You guys inspired me to set up a tent at home and I’m having second thoughts on the 4x4 lol it’s huge

You guys inspired me to set up a tent at home and I’m having second thoughts on the 4x4 lol it’s huge


In a year you'll think it's far too small and convert half your garage if you have one.


You’re probably right lol I’m just worried about power consumption in my apartment 😅 I have a garage but I think I’ll see how this goes first


If it's a legality thing just tell anyone who asks that you're mining bitcoin


Say you're mining doge, bitcoin mining has been closed for awhile and anyone who knows crypto will see through the facade. Doge will make people think you're a goofy memer and will leave you be


Huh ? As someone who builds multimillion dollar bit coin facilities as side work I can assure you this is trash lol . Plenty still mining Bitcoin , just not really profitable at home if you pay for power and don’t use NG


I too build multimillion dollar bit coin facilities in residential apartments, though mine burns coal and pumps the exhaust into my neighbors window.


Take my upvote


I use natural gas for all my Bitcoin needs


I use vespene gas.


Mine melted.


How much beans do you need to eat in a day?


Not even close to profitable at home, that's probably what they mean. If anyone says they're mining BTC from their garage they're either stealing power or lying.


Older model ASICS in a apartment complex with utilities included . Still profitable


Pretty sure they were referring to the "not really profitable at home" part...


Don’t make insinuations for OP lmao


You confirmed my statement, a general user cannot mine bitcoin without purchasing equipment and services from a thirdparty. After energy consumption needs, mining bitcoin from a residence is virtually impossible.


That's not what your statement was though. You said Bitcoin mining was closed.


Thank you sir ! 👏


It’s just bro science ya know


Good tip bro thanks


If they ask about the smell during flower tell them you chased a skunk out of the house with burning sage and a can of gasoline


And what do I tell people when that's actually what happened?


That youre growing pot I guess?


*takes notes*


Well then, you’re [email protected]


You need around 500W 12 hours a day of one of the newer leds, that's not even that much. Like another fridge


Or a gaming computer. Or a low powered space heater.


Or a gameboy that’s always on, or a pool heater, or a George Foreman grill with only one heating plate in use. Very low consumption


Pool heaters will make sure your kids don’t go to college lol


Or a massive 3d printer, they need exhaust too when you use certain plastics. printer tents are literally the same thing as grow tents


Omg that is Golden


Depending on what you get, the power draw isn't that bad actually. Quantum board & AC Infinity ventilation cost me only like 25/month


$40 a month if I have to run a dehumidifier, personally.


If you’re using LEDs, you’ll probably only have like a $10-20/month increase. I use a WiFi enabled outlet so I can track energy usage and set easy timers


Idk how true but read these new led grow lights only use like minimum $100 worth of power or a bit more.


Don't LEDs consume less power ?


Don’t sweat it. I was worried too at first but you’ll be ok


Thanks !!


I honestly can't imagine there is any in-between with this hobby, you either get sucked in like a dill pickle through a cheerio or... idk what else happens tbh neither does my wallet


You can definitely mitigate the growing pains by just going big(ish) right away. I know I threw away a lot of money just learning what’s best for me and my space. Upgrade fever hits once in a while though and I think following a sub like this makes it worse. It’s like subtle ads for new gear.


Haha so true. I started with a 2x2 and then went to a 4x4 and wouldn't mind scaling up more, but I think I am alright for how much I can grow for personal use. But now I like back at the 2x2 like damn how did I grow in that little ass tent. Especially when I can use netting to fill an entire 4x4 with a single plant.


This guy tents.


Man if that ain’t true truth started with a 4x4 in my spare bedroom now I have 2 4x4s in my spare room an saving up to put a 8x8 in my basement an even with running two sets ups I don’t break 130 a month an there’s extra people in my house who seem to never turn shit off lol


I have a 4x4 and wish I had a 5x5 lol


4x4 = 16 SF 5x5 = 25 SF, 56% larger canopy area Sounds like you need a 5x5 flower tent and use the 4x4 for mothers, clones and seedlings!!


