[Tag Heuer] Is the new Aquaracer 36mm unisex?

[Tag Heuer] Is the new Aquaracer 36mm unisex?


Personally, a watches gender, so to speak, depends on the wrist. If your wrist is small and can carry the smaller watch without the watch getting lost, I wouldn’t think anything of it. If the bigger watch was too big for your wrist, I might notice that more. But curious as to what others might think. I’m also a woman who prefers larger, less feminine watches for herself, so there’s that as well. I’m overall fairly feminine in my dress and jewelry choices, I just see watches as a statement piece.


I have no idea what’s supposed to make a watch gendered, but I don’t see the problem with wearing a watch that fits you well.


As long as you stick with the black or white dial I think it's a great option. Much more masculine in appearance than many other classic 36mm watches out there that no one would ever say are specifically feminine. Unisex? Absolutely! Go for it


keep in mind that the 36mm includes the bezel, so your actual watch face is even smaller. Definitely try it out if possible.


I think far too much is made of the size of a watch. I wear a Hamilton 38mm and a G-Shock 2100 on an 18cm wrist. Both look great! If YOU like the look of it then crack on! I hasten to add that I would be happy to wear a smaller watch and amazingly it would still look great. I’ve also tried on a 42mm Seamaster that looked awesome! Basically try it on and see what you think.


I have one of the first tag heuer's from 1987 and it's 35mm and it wears quite small due to being a dive watch. Try this on somewhere in person first to see if you like it. Nobody notices your watch except enthusiasts, and most enthusiasts tend to respect smaller watches anyway. Anything less than 34mm starts to look tiny on a guy, although some will rock vintage 32mm or 31mm pieces.


There’s nothing inherently “feminine” about that watch, so if it fits wear it. Consider second hand as smaller sports watches tend to have more depreciation.


That’s not a ladies watch - IMO it’s a bit large for that - but it could be unisex. Watches have been getting larger for a while now but 36mm was pretty standard for a men’s watch not that long ago. I’ve got a 7.5” wrist and as I type this I’m wearing a 36mm Mondaine. I also have a vintage 35mm Poljot. Both look the correct size for me. I think wearing a watch that’s too big for your wrist is a bit tacky. If this watch looks proportional for your wrist I say go for it.


Some manufacturers seem to consider anything less than 40mm in diameter a woman's watch. There's nothing overtly feminine looking about the picture you posted. I too have small wrists and would absolutely wear that size of watch.