Third grow! Finally success!!! I got into growing to make a little money and save some. After the first two super low yielding grows and then finding a few seeds in this grow I almost gave up. But getting 10 ounces this time πŸ™

Third grow! Finally success!!! I got into growing to make a little money and save some. After the first two super low yielding grows and then finding a few seeds in this grow I almost gave up. But getting 10 ounces this time πŸ™


Every grow you will get better and yields will continue to go up and the quality of your flowers will probably go up too and you'll get better at curing. Good genetics + experience = good smoke!


Yeah ive found that ive have had major bad luck with genetics which im sure was at least half my issue with previous grows and this one. I couldnt stress good genetics more to anyone just starting out.


I recently went through the same thing. Shit tier bagseeds that made me question my growing abilities.. what genetics have you been running?


Just a local site called Dank Seeds. They dont really have breeders listed. Im thinking they stress plants to herm and sell the seeds for a killing just to screw me over.


Jeez dude. Fk dank seeds


I'm new as well. How can I tell if something has good genetics?


Pick a breeder you think you'll like based on reviews or other criteria, and start a ton more seedlings to find out firsthand what traits you like in veg so you can select for them and cull the rest. If you can't afford that many, no problem, get a 5 pack of regulars and make a bunch of your own seeds :D


If you buy feminized seeds and grow them will they produce more seeds(and will they be feminized?) Or do you have to do something different to get it to produce seeds?


Feminized seeds will not normally produce seeds on their own, which is their marketing appeal (sinsemilla bud). They *can* be made to produce pollen, by spraying with additional chemicals (colloidal silver, silver thiosulfate, etc). The seeds from that pollen, used on any female, would also be 99.9% feminized like their parents. Although the chemical sprayed bud could not be consumed in any way, the breeding process is basically the same, only with no "true males". Sometimes this can increase the chance of intersex traits in the offspring, supposedly - I haven't had that problem yet.


So when you say β€œget a 5 pack of regulars and make your own seeds” are you suggesting this chemical process? Or saying to not get feminized seeds?


Non feminized seeds aka regular seeds can grow males, males make pollen, and pollen makes females grow seeds.


The other comment from Sir Bong is correct πŸ˜ƒ The terminology and processes can be a little confusing at first sometimes. And I'm not the best at explaining things. I suggest getting regular seeds if you have any interest in breeding your own - or if not, feminized might be better if you have plant limits and/or want an easier harvest. I wouldn't attempt creating your own feminized seeds with silver until a couple harvests into this hobby, but it's pretty simple to pull off once you get the hang of it.


Buy from reputable seed companies. Don't grow seeds your buddy gave you. I like to purchase from seed companies that have also been around awhile, although some reason f the newer ones are great. Checkout exotic genetics, inhouse genetics, ethos genetics etc. There's so many out there.


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Buddy, buddy :))


In House is absolutely phenomenal. I've grown 4 of their strains now, and they were all outstanding. Platinum Kush Breath is one of my favorite strains. I've also ran Sugarcane, Bananacane, and Jelly Pancakes. Very stable genetics, absolutely packed with trichs. Compound Genetics are also good, as are Taurus Genetics.




Their plants look good


You look over many reviews / grow journals and pics / specs where you can trace the strain, breeder their authorized seed banks. but most cannabis from trusted breeders is good genetics... also another sure fire way to get get cuts / clones from proven mothers... generally good indicators are plants that stack frost on the sugar leaves as well at a little on fan leaves during flower... also noted resiliance to mold and pests are desirable traits but its all relative to what you usually look for in bud


Trusted seed banks . Seeds here now is a good one


Better at curing? Yeah, someday I'll achieve that.


Well done!


So excited goin to upgrade my tent and start cloning.


You mean excited to gifting weed out and somehow being given 150$ for a totally unrelated reason right? I'm not sure I would post "I SELL WEED" on reddit if you are in Michigan, USA. I don't think that's legal so I would try to at least not write about it here..


Its only cbd bud πŸ˜‚


Strawnana and Granddaddy Purple are showing as very potent in THC on Leafly bud πŸ˜‚ And then again, is it even legal to sell CBD? I don't think it's legal to sell weed at all on the "black market". You do realise anyone can see your post history? Just trying to help out so you don't get caught from a simple reddit post.


Your right i changed it up lol


No more than you have there, it would be moronic to sell IMO. You already put the time and effort into some good smoke, now enjoy it. Not going to find anything like that in disp.


Well thats the thing im not a heavy smoker at all. A half ounce lasts me a month. Im saving a couple ounces for me and gifting 😏, the rest


Idk why you're getting down voted man, maybe salty people that are down on their luck with their grows? If I end up with any respectable surplus above 5 or 6 oz ill 100% be gifting some product as well. Probably to my grandma.


Think its cuz i said im not a heavy smoker... Apparently im not cool for that πŸ˜‚


It's industrial hemp


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Way to go for sticking to it! It's so hard to keep going after being disappointed. Thanks for boosting my morale


congrats!!! healthy and big yield. sorry for the random consult, but, were those photos taken by a samsung phone? asking because of how the detail looks.


Yeah S21 ultra


Wicked dude! Congrats!!


Wtg dude!


This gives me hope. First grow rounding out with some success but my yields are definitely gonna be low. Started up my second and running into some problems again. It's all my own mistakes so im hoping the next time around I can have smoother sailing


if I can make a brief suggestion to help you maintain a better aroma and taste is to clip off those lime green colored fan leaves that happen to also have sugar on them as well... keep them in a separate jar for edibles or hash and avoid your buds having an added hay smell and taste.


Yeah i know... Was just kinda lazy cuz it was so much to trim lol. But definitely will give them a better trim as I "gift" and smoke. But good on ya though for the advice!!! You dont know how newbie i am so if I didn't know wouldve appreciated it alot!


Crispy bud images do something to my body 😩


Awesome man. Congrats.


Strong work!


I wish u were my dealer πŸ˜‚


Shit when i was a teenager. If you found stuff like this youd shit ur pants. Today prolly considered mids πŸ˜‚


I would put Dojo Seed Co in the mix of top pix. Practically unknown label, but "stoned ninja" as they call him (owner of dojo), used to work for Ocean Grow Seeds out of Colorado, but opened his own genetics line called Dojo Seed Co. I have grow 3 harvests of his goods, after trying auto's by ethos and Chocolate marshmellows by Exotic.... I still go back to Dojo after growing both other brands... label is new but he has been working genetics in both Cali and Co markets for years.


What did you do differently this time compared to your first two grows OP?


First, better lighting. I thought I had adequate lighting but was mistaken. Second, I switched up nutes. I used the Sensi-grow and sensi-bloom base nutes along with B52, BIG Buds, Bud Candy, and Overdrive. The tip colas were the with of pop cans, insanity.


bro check out that black part in the middle for bud rot


Nice growmie


We only improve our grow with time and experience. Looks like both have paid off for you, congrats growmie


Well done, OP. Looks like you’ve got some dankity dank going on there.


Make money? Lol


Sells for $20 a gram where I live or $4500/pound


And that’s pgr mids


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You tell me buddy, if you don't get it, then it's ok.


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That's ok!