> 4x4 = 16 SF > > 5x5 = 25 SF, 56% larger canopy area Life pro tip: Similar scaling also applies to the surface area for toppings on a pizza!


I've found my family.


I went with the 5x5 for space to move around. I basically use it as a 5x4.


This is the way.


I have a 5x5 but it it’s a lot of tent for a room.


Love my 4x4 no regerts!


I see what you did there 🤣


With the right genetics I guarantee that you're going to be more than happy.


Thanks you’re right


I'd love to have a 4x4 to grow in, but I can grow way more herb than I need in my 2x2.


Flowered 5 plants in a 2x2 before I believe you


Tent lookin' like a 70's porn bush


Audacious my man ahaha


Ehhh yeah I thought the same with my first 4x4....you can see my set up in my history...1,000+ grams each harvest.


1000 grams in a 4x4 = 62 grams a sq foot with a canopy that’s not filled in and no supplemental co2 since you’re exhausting air. That doesn’t add up at all to me, are you talking about pre trimmed weight? There’s no way you’re getting 1000g trimmed of sellable product that isn’t popcorn lowers out of that setup. At the facilities (~6000sqft) I work at our canopies are typically completely full and we use 1600ppm of co2, and 65g per sqft of trimmed product that can be sold in our 1/8th jars is one of the best yields we’ve hit. [edit to add, even with this kind of structure this room only hit like 55g/sqft](https://www.reddit.com/r/macrogrowery/comments/pkjyjx/xj13_day_of_harvest/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf). Not trying to hate btw I just think giving people deceiving numbers creates unrealistic expectations for a tent grow without supplemental co2.


....no looked in my history..I have much more than a 4x4 y'all.


I did look in your post history, the way your comment reads is that you pulled 1000g from a 4x4 space. That makes much more sense!


Yeah I guess so,my bad. Buuut Mr.Canuks Grows got 1,000 grams out of a 5x5 so it can be done.


My first run I got 13oz of 3 plants in a 4x4, there was a fourth plant but it fascinated or whatever and the buds looked kinda fucked so I made it into hash, didn't even weight it. That was a 6-7 week veg with 2x 320w kingbrites. Used just bio bizz veg, but guano and palm tree ash and some veg amendments grown in peat. I defo could of got a kilo if I knew wtf I was doing at the time Barneys farm gorrila zkittlez Point is its entirely possible depending on genetics and set up. But depends heavily on genetics in my opinion. Some people just get lucky.


Most I’ve ever pulled from a 4x4 was 1.25 lbs dry, non popcorn, with a quantum board. Is it possible to grow more than this in that space? Yeah, sure but I very much doubt someone is pulling a 1000g in that space.




Including the 4th plant it would have been more. I'm just saying I could see it happening possibly, especially because at the end I realised I could of fit another plant in the middle. Yeah it's a bit out there, but if he said he did I'm inclined to believe him. And to be honest you would get bigger yields if you simply swapped to hydro, dwc or aeroponics. I know someone who consistently pulls 2000 grams out of a 4x8 and he by all means isn't a pro either. It's all about technique, environment and genetics. I've seen people people grow more out of a pringle can than someone doing everything they can in 5 gallon. It's all relative.


He clarified and said he pulls 1000g off ALL his tents, not a single 4x4.


Is this a joke? 13 ounces is not 416 grams.... 364 sounds more like it. Just busting your balls man lmao


what lights do you use ? which technique of CO2 enrichment do you have ? I started tinkering around with diy co2 (citric acid + sodium bicarbonate + lukewarm water) during my last grow but i didn't configure air exhaust to stop so that there can be a co2 buildup


Lmao I saw I have that same view now..


damn bro what lights are you running in it?


Many boards,look at history


Do you have a spouse? If so how did you manage to convince them that this is okay?


Saving ~$200/month on cannabis worked for me (legal state). With minimal effort (due to limited time to devote) I have an abundance and can make edibles and oils without concern that I'm using up a zip of flower per batch.


