely worth it. Buy yourself some mason jars and start looking up different recipes


Please eat and lift.


Im 21 and under 120 pounds too, expect im 5'11 maybe 6'0 tall, I've tried to to gain weight but its just not working.


Im a bit older but ive always been skinny. To actively gain weight my calories need to sit in the 3500 range


I tried maintaining calories, i tried to get upto 2.5k a day but I always fail. It’s so hard to force eat y’know?


Also tons of guides of youtube how to increase calories without increasing volume. Things like nuts and oils really add up quite quickly


Ya my problem wasnt eating it. It was cooking it and people would say just meal prep for a week. I would meal prep for 3 days at most.


i know everyone is different and for some people it’s hard to put on weight and what not but jesus i’m so jealous of this. i look at a cheeseburger and gain a pound :/


Now, I don’t know you, but I wish I had the heart to tell my roommate. He wants to lose weight, but he legit eats all day long. It’s his main priority constantly, and it’s sad to watch. He says things like if he looks at a burger he gains a pound, but in reality he just eats way too fucking much.


No, you gain weight because you eat too much and move too little. No, you don't have a hormonal imbalance. You've never been tested for it. If you actually had a hormonal imbalance, you'd have more symptoms than "I get fat from eating too much". You would also be on medication.


i actually am on medication (trt) and do have other issues that compound this issue. when you make assumptions about innocent comments like my previous one, you run the risk of sounding like a huge dick. thanks!


The modern industrial food supply being toxic doesn't help


I think most of the high rank players that play a ton tend to be skinny actually (eating is xpwaste)


Cuts deep. 😳


could have atleast edited in a rune scimmy or something


Or anything RuneScape related on the screen


Parents should have brought the hammer down when he was 12 and skipping school. You can tell he is in charge.


This is why I don’t play for more than 1-2 hours a day, I know seeing those numbers go up feels good to our monkey brains but we lose so much time in the real world, with the people that we matter to.


There’s a real world?


It is sad. But it’s the same scenario for people with the drive of success for work, or anything. Whether you 200m on your uim or build a corporation, nothing goes with us when we die. All that really matters is how we loved others in the end.


We just got gramma out of the cage and now you want to neglect her to death


This is unfortunately the current story of my brother in law.


Sadly it’s the current story of the elite end of osrs gamers :(


This game is the devil i stg


This just made me think of Alfie


I love my parents and have had this thought many times. Whenever I go visit home I always think “right we’ll go out for a meal, we’ll do a quiz or something”, you know, make some memories. After fifteen mins of arriving home I’d find each of my family members being basically sat in different rooms each doing whatever screen activity they’ve chosen. We love each other and get on well but fuck me, it’s impossible for me to get any “family” stuff going. Makes me incredibly sad because I know they will feel regret in the future. So shit when some people would kill to still have their parents around. I’m not sure why I’m even writing this tbh, I’ve just woken up and seen this and I’m very sad.


Hey buddy, I wish I had something better to say but im not vey good with this type of stuff HOWEVER -I did want to comment, and give you a virtual hug. I hope your day gets a bit better and if not, I know better days are ahead. Wishing you well, mate. 💕


Thanks mate. Generally I’m good but my family just wastes its potential. I appreciate the comment though <3


I fucking love my parents


Life is short, rankings on pixel games are meaningless compared to spending time with the people we love, and making other peoples lives even a little better for having known us




In fact our digital record will probably outlast any physical record by many many years.


Thousands of years later, when some alien race recovers digital remnants of our current society, they'll learn the purpose of gaming software is entertainment and personal accomplishment. Then they'll find my \~85 combat main and collectively agree I was a noncommittal POS who would never finish any life goals with no evidence to the contrary


The humans were divided into 3 groups, “noobs” without fire capes, so called “normies” with fire capes and the elite tier of humans known as “no lifers” with infernal capes.


Are you saying that the title of "choob" is unattainable without a fire cape? Brb gonna go kick Jad's ass I ain't no coward


Its not nihilism, meaning is individualistic. Most people would find more meaning in their relations with others than in numbers in a video game, if you think otherwise thats okay too 👍


Alright homie, so first you say that playing games is meaningless and then you go on to say that meaning is individualistic. You're quite the bullshitter aren't you?


Lmao do what u want at the end of the day, i mean it 👍


Then delete your first comment.


