Coming from a man who has pitched half a dozen multi level marketing campaigns to me

Coming from a man who has pitched half a dozen multi level marketing campaigns to me


He the kinda guy you really dont want finding out you had GME after it moons. Keep it secret, keep it safe.


This^. don’t say jack shit. Some folks are planning to just outright disappear in order to protect themselves. Not saying you need to buy a cabin in the woods with a wood fired grill, hot tub, fully stocked Multicar garage with lifts, and a heated driveway but it’s highly suggested. I am not a financial advisor.




If he asks about it post Moass tell him you sold all your shares because he told you too. Just wait for his reaction.


Lmfao gunna use this


thats what the poors mentality is They refuse to invest in a company with excellent outlooks and exceptional leaderships. But buy get rich quick schemes and lotteries lel


It’s really sad tho, it’s honestly not even their fault. They’ve been brain washed to trust MSM their whole life


But they are still their own person and have the ability for logical and critical thinking. If people are unable to do their own research and only listen to outside sources for their information then I dont feel sorry for them when they miss out or get scammed.


Buy high sell low. AKA the Portnoy strategy


Love Island currently has portnoy drama and seeing the topics collide always makes me giggle. (One of the og girls was linked to Portnoy, her sisters bestie just came into the house, they had a falling out over Portnoy, new girl still has insta content of both of them with Portnoy)


It's not that they refuse to do so. They just check MSM because it's what they've been told to do and they see bearish news, so why would they invest in it?


This. I know a guy who believes the market is stable and “just volatile” because of “the way things are” right now. He watches CNBC exclusively. When I told him the market was headed for a crash he told me to “check the futures”.


>thats what the poors mentality is No. The poor mentality is being willfully ignorant or ignoring the data. The DD checks out, Gamestop is transforming itself in ways no one predicted, the fundamentals are there and we have ample evidence of the fuckery. If you are going to go call all of this a scam without evidence to back your claim up against the evidence we have..... You deserve to stay poor.


I showed my whole family the dd explained everything and they just brushed me off and instead were telling me to sell but hey spending hundreds on the lotto had better chances, you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink its sad but whatevs


At that point it’s really an issue of pride and ego, my younger coworkers listened intently to the DD and even checked out the sub, meanwhile the older coworkers literally go glossy eyed and stare off into the distance waiting for a chance to change the subject. They think “no way this millennial 20 something year old knows more than me, why would I listen to them.” and will ask every single day “wHaTs rEvErSe RePo?” Yea so they can’t even grasp the subject matter let alone read into any DD that MSM doesn’t package into a little boomer word salad for them.


Yeah man i get it they think we too stupid compared to them its sad i guess well cry in our rocket during moass


And they would think the CL0Ver stock is a good company cause Cokayne Kraymer says so.


But your uncle is absolutely correct, it is a scam! That's what we've been saying and why we've been buying!


Yeah, I’m inclined to agree with your uncle. This price is bullshit and it should be in the 30-40 million range. It’s a complete fucking scam


There will be a market correction soon.


Complete scam, dont understand how people could just throw their money away like that.. now lemme check if i've won the lottery.


For me it's Krüpto! **All in** .. wait


I only talk GME on here and keep out of real life conversations. Play stupid if someone else brings it up. Protect yourself.


>Play stupid if someone else brings it up. I'm not playing.


I would put him at the top of your “help-less” list. This is a list of people you know that, no matter how much money they ever have, will always have the “poor” mindset and are destined to lose it all.


A friend of mine told me "You know it's going to hit 0 right?" Then I informed him since RC bought GS they have paid off their $200M debt, and is $2B in the green.


Like my man Biggie said: the cheddar breed jealousy. I ain’t telling anybody anything. Now or after I get my money.


Did he go all in on bcoin when it was peaking at 60k?


DUDE HOLY SHIT LOL, I have a co-worker I talked to about it months ago and that was his response, it’s going to be very hard for him to watch that ticker pass 8 digits very soon uwu


He’s right though. GME’s price is a scam. It is fraudulent. Just not in the way he thinks


Was on a work meeting call yesterday and my coworker was shilling the movie stonk to our boss like it was going to be the big short squeeze that you really wanted to get into. I had to bite my tongue so hard.


Do you still have a tongue?


He shorted it...


Just mention that Michael Jordan lost 500 million dollars gambling again, ask them if they know where they were gambling, then say shorting GameStop


I did too until a friend pointed out several trading days with more volume traded in one day than GameStop had ever issued. Synthetic shares gotta be bought back. Game on, bitches.


Short it then


That uncle isn't getting free beer.


After the squeeze you can pay him to be your butler


Makes perfect sense lol


He's not wrong, retail is being scammed like no scam before


😑 "RC, help me not slap this man"


The scam is what we are standing up to. GameStop isn't the scam, it's the silver bullet.


Pyramid.. that’s what they are called


First we hydrate. Then we educate


My dad said market is scam reddit want to scam me 😂😂😂 But dad look that are many individuals that make DD. NOOOO THATS A SCAM SON!!! YOUR YOUNG AND THINK EVERYTHING IS TRUE!! Ok.


My confirmation was the big FUD campaigns in february. I knew then it was legit because of money being spent to convince me its not legit


My dad said it sounds like a pyramid scheme 😄


Someone wants these diamond hands


Except, based on your title, sounds like you already have all the proof you need to immediately toss his opinion out the window. If you absolutely must engage, ask him how his latest product scheme is paying out.