This. A zip of good flower in my area is around $400. First harvest savings more than cover the initial start up costs


This, so many times over. I think most people get hung up on the quantity of smokable flower they harvest, but there's *so much more* that comes off of the plant, that you just don't get when buying bags of flower. All of my trim and popcorn buds go into the bubble hash bags for a couple rinses, then everything left from that gets decarbed and infused into butter or oil. It's nice to grow my own to smoke for sure, but I feel like I get so many extras from the "leftovers" that makes it just that much better.


You'll need 2. So make more room


Nice set up… you probably already know this but you gotta take that wrapper off that carbon filter bro


Yeah just setting up cause I’m excited 😅 I don’t get cuts in here for another week or so lol


4x4 always felt huge to me in a residential bedroom. That being said you’ll likely outgrow it. Garage or basement always seemed much more doable. Best of luck with everything on your first grow! If you’re sleeping in that room with the tent, the noises/temp and humidity swings etc will eventually get annoying. Most people (including myself) don’t mind it at first because it allows them to start growing but in my experience, it will get old. 6inch in-line fan, large window air conditioner and 50l dehumidifier running in one bedroom wasn’t conducive for sleep. I always felt the supporting equipment I had could have kept a 5x5 or 4x8 grow comfortable, and that using all this electricity for a 4x4 wasn’t really efficient.


Hey idk how new u are but just a tip. If u live in a low humidity area. Use fabric pots. If ur area is high in humidity. Use plastic pots. Unless u want to use a dehumidifier all day. It's cheaper to add humidity.


I hadn’t heard that one yet thanks man


Just think of all the fat buds that thing can help create!


you wont regret it bro do it.


I just purchased a 4 x 8 . Lol , upgraded from my 3x3 . I thought my wife was gonna kill me . She said nothing .


But you will appreciate the space once you toss is some fans a small heater and a humidifier. The 3x3 was too small for 2 plants.


Probably won’t need a heater out here in California but yeah still need to pick up humidifier/ dehu and a couple more fans


Got a garage? Wrap that bad boy with a layer of plastic and mylar, and drape a fleece blanket over the top. Then get a small (< 300 w) heater for it (if it's cold where you live).


My wife would kill me 😂


Dude wth, you can easily manage a 4x8 in there.


That tent wasn’t made for your room. Your room was made for that tent. Embrace it.


Annnd don’t neglect to take the cellophane off your carbon filter before use


I go with the garage and set it up right. More expensive but that tent is gonna aggravate eventually and being jammed up against the walls and shit isn’t the best. Kinda cool that your apartment has a garage, I’ve never seen that.


No power in the garage lol this is temporary til my roommate moved out. Then I’ll throw another 4x4 in here and let the plants keep a room haha


Yup it would be 4x4 don't understand the misunderstanding


Dammmmmnnnnn bro that’s a beast like. I got a 2m tall by 0.8m wide square thing and even I think that’s too big as is 👀🤣


My tent was short enough to fit, but too tall to assemble sideways then put upright. So I had to assemble the bars while inside the floppy tent. Had a bad time. Not looking forward to a repeat.


You’ll fall in love it with it don’t worry haha


Measure twice, order once.


nice tent you have room you will love the ceiling height...


I rock a 3x3 which is perfect for my needs. I could've gone 4x2 but I wanted a little indoor greenhouse for the mycology:). Enjoy the hobby my dude!


Nice thanks !




I know it just different when it’s in front of you lol


It looks perfect! Your gonna love it! More space is better. Go big or go home.


You’ll be very happy went went with that size. I have a 2.8x2.8 and it’s so small


Thanks !


Convinced my wife to let me put my 4x4 in the living room🤣


I was going to put it in my living room but it was too much in there lol out of respect for my roommate I’m going to just leave it on my room haha


Once you start growing you'll be glad for the larger size.


4x4 ain’t small, you’ll get just enough to smoke yourself usually if you smoke daily


I’m very fortunate and blessed to already work in the industry so my smoke is usually free. I hope to get 2 units out of this at least 🙏🏽 also learning led lights will help me at my job as well


Idk what a unit is but I got over a pound and a quarter out of my 2nd grow. I would think you should already know like everything working in the industry tho?