Not my problem if u dont understand the main message or if it offended the way you live lmao


Here’s some advice: when someone refutes your argument and you don’t have anything else to say, just leave instead of calling them mad. Same difference and a lot less embarassing Go hang out with your family and friends for example


Im not gonna pretend like the many people who have downvoted me are not being mad and petty about what I said, because they actually are. It actually says a lot about them that they misinterpret me over semantics than actually understanding the message, or that the message would even bother them


>Im not gonna pretend like the many people who have downvoted me are not being mad and petty about what I said, You keep believing that sweetie


Not really, you can create a good future for your family and that’ll definitely have a long run impact


Real life is meaningless cuz there's no hiscores


There are high scores. You just aren't participating in them 🙃


Too low to ranked lol


My boss kc is 0 😔


So let's get a miserable job and live like a modern slave, stop playing pixel games and still don't spend time with the people we love, amazing


Becoming disillusioned with RuneScape has got to be one of the worst feelings ever for me. Once the fun wears off and you think about all those years you wasted and wonder what else could have been, there’s no going back. If I could go back to 2004 I would never touch this game.


There’s always today and the rest of your days man! I have cut down to an hour here and there and watch some steams casually. But to continue playing like a sweaty maniac, I just can’t like I did back then. Even when I wasn’t playing online (school, eating, sleeping) - I was always in a constant fucking haze. Ditching the grind opened my eyes to the world around me.




You see I play games a lot, but I've managed to branch out. It is still fun to play games, but it is more like... I don't need to play the game, I just enjoy playing it. Gym really helps out a lot, gets you more focused and hell I sometimes play runescape at the gym while biking (sometimes.) For me I've also done some hobbies other then gaming. For example I coupon, collect coins, and I garage sale in the summer. I know gaming is fun, but sometimes it feels better to get $100 in groceries for $5. Hell I've even thought about learning new languages because the amount of time you put into a game is what you could learn. I suggest next time when your doing an afk skill, try to do something else, like learn a language. You will realize that your more then capable.


I wish OSRS was available in other languages like RS3 is, I'd really like to use that to my advantage. Large portion of my vocabulary is from RuneScape and I would happily do it all over again with another language


Sad af. Not even humor.


Dude didn't change his shirt once.


how come the mom ages like 40 years, but the kid ages like 20


This hit's hard... :(


This makes me sad, and I do enjoy osrs.


this.....this hits too close to home fuck you op.


Looks kinda life wasted on video games :(


Boomer humor


Why does this feel sad at all people? Society is a human construct. It's not real. Who gives a fuck if you don't live up to some imaginary goal post on life, we all fucking die anyways. Live your life however you want. This picture doesn't show the friends they have on discord, the prizes they get from winning, the absolute rush and exhilaration of winning a hard fought game.


Sad seeing this and knowing it’s a mass majority of the osrs community. Quit 18+ months ago, but can’t stop myself from trying out leagues.


>knowing it’s a mass majority of the osrs community. Where do you see this statistic?


This sub reflects it


This sub is a loud minority


There's 100 posts and comments on this sub every day asking how to do rc without pulling out their hair. I don't think any of these people are getting 200m in anything.


You don't need to aim for any 200m xp to waste a large portion of your time on this game.


Leagues is good to come back to because the exp rates are so ridiculous that you'll be bored as fuck of how slow the main game when it's over


Yeah, after playing the first league made me come to terms that osrs was a huge waste of my time. I Definitely have a ton of fun playing leagues, but otherwise can’t make myself do anything on the main game. Was a good run tho, started in 04 and I finally run escaped.


Same here man, first league was the last time I played lol. Happy cake day btw


I quit around the same time, but I can't seem to keep myself away from the subreddit


Bad parenting , parents did it themselves too much today is blamed on kids instead of lazy parents tbh Parents instead of parenting let social media and school be the parents


I remember my dad would give me an hour to play as a kid and then when that hour was done, he would yoink the computer power cord.


Those parents need a hobby or something Stop living your life through your kid


Most parents just want their kids to be successful in life. Dunno why you seem so triggered unless this portrays you lol


I'm not triggered Those parents have nothing going on for them, so they are obsessed with their crotch goblin


holy based


mf said crotch goblin 💀💀


Or their 35 year old “kid” needs to move out of their basement? who hurt you?


Why does the guy look exactly like asmondgold but with glasses lol






Rank 1 uim is named uim paperbag


Ooooh cool, thanks for explaining


I knew him when he was a nub in ultimate cc I was top 400 for UIM for a long time. MildlyIronic username


Better than sitting in a cubicle for 35 years until your heart gives out.


I’m the second to third panel right now. Can’t wait for my infernal cape years from now


Seeing as though my mom loved online Poker more than me, i was so perfectly fine playing RuneScape, Now that she wasted all her money on gambling and is a Trumper idgaf what she does. lol


Yikes! Sorry


200m on UIM Are you okay? We are here for you.




What makes you think that?


What makes you think that?


What makes you think that?


200m all 1 at a time uim?


Are you UIM Paperbag?


Are those people irradiated or something? His parents aged hella fast!


Sad but true


Boomer humour and bad parenting all in one, oof