It’s a pound lol I’m just use to saying unit. And yeah but flowering under led is new to me. We usually flower under 1000w hps


I loved the results from my led lights, I have 3 different brands. They run so much cooler so I’d say for home grows they are 100% better. I’m hoping for 2 lbs this next grow


What nutrients are you running ?


I ran dyna grow for my first 2, now doing general hydroponics line. Growing Bruce banner 2.0 and star killer under 650w total led


Nice, I’ve used a bunch of different ones but I’m moving more towards salt based nutrients at the moment.


Haha dude you really went all out


I started with a 2x2 tent... and made it about a month before I wanted more and converted my 2x4 closet into a grow space. If you can make it work, hopefully that 4x4 will be enough for you for a while haha


I regret not getting a 5x5 🤷🏻‍♂️


wait until the 4x4 isn\`t enough and you upgrade to 8x4. ugh lol


I immediately had buyer's remorse after setting up my 5x5 tent. I love it, but I still wish I got a smaller size. I live in an apartment so a 4x2 tent would have been perfect for me, not to mention how much easier and cheaper it is to control the environment and plants in a smaller tent!


Should have got the 5x5!!


Looks great bro.


Yes iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii🥳🥳🥳


I have a DIY tent now because I can't fit any decent real tents into the space that I have and get the grow volume I want. 2' wide, 15' long is where I'm at for tent 1, and tent 2 is 7' long and 3' wide. I had to cram it all into a greenhouse with a max 70" clearance at the top. Getting 3 photos in my auto run was a freaking disaster - they're all too goddamned tall. And yes, some problems are good to have :).


just buy another one now, the habit is strong.


You will love having extra room inside. Like another person said here , you will end up buying another or a larger one eventually it's a n addiction lol


Nice, I have the same tend, I still have to grow something, which light will you use?


Luxx 645w led


Oh wow, is quite expensive, 1000 $?


About 800 with a wholesale discount using the account from my job


Huge till u pull your first crop down lol than you will want a 4x8


I started with a 4x4 too. Now I have three 2x4's and a 5x9 also.


Is this... your bedroom? Also, if you're just starting, a 2x4 would've perfectly fit there without blocking the window :D


Yeah for now lol. I’ve been growing for years just never in my room hahaha leaving this room soon though so it’s temporary I should be good


Good clearance for a 4x2. Return it.


I returned my first tent after I realized it wasn't big enough, Jeff bezos can afford it


Unfortunately the light I bought is for this size tent so ima just go for it lol


Measuring tape goes a long way my man lol


I just kept telling myself... “ I mean it fits “ when measuring it out 😅


Lmao I feel that 😂 excitement clouds judgment at times lol


RIP window.


Right lol I moved it to the other side of the room to avoid that


Has anybody used a portable ice house as a tent?


Starting up my 4x4 for the 1st time tomorrow. I've got everything ready. Tent is up. All I need is soil. I've got everything else ready to go. Going to the grow shop in the am.


Nice ! Good luck! All I need are pots, soil, and clones !


2x2 way easier and if it’s just personal usage you can easily get 10 ounces dry from a 2x2


Yeah I just didn’t wanna get a small one and regret it. I should be ok with this one once my roommate moves out and I keep the other room to sleep in lol


Dude you better make room to go in from at least three sides.


Yeah lol I’ll make it work.... hopefully... nah I will haha


When I got my tent I was deciding between a 3x3 and a 2x4. I put down tape in the place I wanted to put it in the shape of both tents and just spent a couple of week with those areas being imaginarily closed off to see what I was most comfortable with.


Smart, I honestly have been wanting a tent for a couple months and yesterday I said fuck it and went with what I could fit lol


I run a spider farmer sf4000 and my power Bill is up about 35 bucks a month


You'll want standing room, trust me. I've got three 4x4's in my bedroom...


That’s a big bedroom lol. What lights you using? Ac for each or you keep the entire room cool?


3 Optic 500 slims. I've got a window A/C that is silent and dehumdifies. I wouldn't be able to sleep without it. [Midea U-Shaped A/C](https://www.amazon.com/Midea-Inverter-Conditioner-Flexibility-Installation/dp/B08677DCKN/ref=asc_df_B08677DCKN/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=459702673131&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=13828095739251375508&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9005502&hvtargid=pla-942766582302&psc=1) [Optic 500s](https://opticledgrowlights.com/products/slim-500s-dimmable-led-grow-light-lh351h-uv)


I’d have to agree. Just seeing your space I think you would be much happier with a 2x4 tent which would fit your space perfectly! That way it wouldn’t block your window and you would still have enough space to grow at least 2 large plants and provide yourself with more than enough product unless you’re a heavy smoker. I switched from a 3x3 to a 2x3 and couldn’t have been happier because it fit the space better


Yeah you’re right, I’m only staying here temporarily though, when my roommate moves out I’m moving all my stuff to his room and keeping this room for the tent. Maybe adding another lol


Okay that makes sense, I was basing my recommendation on the tent staying in this room. I think having a good flow to a room that you’ll spend a decent amount of time in is critical


Yeah for now I plan on spending most of my time in the living room and just using that room for sleeping


DONT PUT IT IN THE CORNER! I made the same newbie mistake and now can reach the plants in the back because I can't access the side hatches.


You’re absolutely right. I moved it to the other side of the room which is a bit better but not the best still. Will work with what I have though lol


Sorry..CANT REACH...


Looks like the perfect size to me


That’s what she said.... literally my gf said this about the tent


Nah, your doing it right. Get a friend to help you lol


i just built my first tent as well. im 5'1, tent was 5 ft high. was tough


how much does that carbon filter weigh , im trying to put a 20kg one hung up but not sure if my tent will hold it honestly.


Not sure, I would say about 10-20 pounds it’s not very heavy


Hey man, I bought a 4x4 tent last year during the pandemic to start up this hobbie. At first I was looking into a 2x4 because I too lived in an apartment during 2020. My girlfriend convinced me to get a 4x4 because the seemed like an overall better investment. When I set the fucker up I was very concerned about the space in my room (it chocked out a good portion of my master bedroom?. Once I began to grow I was like "oh shit, I'm running out of room here". Luckily the 4x4 was just big enough to get me through my first few harvests. I now own a 4x4 and a 2x4 and thinking of expanding further. It will be worth it brother.


Thanks! This makes me feel better


I was going to order a Gorilla 4x4 tomorrow, just drop it off!


Don’t order online ! If available to you, go to a hydroponics store and see if they carry them. Usually you’ll get a discounted price if you set up an account with them


4x2 bud.


I found 3x3 to be the best option. Grows 2 plants easy.


I didn’t find many 3x3 tent and light combos that I loved plus when measuring out the space I could fit the 4x4 so I made an impulsive buy


Def! No right or wrong here. Some find 2x2 perfect. I find 4x4 too big. 3x3 is just perfect for me.


How long do you veg 2 plants in your 3x3?


I LST with SCROG. So 4-5 weeks then flip and keep tucking


Nice maybe I’ll run 4-5 plants in the 4x4 then


Plants are more important, take the tv down


I have a 4x2, wish I went with a 4x4, but then again I would have to get more lights and better exhaust so maybe some time in the future


Yeah that’s why I chose the 4x4 I had already decided I liked the luxx 645 led light and that’s the smallest tent it would fit


Perfect size that is


You think it's huge when setting it up, after one grow in it you'll be looking at bigger tents! This is from my own experience, bought a 2 x 2, too small to finish my first grow so added a 4 x 4. Now my 4x4 and 2x2 are full and I'm wondering how much of my house I really need and where I can fit my next tent.... Welcome Growmie, I hope you enjoy!!!


Also, thanks!


Nice! Do you use an ac ?


Nah, I have a dehumidifier and 3 fans in my 4x4. It's cold and damp here most of the time. I fought off bud rot due to the humidity this summer. I saw in the comments you're worried about power usage, we didn't notice much of an uptick with both tents running, it made less of a increase than our two reptile tanks did.


Just make sure proper air flow, fans inside, and you'll never look back


You probably think it's not big enough when you in the flowering stage haha